ARCADE FIRE Return To Their Sonic Roots With Their New Majestic Album ‘WE’

8 May 2022

Who: Celebrated Canadian rockers led by
couple Win Butler and Régine Chassagne
Active: 2001-present / 6 LPs (new one included)

New album: WE
Released: 6 May 2022 – order info here

The Telegraph (British newspaper) says: “Arcade Fire make other bands look like they
are not trying hard enough. From the panache of their packaging to the integration of every fine musical and lyrical detail, you can depend upon the Canadian-American ensemble to offer thematically coherent works of vaunting ambition, characterised by big ideas, grand emotions and cinematic scope. WE is their sixth album, and every bit as good as their best. While continuing to explore themes of desensitisation and distraction in an over-stimulated world, musically Arcade Fire have rowed back from the sonic overload of Reflektor (2013) and Everything Now (2017).”
Score: 5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The Canadians’ best opus since their 2004 debut Funeral.
WE resembles that debut LP musically with its melodramatic – but not pompous – orchestrations, its evocative arrangements, its angelic sonority, and its sepia colors. Melancholia at its epic best.

The themes on Funeral were death, grief, and loss. Fortunately, things got better for
Win Butler since then. Of course, he worries (who doesn’t) about the disturbing times
we live in, but his hopes for the future are high.

Arcade Fire returned to their roots and the outcome
is stupendous. WE is a majestic chef-d’oeuvre.

Singles/clips: The Lightning I, II / Unconditional I (Lookout Kid)



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