Jigsaw Electricity And Sonic Insanity With Strike Force EMPTY HEAD And Their New Single ‘COMSIC RAVE’

Daily electricity to fuel your batteries…

10 April 2021

Who: Noise-rock gang out of Liege, Belgium

Pick: COSMIC RAVE – 2nd single from upcoming debut EP (14 May)

About: “A song full of imagery and twists that delves into abstract concepts such as reality and dreams. The lyrics are centered around the (mis)adventures of a protagonist who is exploring a parallel world and gradually losing his mind to the point of not being able to dissociate dream from reality. The title of the song ‘Cosmic Rave’ refers to the delirious parallel world in which the protagonist is evolving and slowly sinking into madness.»

Score: After their stunning debut single Hunted From Below the up and coming Belgian strike force Empty Head goes berserk again. Fired-up guitars cause a jigsaw electricity that could come straight from an Osees record. Feverish vocals go mental here and there. The drummer sounds like if he wants to beat all of his lockdown demons. And just before the heated finale sets in I hear Soundgarden‘s late great frontman Chris Cornell‘s covering Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven. Awesome, right? You betcha.

Get out of your straight jacket and pretend you’re in hell (maybe you really are)…

EMPTY HEAD: Facebook

Striking empty heads…

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