VIVE LA FÊTE Honors French Chansonnier CHRISTOPHE Who Passed Away Last Week

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23 April 2020

Thanks to my musical mother I learned a lot about French singers who were genuine
stars and started their careers back in the sixties, like Johnny Halliday, Michel Polnareff, Jacques Dutronc and of course CHRISTOPHE who scored a series of top hits with ‘Les Marionettes‘ and ‘Aline‘ as his most famous ones.

A couple of months ago Belgian’s internationally recognized dance duo VIVE LA FÊTE worked together with the beloved French chansonnier to create a new version of LES MARIONETTES. Unfortunately, their dear, Italy born, friend passed away last week on
17 April at the age of 74. To honor Christophe with whom they had a strong bond the
band decided to release the tremendously fitting video clip they made for that classic humdinger. It’s a vintage Vive La Fête knockout and a whirling homage to a great artist.

Listen/watch here…

The original version…

CHRISTOPHE: Facebook / VIVE LA FÊTE: Facebook

Rest in peace

Psych Rockers ELEPHANT STONE Launched Video Clip For ‘FOX ON THE RUN’

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21 April 2020

Last February, on Valentine’s Day, Canadian psych-pop rockers ELEPHANT STONE, formed in 2008, led by renowned sitarist and singer/songwriter Rishi Dhir released their sixth LP, entitled HOLLOW. An intriguing and fascinating concept record with a mesmerizing and spiritual resonance despite the gloomy context of the record.

The band just shared a pretty cool clip for FOX ON THE RUN (no, not that The Sweet song) one of the highlights of the album. Rishi Dhir told what inspired this track: “During the writing of this track, I was listening to a lot of Yo La Tengo, specifically ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out’, I loved the hypnotic element to their tunes. At the same time I kept hearing reports about ICE agents taking people away in the middle of the night—people who have been in America for years and worked hard…only to be now targeted by Trump and his cronies. The song was written from the perspective of someone who just wants to be somewhere safe and with their family.”

Watch/listen and get impressed…

Here’s HOLLOW in full…

ELEPHANT STONE: FacebookTrack by Track Breakdown of ‘HOLLOW’

THE CHILLS Share Previously Unreleased Promo Clip For Debut 7″ ‘ROLLING MOON’

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20 April 2020

New Zealand’s notorious indie act THE CHILLS led by the legendary singer/songwriter Martin Phillipps just shared a previously unreleased promo clip for their first 7″ ever called ‘ROLLING MOON’ that came out 38 years ago.

Phillipps introduced the video as follows: “Something special for all you Chills fans as legendary New Zealand cameraman/director Peter Janes has used lockdown time to edit together the long-lost ‘Rolling Moon’ footage into a clip. The result of the 1982 shoot at Pilots Bay, Dunedin were originally deemed largely too dark for use and then the film was lost for
over three decades and only recently discovered in time for a tiny piece of it to be included in the documentary ‘The Chills: The Triumph & Tragedy Of Martin Phillipps’. But now we finally have a promo clip for our first 7″ single from 1982.”

Check it out right here…

And here’s the trailer for The Chills documentary

THE CHILLS: Facebook

Stay Home, Stay Safe And Watch All The DEAP VALLY Video Clips…

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16 April 2020

If you’re tired of watching the telly whole day long in these surreal quarantine days
and you need some ace ass-kicking action then steamy Californian blues rock engine
DEAP VALLY, featuring guitarist/vox Lindsey Troy and drummer/vox Julie Edwards
is the real deal. The hottest, smokiest and coolest band of the past ten years released,
so far three albums. Debut full-length Sistrionix  in 2013, Femejism  in 2016 and the recent collaborative longplayer – one of the best of the year – with Oklahoma’s fairytale weirdos The Flaming Lips under the moniker of Deap Lips. Open your eyes and ears
and watch all their clips (new to old, hope I didn’t forget one). Right here, right now…

– THE PUSHER – (2020)

– GRUNGE BOND – (2018)

– POST FUNK – (2018)

– LIES – (2018)

– GET GONE – (2018)


– CRITIC – (2017)

– JULIAN – (2017)

– TURN IT OFF – (2017)


– GONNAWANNA – (2016)

– SMILE MORE – (2015)

– ROYAL JELLY – (2015)

– BABY I CALL HELL – (2013)

– BRING IT ON – (2013)

– WALK OF SHAME – (2013)


BAD FOR MY BODY – (2012)

– END OF THE WORLD – (2012)

DEAP VALLY: Facebook

Raw material…

Baby I call hell..

(All photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

DAVID BOWIE – New Video Clip For Unreleased Track ‘REPETITION 97’ Revealed…

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10 April 2020

‘REPETITION 97′ by the late great DAVID BOWIE is one of the nine previously unreleased
tracks that will be on the upcoming archival release ‘CHANGESNOWBOWIE’. Most of them were recorded during an acoustic session at Looking Glass Studios in New York in 1996. A vintage Bowie song. Both mysterious and affecting.

‘CHANGESNOWBOWIE’‘s release was planned for Record Store Day next week, 17th April but is now postponed to 20th June. But the collection will still receive a digital release on the original date of 17th April.

