Rage Against The Machine Rockers SAVING JACKIE Drop Video Clip For ‘MY FAITH IS LARGER’

Eye-and-ear catching…

16 January 2021

Last summer San Antonio‘s forceful crossover turbine SAVING JACKIE, with loud
and clear
Amazon Jenny 4C Ramirez in the middle, released a new EP with three
bang-on-target grenades. Three heated rap-mother-rockers. Three explosive

For opener, MY FAITH IS LARGER – imagine Body Count fronted by Ramirez – the
4-piece launched a video clip with the band in full action, hitting it big time. You
have no excuse whatsoever not to bang your head against your lockdown living
room wall. Beat your virus frustration now, worry about the headache later!

Let’s roll

I know you want more.
Here’s the EP in full



27 December 2020

Aussie rockers AMYL & THE SNIFFERS made a blitzkrieg impression last year with their
self-titled debut LP. A red-hot-blooded-deafening-retro-rock-powerhouse that leaves
your ears echoing long after it blasted through your trembling speakers.

And live??? OMG! Pure dynamite as Turn Up The Volume experienced in Antwerp last year. Manic hell cat AMYL looks like the twin sister of blonde punk Goddess Cherie Curry from 70s punk combo The Runaways and sets venues on fire with her bonkers stage presence. She’s pure dynamite and an overwhelming non-stop whirlwind!

This year the steamy band released a 3-track live EP Live At The Croxton (three bombs from the debut LP). The back to basiscs video for opener CONTROL makes you jump up and down like a kangaroo on illegal substances. No special effects, no arty farty visuals, only tons of adrenaline in motion. Oh my punkness!

Don’t lose your head, folks…


Amyl in Antwerp, Belgium, 2019 – pic by Turn Up The Volume!

Darksome Video Clip For Darksome Reverie – ‘BLOOD’ By THE BANKROBBER

18 December 2020

Italian synth-guitar popsters THE BANKROBBER, led by siblings
Oberti, released a new hazy single called BLOOD, a couple of
weeks ago.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “Starting with a short repetitive intro of
ah ah ah’s bringing Laurie Anderson‘s 1981 hit O Superman to mind, you
instantly enter a twilight zone with dreamy atmospherics, weeping guitars
and poetical, alternating male/female vocals. A darksome, somber, and
pitchy meditation, a misty winter song, a double-edged candlelight beauty.”

Now they have a clip out for the track. Special visuals as usual…


Italian beauty in synth-motion…

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

In Time For The Xmas Sales – TAME IMPALA Drops Animated Video Clip For ‘BREATHE DEEPER’

16 December 2020

To give this year’s TAME IMPALA album THE SLOW RUSH, released on Valentine’s Day, a Xmas-sales-push the record label drops an animated clip for BREATHE DEEPER, one of the LP’s many cheesy tracks (yes, I’m not a big Impala fan, sounds too much like the Bee Gees after they inhaled too much helium). But hey, it’s a cool video, so here we go…

Full album…


We’re All Web Junkies – Here’s PUBLIC ENEMY With Desert Clip For Single ‘GRID’

Clips that catch your eyes

15 December 2020

With this year’s What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down? album, monumental rap rebels PUBLIC ENEMY realized one of their most poignant records in their extensive career.

One of the highlight tracks is GRID. A rant about the whole world being Internet-addicted, featuring their famous wordsmith pals Cypress Hill and funkadelic hero George Clinton . Last October they shared a cool, animated clip (see below) for the roaring ripper.

Communication breakdown it’s a take down
Are you awake now or consumed by a fake clown?
World Wide Web keep the spiders fed
Looking at my feed, trolls everywhere but knowledge supersedes

Yesterday PE dropped another clip for GRID, filmed
with their mates in the desert. Hot stuff, indeed!
Forget the web and shake your hips, folks!

What y’all gonna do?
Uncle Jam’s Army’s in, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill
Let’s do this

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

The animated video clip…

The album


YouTube The Rage – Watch Video Clip For Spiky Salvo ‘SKALLYWAG’ By THE HELL BEINGS

Clips that impress your ears and eyes…

10 December 2020

last Oxctober.

Brighton’s punk junks THE HELL BEINGS dropped
a spiky salvo, titled SKALLYWAG, last October.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “A brutal beast, a clamorous in-your-face punch.
No meditations about the birds and the bees for this DIY trio. Only rage about this
day and age. And like all genuine punk bands do, they limit their loudmouthed
swipes to the length of an average Ramones blitzkrieg bop.”

The video clip they send to the world to visualize “Skallywag skallywag / Virulent
skallywag / This day and age / Youtube the rage”
is a mix of a masked band going
bananas and some fun fitting footage of old, black and white skallywag movies.

Rage here…


Spanish Directed Video Clip For Latest Single ‘BE A REBEL’ By NEW ORDER

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

3 December 2020

Synth-pop driven single BE A REBEL was NEW ORDER‘s first
new music (sounding old) since 2016 album Music Complete.

A quite eye-catching video clip made by Spanish director NYSU
rotates now on YouTube.

The band about the director: “We’d previously worked with NYSU from
Madrid when they created a memorable video for us to go with ‘Restless’
and their imagination and creativity with film really struck a chord with
the band.”

Watch right here…

NEW ORDER: Facebook

New York’s Doom And Gloom Duo GHXST Share Tenebrific Clip For ‘U R MY NIGHT’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

4 November 2020

Two years after their pitch-black, arresting 6-track Gloom EP, New York’s
anxious psych-goth mavericks GHXST are gearing up for a new EP called
DARK DAYS, out 16th November.

The pair just launched a dramatic clip for one of the bloodcurdling tracks
called U R MY NIGHT. A sort of Kafkaesque nightdream making you feel both
tense and comfortable, thrilled and relaxed. A slow-moving sonic reflection
of an emotion-charged wandering during dusk hours in Los Angeles.

The multi-guitar-layered resonance and spine-chilling vocals create a
hallucinatory atmosphere fittingly visualized in their quarantine-made
clip looking like a psychedelic film-noir in colors.

Enter GHXTS‘ world here…

GHXST: Facebook>


(photo via Big Mouth PR)

Uno Due Tre Quattro – Raw Italy Punkettes SMALLTOWN TIGERS Share New Video Clip

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

3 November 2020

Last April three Italian Riot grrls called SMALLTOWW TIGERS unleashed their mad for it debut album titled FIVE THINGS. A retro rock ‘n’ roll race combining the bravado of the Runaways, the Blitzkrieg riffs of the Ramones and the anarchistic approach of The Stooges

As live gigs around the globe were canceled due to that
vicious virus Smalltown Tigers also had to annul their tour.

“It has been a rough year for everybody. Here in the Tigers’ den we just think we owe all you dedicated followers and fans some update about the situation. Because of the pandemic, we postponed our UK gigs from May to November. Then because of ongoing restrictions, we had
to cancel them altogether. It is hard for us to stay away from the road. We all hope that the situation could be back to normal in 2021 so we could come back strong and play in any club that would be willing to have us. Other than that, we are already working on a new album for release next year.”
says the disappointed trio in a statement.

With free time on their hands the band decided to shoot a clip for
one of the LP’s raw highlights, rollikcing ripsnorter DARLING PLEASE!.

Uno Due Tre Quattro, here we go…

SMALLTOWN TIGERS: Facebook / Label: Area Pirata

Debut album FIVE THINGS available via Bandcamp

(band pic via MuleFreedom PR UK)