Brussels’ Misfits S O R O R Dropped Video For Emotive Pop Single ‘SISTER’…

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27 February 2020

Band: S O R O R

Who: “S O R O R was created on a foggy day as only Brussels can make them. Women were cooking exquisite pies (well actually two of ’em, the other one was just eating) when suddenly
a car crashed in the kitchen and a drunk ex-convict got out of it. As the four of them met, a nuclear fusion happened and a sound full of sweat and taste came out of their armpits.
With such a description I already love them!

Track: SISTER  Рnewest single

Score: This is spellbinding guitar pop at its rapturous best, starting with a rhythmic,
trippy drum and Alice Ably’ seductive and emotive vox making an impact on your heartbeat
and your sensitive soul. It’s a mesmeric and emotional reflection about the importance of family drawing your aural attention instantly. When suddenly playful guitar lines kick in magic takes over until the exciting, amplified finale. Magnificent groove with a jazzy feel!

The band recently released a pretty cool clip to visualize the starry-eyed song.

Watch here…

S O R O R: Facebook

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