Noise Maniacs CHAT PILE Visualize Their New Single ‘SLAUGHTERHOUSE’ With Blood-Curdling Horror Video

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5 June 2022

Beware America, they only look nice

Who: Caring noise turbo maniacs from Oklamohoma. Having lived alongside
the heaps of toxic refuse that the band derives its name from, the fatalism of
daily life in the American Midwest permeates throughout the works of Chat Pile.

New album: GOD’S COUNTRY
Out: 29 July 2022 – pre-order info here

“There’s a sick irony to how a country that extols rhetoric of individual freedom, in the same gasp, has no problem commodifying human life as if it were meat to feed the insatiable hunger of capitalism. If this is American nihilism taken to its absolute zenith, then God’s Country, the first full length record from Oklahoma City noise rock quartet Chat Pile is the aural embodiment of such a concept.”


A slow-scorching volcanic discharge.

Sick hammer, sick screams,
sick guitars. Sick country.


And the eyes of god
Always watching
Always watching

If we could only fly away now
If we could only fly away

And live in different skins
Exist in different skins
And live in different skins
Remove all your skins
And walk in new light
And walk in cleaner light
And walk in new skin
In new light

And the eyes of God are forgiving now
So forgiving now

Blood had to be shed
In order to set things right

Hammers and grease

Haunted building
Haunted life

And all the blood
All the blood
And the fuckin sound, man
You never forget their eyes

Everyone’s head rings here
And there is no escape
No motherfucking exit
Hammers and grease
And the sad eyes, goddamnit
And the screaming
There’s more screaming than you’d think
Everyone’s head rings here
You never forget their eyes
Hammers and grease


CHAT PILE: Facebook – Instagram

New album God’s Country is out 29 July through The Flenser

Band photo on top by Bayley Hanes

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