THE ROLLING STONES Topped The UK Singles Chart 55 Years Ago With ‘LITTLE RED ROOSTER’…

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3 December 2019

Band: The Rolling Stones
Song: Little Red Rooster
B-side: Off The Hook
Note 1: The song was written by blues legend Willie Dixon and first
recorded in 1961 by another blues icon Howlin’ Wolf
Note 2: The single topped the UK Chart 55 years ago, on 3 December
1964. It was their second Number One in their home country

Here’s some historic footage from a TV show performance of the hit single…


Picture This…

THE ROLLING STONES‘ 12th British/14th American album ‘IT’S ONLY ROCK ‘N ROLL

The LP topped the US Albums Chart on 23 November 1974, 45 years ago today. The
front artwork was by the hand of Belgian painter Guy Peellaert. Mick Jagger invited him after seeing his work in the book Rock Dreams. Peellaert refused to work exclusively for The Stones. In 1974 he painted the image art for David Bowie‘s Diamond Dogs.

but we like it


THE ROLLING STONES Topped US Singles Chart 46 Years Ago With ‘ANGIE’…

Knockouts from the past

20 October 2019

Band: The Rolling Stones
Song: Angie
Album: Goats Head Soup
Note 1: The song was as usual credited to Jagger/Richards,
although it was almost entirely written by Keef Richards
Note 2: Released as a single in August 1973, ‘Angie‘ hit the
top spot in the US on 20 October 1973, 46 years ago. It also
reached #1 in Australia and Canada, and peaked at #5 in their
home country

Here comes the mysterious Angie…


THE ROLLING STONES Released Their Political Single ‘STREET FIGTHING MAN’ 51 Years Ago Today…

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31 August 2019

Band: The Rolling Stones
Song: Street Fighting Man
Released: 31 August 1968 – 51 years ago today
Album: Beggars Banquet
Note: Mick Jagger wrote the song after he attended a massive 1968 anti-war demonstration at London’s US embassy. The single wasn’t a hit due to the fact
that many radio stations refused to play it because of its political content. Talking
about ignoring the freedom of speech! And the dictatorial boycot still goes on today
in bloody 2019. It’s even far worse, isn’t it Boris ‘Let’s Shut Up Parliament’ Johnson?…

Let’s fight against fascism right here…


‘HONKY TONK WOMEN’ By THE ROLLING STONES Hit Top Spot Of The UK Singles Chart 50 Years Ago Today…

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23 July 2019

Today 50 years ago, on 23 July 1969, rock icons THE ROLLING STONES hit the top
spot of the UK Singles Chart with piquant jackhammer ‘HONKY TONK WOMEN’. A single
only release, although a honky-tonk version entitled ‘Country Honk‘ with some different lyrics appeared later in the year on their Let It Bleed LP, that also went to number one
in the States. The boiling live rendition at the legendary Hyde Park Concert in London a couple of weeks before is still my favorite performance of the song.

Here comes Mick & Co…


‘IT’S ALL OVER NOW’ – First No 1 Hit Single In The UK For THE ROLLING STONES 55 Years Ago…

Knockouts from the past

14 July 2019

Today 55 years ago, on 14 July 1964, imperishable rock icons THE ROLLING STONES scored their very first number 1 single in the UK with ‘ITS’ALL OVER NOW‘. A tremendous earworm written by Bobby Womack and his sister-in-law Shirley Womack. American band The Valentinos were the first to perform the song but without success. When a DJ played that version to the Stones they were really excited to do a rendition of their own, turning it into a jingle jangle cracker with a victorious outcome. Here we go, back in time…


Picture This…

This day 50 years ago, on 5 July 1969, rock icons THE ROLLING STONES played their legendary HYDE PARK LONDON concert. It was staged as the first concert with new guitarist Mick Taylor who joined the band after co-founder Brian Jones was fired.
Jones‘ unexpected death two days before gave the happening a whole different perspective and the show was dedicated to him. Classic pics right here…

More info and pics of the historical event here and you can watch
their rendition of HONKY TONK WOMAN that day below…

All pictures by Ian Showell/Keystone/Reg Burkett/Express/Getty Images

The First Stone BRIAN JONES Passed Away 50 Years Ago Today – He Was Only 27…

3 July 2019

50 years ago today, on 3 July 1969 Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones aka BRIAN JONES, musical genius, troubled mind and co-founder of THE ROLLING STONES drowned in his swimming pool, only 27 years old. The coroner’s report stated ‘death by misadventure‘ and noted that his liver and heart were heavily enlarged by drug and alcohol abuse.

He was born on 20 February 1942 in Cheltenham, UK. When he was 20 he placed an advertisement in a London magazine called Jazz News in May 1962, inviting musicians to audition for a new R & B group. The rest is Rolling Stones history. An extended bio of the legendary, highly influential multi-instrumentalist and controversial character right here.

Here’s a short photo montage and tribute to The First Stone while
applicable song ‘I’m Not Like Everybody Else‘ by The Kinks plays over it…

On 10 June 1972 THE ROLLING STONES Topped The UK Charts With Double Masterpiece Album ‘EXILE ON MAIN STREET’…

10 June 2019

Today 47 years ago, on 10 June 1972, imperishable rock icons THE ROLLING STONES topped the UK Albums Chart with their their double piece de resistance LP ‘EXILE ON
‘. It was the band’s 10th studio longplayer. Since it came out the album appeared on countless ‘best ever albums‘ lists.

Pitchfork wrote: “Despite an absence of the band’s best-known songs, the sweaty, grimy
‘Exile on Main St.’ has grown into the Rolling Stones’ most universally acclaimed record. Despite dozens of hits, putting together a cohesive album often seemed to be beyond the Stones, tripped up by either manager Allen Klein’s publishing-rights parasitism or the band’s 1970s hubris. That leaves a catalog in which only Exile is built not on hits but on vibe and: the album’s singularly sleazy sound and making-of legend.”

Turn Up The Volume‘s selection of highlights…





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