Here’s the video for Repetition 97



Glistering Duo HMS MORRIS Shares Dance Inviting Clip For New Single ‘POETRY’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes…


3 April 2020

A couple of days ago Welsh glistering dream pop duo HMS MORRIS released new
moony single POETRY. A magnificent reverie about the affecting consequences of obsessive love. An amplified ballad that grows in emotion, magnetism and power
along its wondrous progression. Another delightful sonic rainbow that twinkles
magically in these dreary days.

The pair just shared a lively clip for Poetry,
a fitting visual inviting you to dance along…

Also on Spotify

HMS MORRIS: Facebook

Starry-Eyed Artist AUDRI Shares Spellbinding Clip For New Single ‘HARBOR ME’…

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25 March 2020

(photo by Shane Kroes)

Artist: AUDRI

Who: Audri has been singing and playing the piano ever since she was a kid. Over time she started sharpening her skills as a songwriter and alto took up an interest in production these past years. Her first EP Fool’s Gold was released mid-October 2018.

Track: HARBOR ME from her upcoming second EP ‘Paper Planes‘ out on 24 April
Audri about the lyrical content of the song: “‘Harbor Me’ is me trying to solve a puzzle. I don’t want to say it’s about anxiety, because everyone seems to have that nowadays. I wrote this song after my teacher mentioned the phrase ‘La maladie du siècle’. Restlessness. Wanting something to worship, all while trying to be your own person. Our generation seems to be so aware of the process of coming of age, and we seem to fluctuate between fighting it and going along with it. We enjoy being rebels, but it’s also scary as fuck.”

Score: This trippy and dancey humdinger tickles your aural antenna from the very start. Audri‘s starry-eyed voice reminds you instantly of the otherworldly tonality of a young Kate Bush while the playful, catching rhythm of clapping flamenco hands and glimmering guitar touches, invite you to do a little dance. A sparkling light in these troubled times.

The wondrous accompanying video clip,
directed by Jaan Stevens & Ammen Simpson
fits the enchanting timbre of ‘Harbor Me
perfectly well.

Watch the beauty here …

AUDRI: Facebook

You can also stream HARBOR ME on Spotify

DEAP LIPS – Intoxicating Video For STEPPENWOLF Cover ‘THE PUSHER’

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21 March 2020


Last week DEAP LIPS, the awesome collaboration between surreal fairytale addicts
THE FLAMING LIPS and steamy blues rock tandem DEAP VALLY, unleashed their
fabulous self-titled debut album. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the coolest longplayers of the year.

The supergroup launched an intoxicating video clip for one of the tracks, their spaced-
out cover version of ‘THE PUSHER‘, an anti-dope-dealer song by born to be wild rockers Steppenwolf . Open your mind, eyes and ears and fly eight miles high…

Stream/purchase album here…

‘The Pusher’ was written by American singer/songwriter Hoyt Axton
and made famous by Steppenwolf. Check it out here…

(photo on top by Turn Up The Volume!)

British Rock Turbo FALSE HEADS Share Live Footage Clip For Chainsaw Single ‘RABBIT HOLE’…

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5 March 2020

(photo by Neil McCarty)

Hefty rockers FALSE HEADS, from the outskirts of East London, finally release their
debut album called IT’S ALL THERE BUT YOU’RE DREAMING. The band says “It’s a manifestation of the last four to ten years of our lives. We have thrown everything we
have into this. It’s personal, impersonal, bleak, life-affirming, inward and outward.”

Prior to the release the trio just shared a dazzling live footage clip for smoking single ‘RABBIT HOLE’. A thunderous slam driven by a relentlessly thumping drum/bass force, chainsaw guitars sounding like a siren, in your face vocals and a red-hot-blooded chorus. Titanic thwack! Blaring stroke!

Here’s the clip with footage from a gig at The Victoria Dalston in Shoreditch, London…


Debut LP IT’S ALL THERE BUT YOU’RE DREAMING out 13 March. Pre-order facilities here.

Trip Hop Duo LUSH PUPPY Share Spooky Clip For Catchy Single ‘ONE EYED SNAKE’…

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4 March 2020


Who Dutch electronic poppy madness music duo Lush Puppy are vocalist,
artist and stylist Roos Ooteman and Gabriel Vezzola a.k.a. DJ Gabriel.

Track: ONE EYED SNAKE “the second single of the upcoming sophomore Lush Puppy EP.
It is a crossover between a Missy Elliott and Nicki Minaj hip hop dance pop track, with explicit lyrics not for the weak hearted. And all of that with the trademark Lush Puppy twist: they let
the anaconda come straight out of the IKEA KALLAX closet!”

Score: You want to shake your booty, you want to feel naughty, you want to dance yourself bananas? Then puckish trip-hop tandem Lush Puppy is your x-rated poison and their new single ‘One Eyed Snake‘ your sonic dope. Its voluptuous, rascally and luscious rap flow will turn you on. Its pithy helium vocals will make you dizzy and its catchy impact will boost your bloodstream. Get Ur Freak On, folks!

C’mon, sway your hips here…

LUSH PUPPY: Facebook