Fast Rising Indie Rockers THYLA Share Dancey Video For New Single ‘LENOX HILL’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

5 December 2019

A couple of weeks ago fast-rising indie rockers THYLA,
out of Brighton, released euphoric single ‘LENOX HILL‘.

Turn Up The Volume wrote: “After a reflective first half ‘LENOX HILL‘ is catapulted in the air like a sizzling firecracker and explodes like a colorful flowers bouquet as if singer Millie Duthie has been freed from her demons, found her real self again and wants the whole world to know it. The joy of life triumphs in the end. Top stroke!”

And now here’s the video clip. Press play and dance along…

THYLA: Facebook

LADY LAZARUS Shares Clip For ‘I RECALL JULY’ – A Key Track From Her New LP…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

28 November 2019

LADY LAZARUS is the solo project of California-based singer-songwriter Melissa Ann Sweat. Last month she released her fourth album, titled ‘IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY OF MY SOUL TONIGHT’. An intriguing and genuinely moving, cathartic work, covering some of her darkest experiences and most profound emotions.

She has now shared a video for one of the key tracks of the record. ‘I RECALL JULY’
is about “a stormy relationship that reached a sudden culmination and breaking point,
though the good times and the love we shared live on in memory”
says Lady Lazarus.

Watch the sensual clip here…

on Bandcamp and iTunes. You can stream it also on Spotify.

Lady Lazarus guided Turn Up The Volume through her new
album track by track. You can read the feature here.

IGGY POP Drops MAC DEMARCO Directed Video For Jazzy ‘SONALI’ Track From His New Album…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

25 November 2019

Who had ever thought that IGGY POP and MAC DEMARCO would work together?
Well it just happened, although not exactly musically as Pop just dropped a video for ‘SONALI‘, one of the jazzy/ambient tracks on his new, critically acclaimed album FREE
and it’s here that DeMarco comes in, as he directed the slightly creepy clip featuring, yes, lizard people. Pretty unexpected but successful collaboration.

Have a look here…

IGGY POP: Facebook

Photo on top: BBC Radio & TV

Dance Duo FERAL FIVE Launched Eye-Catching Clip For New Rad Single ‘EGO’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

23 November 2019

Last September London‘s dance duo FERAL FIVE released their new single ‘EGO‘.

Turn Up The Volume called it a thumping banger, a physically irresistible knockout
that tackles monstrous egos. A middle finger for all ‘Me, Myself and I‘ narcissists,
and a blistering blessing for all those who want to swing themselves into a coma.

To keep the swirling momentum going the band now launched a special
‘EGO‘ video, a high-speed speed whirl of filming and 3D animation.

Watch the visual firework right here…

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

Brighton’s Hefty Trio LAZYBONES Launched Cool Clip For Their Speedy Slam ‘TRASH TALK’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


5 November 2019

A couple of weeks ago Brighton‘s jagged trio LAZYBONES dropped – YES! – one
of the most boiling singles of the year with their speedy slam single TRASH TALK.

Turn Up The Volume experienced the missile as follows: “Hell bloody hell yeah! Here
comes some unstoppable blustery ferocity that will pump up your bloodstream’s flow from
the explosive start straight to the shaking finale. This is impetuous turbulence that races and pushes and rants without looking back. Tenacious trashy stuff indeed that will activate every single nerve in your heated body.”

To keep the smoking momentum going the band launched
a pretty cool video clip for their Trash Talk ripper. Watch here…


CHROMATICS Share New Dreamy Video For ‘MOVE A MOUNTAIN’ From Their Long-Awaited LP ‘CLOSER TO GREY’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


30 October 2019

Suddenly early October, out of the blue, Portland‘s electro collective CHROMATICS released the album they have already announced since 2014. New LP, titled CLOSER
is an overall starry-eyed and poppy affair containing also covers of Simon and Garfunkel and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

And just now they launched a video clip for one of the mooniest tracks of the record. Here’s tender love song MOVE A MOUNTAIN….


New album ‘CLOSER TO GREY‘ out now. You can stream it here…

New Animated Video For Rare JEFF BUCKLEY Demo Shared Online – Here’s ‘SKY BLUE SKIN’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


20 October 2019

The late great JEFF BUCKLEY had his last recording session on 13 September 1996, one year before he died by drowning. One of the songs involved was titled ‘SKY BLUE SKIN’, a vintage Buckley meditation. It was one of the most sought-after rarities in the musician’s back catalogue, before it got a proper release as part of a new collection celebrating 25 years since the release of his only studio album ‘Grace’ back in August. An animated clip for the song, put together by animation studio Temple Cache, making use of images from sketchbooks and lyrics has been shared online now.

Watch it here…

(photo on top: FB Jeff Buckley)

Impassioned London Trio HAVVK Shares Notable Clip For New Stirring Single ’52’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

12 October 2019


Who: “Trio originally formed in London in 2014, and relocated to Berlin two summers ago.
The band initially evolved around Julie Hough’s solo project but evolved into a challenging
trio with more atmosphere, punch, and political edge than before.”

Track: 52 – newest single about “our experience of the growing political and social climate, and those who lead it. We hope that we start to celebrate and find the positives in what we share and makes us different rather than using them to drive a wedge between us.”

Score: What an all-powerful quit/Loud/quit outburst this is. Julie Hough‘s stupendous and passionately charged vox transfers this overall exuberant performance to a majestic level that already leaves a most notable mark after just one blood-curdling spin. A fabulous proof of how some artists can translate political commitment into an energized intensity able to affect affects the listener’s attention instantly. The accompanying clip fits perfectly well with the song’s overwhelming sensitivity.

Listen/watch here…

HAVVK: Facebook

Chicago Artist KATE SCHELL Moves With Lifelike Video Clip For Human Pearl ‘YOU AND YOUR SHADOW’…

Reflective reveries for the laziest day of the week

15 September 2019


Chicago based electro-folk/pop musician and singer KATE SCHELL (ex-Paper Thick Walls) released her second, intimate and delicate, album titled Past Present And Future last March.

For ‘YOU AND YOUR SHADOW‘, one of the most conspicuous reveries off her compelling LP she launched an engrossing clip. The airy-fairy music sounds like coming out of a music box with a wooden spinning ballerina. Both beatific and nostalgic like a self-made fantasy. The images on the other hand, sequences from a  psychiatric clinic, show how hard reality can be, at least for some of us: the depressing ones, the lost ones and the disheartened ones, always hoping for things to get better. Listen & watch right here, this is part of life…


Intense English Rockers PRYSM Launched Clip For Their New Fervent Single ‘DESTINY’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

Quotes - kopie (2)

9 September 2019


Last month PRYSM, the rapturous foursome from the North Of England hit bullseye with their new euphoric single DESTINY (and was Turn Up The Volume‘s Pick Of The Day on 13 August). Now the band has launched a video clip for their ebullient anthem.

Get your eyes ready from some dazzling razzmatazz.
Dim the lights, press play and go dizzy…

PRYSM: Facebook