Pop Brilliance – Here’s ‘LAID’ By JAMES (1993)

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28 February 2020

Band: James (UK)
Single: Laid 
B-sides: Wah Wah Kits on 7″ and
Wah Wah Kits, The Lake and Seconds Away on CD
Released: 1 November 1993
Album: Laid– the band’s fifth LP
Score: The single peaked at #25 in the UK

“This bed is on fire with passionate love, the neighbours complain
about the noises above, but she only comes when she’s on top”

Here’s an ecstatic live version…

JAMES: Facebook

PERFUME GENIUS Returns With Heavyhearted Single And Clip From New Album – Here’s ‘DESCRIBE’…

New sonic impulses

American singer/songwriter Mike Hadreas aka PERFUME GENIUS returns with
new album called SET ME ON FIRE IMMEDIATELY. His first since No Shape from
2017. The new one will be out on 15 May.

He also shared lead-single ‘DESCRIBE’. A heavyhearted, yet electrifying ballad.
The accompanying clip was directed by himself and a stunning piece of work.

Listen/watch here…


Brussels’ Misfits S O R O R Dropped Video For Emotive Pop Single ‘SISTER’…

Clips that impress your ears and eyes…


27 February 2020

Band: S O R O R

Who: “S O R O R was created on a foggy day as only Brussels can make them. Women were cooking exquisite pies (well actually two of ’em, the other one was just eating) when suddenly
a car crashed in the kitchen and a drunk ex-convict got out of it. As the four of them met, a nuclear fusion happened and a sound full of sweat and taste came out of their armpits.
With such a description I already love them!

Track: SISTER  – newest single

Score: This is spellbinding guitar pop at its rapturous best, starting with a rhythmic,
trippy drum and Alice Ably’ seductive and emotive vox making an impact on your heartbeat
and your sensitive soul. It’s a mesmeric and emotional reflection about the importance of family drawing your aural attention instantly. When suddenly playful guitar lines kick in magic takes over until the exciting, amplified finale. Magnificent groove with a jazzy feel!

The band recently released a pretty cool clip to visualize the starry-eyed song.

Watch here…

S O R O R: Facebook

Indie Rockers TJ ROBERTS Score With New Single ‘TRUE SECRET TO A HAPPY LIFE’…

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27 February 2020

(Tom Arnold Photography)


Who: “A rock band on the rise. Emerging from the ever-expanding and exciting
South Wales music scene embarking on a sonic voyage pushing rock-infused
indiecana to its limits. The band is set to release a string of singles and
a sophomore album during 2020.”

Score: Get ready for some buzzing electricity with a repetitive guitar riff that
will resonate for some time in your head, with a solid beat activating your feet’s
moves and fervent vocals telling you the secret to a happy life. Listen and learn
while this banging jackhammer bounces forth and back until the bursting finale
which blows you away. Top stroke!

Feel the heat right here…

TJ ROBERTS: Facebook / Libertino Records

Polyphonic Dream Pop Act WEIRD MILK Dropped Jaunty Single ‘IS THAT LOVE?’…

New sonic impulses

27 February 2020


Who: Melodic dream-pop quartet from London

Track: IS THAT LOVE?“The song itself is about a relationship turning sour as a lemon
and the main character realising that they don’t need it anymore and they’ll be better off
on their own”.

Score: Despite the fact that it is a break-up song this jaunty little symphony sounds sparky and upbeat. It kicks off with a zippy vibe with Beatlesesque harmonies, then the vivacious track turns into a catchy stomper before starting all over again. Free at last! Expect two songs in one, masterly arranged and appealingly orchestrated. Polyphonic pop splendor!

WEIRD MILK: Facebook


THE BOO RADLEYS Released Best Selling Single ‘WAKE UP!’ 25 Years Ago Today…

Top singles from the past…

27 February 2020


Band: The Boo Radleys (UK)
Single: Wake Up Boo!
B-sides: Janus,  Blues For George MichaelFriendship Song
Released: 27 February 1995 – 25 years ago today
Album: Wake Up! – the band’s fourth LP
Score: The single peaked at #9 in the UK

Here’s the original clip…

Their TOP OF THE POPS performance…

THE BOO RADLEYS: Bio – Discography

PJ HARVEY Released One Of Her Best Albums 25 Years Ago Today – Here’s TO BRING YOU MY LOVE’…

Old and new albums to make your day

27 February 2020

The wonderful PJ HARVEY released her third LP ‘TO BRING YOU MY LOVE’
on 27 February 1995, 25 years ago today. Her first collaboration with John Parish.
It was her breakthrough longplayer, heavily promoted by her major label Island
. In my book one of her best achievements. All killers, no fillers. Intense,
sensual, compelling high-quality songwriting. The album reached #12 in the UK
and #40 in the US.

Rolling Stone wrote at the time: “Harvey has ambitions to remake rock & roll and
its myths in her own guise. So what’s this young, white, bluesdrenched woman doing?
In attempting to create a sexual landscape as charged as the Midnight Rambler’s,
Harvey envisions a teeming underworld where she is victim, aggressor and accomplice,
song by song.”
. Full review here – Score: 4/5

Singles: To Bring You My Love / C’mon Billy / Send His Love To Me


– C’mon Billy –


Album in full…

PJ HARVEY Facebook:

‘Ten Storey Love Song’ By THE STONES ROSES – Released 25 Years Ago Today…

Top singles from the past…

27 February 2020

Band: The Stone Roses
Single: Ten Storey Love Song – written by John Squire
B-sides: Ride On on 7″  and Ride On
and  Moses
(an instrumental) on CD
Released: 27 February 1995 – 25 years ago today
Album: Second Coming  
Score: The single reached #12 on the UK Singles Chart

Here’s the original clip…