Toronto’s Harmonious Nightingales MOSCOW APARTMENT Share Clip For Top EP Track ‘HALFWAY’

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29 July 2020

Teenage Toronto artists Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla aka MOSCOW APARTMENT
released their self-produced sophomore 6-track EP BETTER DAUGHTER.

An evocative piece of work. Six beguiling songs, blending affectionate
country, mixed emotions pop, rockin’ folk and affectionate lullabies.

Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite humdinger is the EP’s lead-single HALFWAY.
A charming, gracious, and romantic rainbow with a lovey-dovey glow. Their
nightingale voices bring The Pretenders’ heroine Chrissie Hynde and Angel Olsen‘s
expressive vocals to mind. Yes, that good. The ravishing Canadian songstresses
shared a clip for this sweet pearl.

“The video is partly filmed in the area of Toronto that we live in and shows
some of the places that are really special to us. All of the footage of us was
filmed by Pascale’s mom, Teresa Kelly.
” says Moscow Apartment.

Watch and enjoy the Halfway clip here…

Stream Better Daughter here…



THE STROKES Share New Animated Clip For Tribute Track ‘ODE TO THE METS’

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27 July 2020

Baseball team The New York Mets play their first game of the pandemic-shortened
2020 Major League Baseball season, today. To celebrate the moment vivid fans THE STROKES have shared a new, animated clip for their moody tribute ballad ‘ODE TO
from their superb The New Abnormal album.

The video is directed by the band’s collaborator Warren Fu.

Watch here…


THROWING MUSES Share Clip For ‘DARK BLUE’ – Solid Stomper From Upcoming Album ‘SUN RACKET’

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24 July 2020

As already announced several weeks ago Boston’s indie darlings THROWING MUSES led by the gorgeous KRISTIN HERSH will launch their tenth longplayer, entitled SUN RACKET on 4th September. Pre-order info here.

“All it asked of us was to commingle two completely disparate sonic vocabularies: one heavy noise, the other delicate music box. Turns out we didn’t have to do much. Sun Racket knew what it was doing and pushed us aside, which is always best. After thirty years of playing together, we trust each other implicitly but we trust the music more” says Hersh about the new record.

The band gave us three tracks so far, firm rocker Dark Blue, darksome reverie Milk At McDonald’s and the puzzling Bo Diddley Bridge. And here – just shared – is the video
clip for lead single Dark Blue.

“’Dark Blue’ starts in California, drives to New Orleans, then flies to Reykjavik. I think it ends
in dark New England at a blue table covered in blue flowers; my kitchen by the ocean last year. Sorta grim, kinda pretty.Ultimately, “Dark Blue” says that in running from black holes, you only increase their density and drawing power. They will cross time zones to hunt you down in dreams and songs to tell you that you’re loved, whether or not you wanna know that.”

explains Hersh.

Watch the John-Mark Lapham directed, cut and pasted clip here…

If you missed them,
here are the two other tracks




IGGY POP – Masterstroke ‘THE PASSENGER’ Gets A Music Video After 43 Years

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10 July 2020

IGGY POP‘s masterstroke THE PASSENGER from Lust For Life ,
unquestionably his best LP ever, gets a music video 43 years after
it was released as the B-side to single Success (from the same album).

The clip features black and white images of a young Pop
passing by footage of night-time motorway driving.

Singin’ la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la…

IGGY POP: Facebook


Musical Monkey Business – EVERYTHING EVERYTHING Share Clip For New Track ‘PLANETS’

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18 June 2020

Manchester’s art-rockers EVERYTHING EVERYTHING, formed in 2007,
release their fifth longplayer RE-ANIMATOR on 20th August.

So far the band dropped two singles: ‘Arch Enemy’ and ‘In Birdsong’.

Cut number three calls PLANETS. An intriguing synth-pop piece, going forth and back.
The clip was fabricated during the coronavirus-enforced lockdown and, as stated in a press message it “focuses on a chimpanzee [puppet] lost within an existential dilemma: if
the universe is so unfathomably huge, how can one primate come to terms with his relative insignificance?

Watch here…

Previous two singles…




JEHNNY BETH Launched Impressive Video Clip For ‘WE WILL SIN TOGETHER’ From Her Brand New Solo LP

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Savages‘ frontwoman JEHNNY BETH released her poignant solo debut album ‘TO LOVE
‘ today and to celebrate it she launched a spectacular video clip for one of the highlights of the longplayer. WE WILL SIN TOGETHER is an intense meditation. A passionate ballad with a dark touch.

Watch the impressive clip bringing statues to life…

New album in full…


TO LOVE IS TO LIVE – available via iTunes

Going Bonkers At Home – Here Are THE MERCY KILLS With New Clip For ‘ALONE’…

3 June 2020

Hard kicking and hitting engine THE MERCY KILLS out of Melbourne, Australia remastered their top single, ‘ALONE’. A re-worked version of a band and live crowd favourite, from their debut album Happy To Kill You.

Alone is a steamy barnstormer whit a loud and clear ‘it’s only rock and roll but we fucking like it’ attitude. This 4-headed turbo reinvents the nastiest moments of legends New York Dolls, The Stooges and Joan Jett and The Blackhearts. I know, this means 24 Karat firework and solid raw power fierceness. Towering riffs, inflammable hooks, dirty licks, and a yell along chorus. The new accompanying clip is filmed at the homes of the group’s members. If you wanna see what happens with a rock squad after weeks of isolation then you should see this. Elvis is there too, somewhere.

“You can’t make it alone!”


Stay Home, Stay Safe And Watch All The Startling Clips By Steamy Squad ELEFANT…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes…


13 April 2020

My favorite sonic lunatics ELEFANT hit the scene back in 2015. They are the diabolic masters of metallic sludge madness. They are sound-exploring motherrockers who
open your doors of perception. They are a bunch of mind-boggling crusaders who take
no prisoners. They evolved into one of the most fascinating bands in the universe. They’re puzzlingly adventurous on record, on stage and on video. To brighten your duty-bound days at home Turn Up The Volume assembled all the band’s mental video clips, so far.

Take some popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy the Elefant Cinema starting with the rapid eye movement clip for the title track of their new stunning album…

– BEJAHUNG – (2020)




– LORD SLEEP – (2018)

– JEDE UHR TICKT – (2017)

– MUMBO JUMBO – (2017)

– THE REALM – (2016)

– SMITHERS – (2016)

– DEPRESSION – (2016)

– A BRIEF HISTORY – (2015)

– ELEFANTEN – (2015)

Now that your eyes are turning yellow, open
your ears for their second LP ‘BJAHUNG’
Stream/buy right here…

ELEFANT: Facebook


Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

4 May 2020

Vancouver’s alluring singer/songwriter DAN BEJAR and his band DESTROYER released their 12th much-acclaimed album ‘HAVE WE MET‘ last January. One of the highlights is ‘FOOLSSONG’. A moody lullaby. Both melancholic and somber.

Today the band shared a video clip for the song which contains live footage…

Stream Have We Met here…