Götterdämmerung 2021 – German Goths VLIMMER Impress With Their Debut LP ‘NEBENKÖRPER’

21 October 2021

Who: German goths based in Berlin who
fabricated/released 18 EPs (!) before this debut LP

Released: 24 September 2021 through Blackjack Illuminist Records

Turn Up The Volume: ‘The Times They Are A-Changin‘ sang Bob Dylan back in 1964,
and yes the world changed and is still changin’ but in the wrong direction (again).

Ruthless, political autocrats and maniacal swindlers rule again (so what’s new?), oppressing people for their own avaricious purposes. If that isn’t enough our
restless world got knocked out by the devastating coronavirus crisis.

Apocalypse Now? It looks like it.

If we need to go down let’s do it with a fitting soundtrack. Nebenkôrper is a non-stop tsunami of synth-scary doom and gloom thunder. At times with a weird sort of dark
opera chants (Mutem / Minusgesicht / Kartenwarten), at times with Front 242 shockers
(Ad Astra / Wangendrück / I.P.A.), at times with hallucinatory bangers (Meter / Kron), but
always with infuriating intensity and wall-breaking orchestration from start to climax.

Götterdämmerung 2021? Absobloodylutely!

Single/clip: I.P.A.

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00_ (yes, the band’s name) – Australian Post Punks Mess With Our And Their Minds On New Album ‘CA\YPTRA’

20 October 2021

Band: 00_ (all oh nothing)
Who: An experimental rock band with a drip-fed, magnetic
sound. A warm damage, a gleaming vocal performance, a
coordinated racket of unhinged guitar smothered in a viscous
porridge of urgent drums and bass.

Debut Album: CA\YPTRA
Released: 4 September 2021

Turn Up The Volume: Remember Scottish noise crusaders Mogwai
back in 1997 with their jaw-dropping debut LP Young Team? Well, 00_
share their spirit and vision of mucking around with electrical noise but
even rawer, messier, and more chaotic. They build up, break down, throw
some out-of-tune violins in, here and there to pierce your ears, and create
overall a barbed wire hullabaloo for your favorite nightmares. Fascinating.

Another hint: Siouxsie And The Banshees in the 70s when they sounded like a
chainsaw while Suzy wailed all over it and you had no idea what she was actually
singing about. With song titles such as offset/its so noir, am i best gon’church drunk
and scarce silver Y I must admit that I have no clue either if 00_ wants to tell us

Third reference: young British lions Black Midi and Black Country, New Road.
Both bands also like to stop/start, turn left, come back and go right. And it all
makes sense in the end.

I suppose you may have a sonic idea of all oh nothing by now.

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Rebirth Of Nigerian World Music Artist SONIA AIMY – Discover Her New Album ‘RECONNECT’

18 October 2021

Who: Toronto-Based
Nigeria born afrobeat artist

New album: RECONNECT
Released: 1 October 2021

Info: The release is a reflection of the Nigerian-born and Toronto-based
multi-talented artist’s recent sentiments around feeling overwhelmingly
stuck, having constantly been on the move, touring the world to spread
her influence and creativity. Aimy’s work is interwoven with unpretentious
altruistic double entendres, looking back on not only the global pandemic
that led to the creation of her new album but also the much-needed self-love
and self-care that we owe ourselves as human beings.

Sonia Aimy about being forced to suddenly slow down, and feeling grounded due to the virus crisis: “I cried, I thought about so many things. But then, something happened… I began to feel a new connection to myself. I began to really dream about my past, about my childhood growing up with my mother in Nigeria, or about when I moved to Italy. So many things I’d not reflected on in the mad rush. I began to see my life in a sort of rewind that I’d not seen before. And that’s when the music and the words began to flow.”

Turn Up The Volume: Expect a melting pot of traditional African world music with
all sorts of sonic colors like reggae, soul and ska. Uptight but also melancholic moments. Overall it’s a captivating collection of tunes that invite you to sway your hips, to clap your hands, to move around and around, to celebrate life. Great orchestrations, great horns, great post-lockdown record, like a soundtrack for a rebirth.

Video for single/title track ‘Reconnect’…

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FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES – A Stream Of Hot-Tempered Blasts On New Album ‘STICKY’

17 October 2021

Band: FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES (Hertfordshire, England)
Who: Tattoo punk artist Frank Carter who started to scream with Gallows
(2005-2011), then continued with Pure Love (2011-2014) and rattles
on since 2015 with his Rattlesnakes

New album: STICKY – 4th LP
Released: 15 October 2021
Order info: here

NME says: “A great record borne of hard times. Where the band’s previous
albums explored mental health and toxic masculinity, this one is a pressure
release: loose and spontaneous… This kind of bug-eyed bish-bash-bosh is
exactly what we need from Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes right now.
Great records inevitably come out of shit times, and this is one of them.

Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: After 15 years Frank Carter has become an expert
when it comes to fabricate punked-up and scream-along headbangers to
ignite messy moshpits. Sticky is a stream of hot-tempered blasts that stick
instantly. Carter‘s forceful full-throated voice is the slam-bang engine
dynamizing all 10 cry-outs on this powerhouse longplayer. Touchdown!

Singles/clips: Go Get A Tattoo / My Town

(Feat. Lynks)

(Feat. Idles’ loudmouth Joe Talbot)

Full album…


London Singer Songwriter GLASS SANDS Scores With His New Electrifying Album ‘BETTER THAN LIFE’

10 October 2021

Who: Musical moniker of an indie singer/songwriter from London


Turn Up The Volume: Expect an intriguing mix of moody moments (Coming Home / In
Your Hands / Ballad Of The Byford Dolphin / Hammerfest
), guitar-driven riff-hook-and-lick knockouts that cut like a Swiss knife (Better Than Life / She Hangs On The Western Wall / Phantom Pains / Cigarette Machine) and a slo-mo closer (Basilisk) that could feature on the soundtrack of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks TV series. An overall versatile accomplishment that grows on you. A twists and turns record swinging from dreamy pop to fuzzing and buzzing rock and back. Don’t miss this! You don’t need a pool to throw a party with Better Than Life on the stereo.

Stream/buy here…


POND – Australian Pysch Band Swing Moods On The Dancefloor With Their Best Album Yet – Here’s ‘9’

8 October 2021

Band: POND
who: Australian psych-rockers
featuring members of Tame Impala
Active: Since 2008 / 9 studio albums so far

New album: 9 – yep, their 9th LP
Released: 1 October 2021 – order info here

NME says: “It can be a risky game to thrown yourself into so many different styles
on a record, let alone within individual songs. Yet – from Bowie to Kurt Cobain and
William Burroughs – artists of all kinds have found joy in such surrealist methods of
cutting up their work and putting it back together. Having perhaps taken their psych
pop to the edges of what’s possible, Pond deserve this moment. Hopefully, it proves
a gateway to a new era for the band that keeps on giving.”

Full review here. Score: 8/10.

Turn Up The Volume: A mix of dazzling grooves you can start moshpits with
on the dancefloor (Song For Agnes / America’s Cup / Pink Lunettes / Rambo), and
musing ruminations to take a breath between moshpit madness (Take Me Avalon
I’m Young / Czech Locomotive / Cold Cup, Plastic Sole / Toast
). A bold and mood
swinging record. My score: 9/10.

Singles/clips: Pink Lunettes / America’s Cup / Toast




Full album…

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Scottish Jukebox Duo ACTING STRANGE Released Killer Album ‘STAYING HERE’

7 October 2021

Who: Indie rockers from East Kilbride, Scotland

New album: STAYING HERE – 2nd LP
Released: 19 September 2021 – available via Apple Music

Turn Up The Volume: If stadium rockers The Killers need new songs to let their fans go ballistic, there are several earworms here for the taking (Staying Here / Baby, I Don’t What You’re Thinking Punchin’ / New Company). Add some instantly infectious power Britpop melodies (Up My Tree / My Kind Of Girl), some slower reflections (Up My Tree / Girl Of Mine) and a crazy clap your hands and stamp your feet stomper to end this jukebox party and you know you have a winner. Acting Strange excels in writing hooky gems with an on-the-spot impact. They master all the right tricks to get you in an ecstatic state and you’ll learn a lot about girls.

Killer tunes. Killer punches. Killer album. Stay here and listen.

Singles: Staying Here

Stream full LP here…


STRAND OF OAKS – Heart & Soul Stirring Sentiments With 7th Album ‘IN HEAVEN’

6 October 2021

Who: The musical project of singer/songwriter
Timothy Showalter from Indiana, now based in Austin, Texas.
Active: Since 2003 / 7 studio albums so far (including the new one)

New album: IN HEAVEN
Released: 1 October 2021

Showlater: “In Heaven was created with so much love and my greatest
hope is that it connects with people and provides a momentary space for
reflection, joy, catharsis and whatever else someone might be looking for
in their life. Music is magic and I feel like the luckiest person in the world
that I’m allowed to share it.”

Stereogum says: “Showalter’s new album In Heaven is both a synthesis and
a maturation. The songs came to him in sparse, acoustic forms. In their earliest
iterations as demos, they suggested an Oaks that was a lot more restrained than
the fire-breathing rocker Showalter had fashioned himself as from Heal through
Hard Love and onto Eraserland. With that trilogy behind him, Showalter took the
lessons from those years but also rediscovered core elements of the music he always
wanted to make. A little more rustic, but still cosmic; a little more organic, but still
Full review and interview with Showlater right here.

Turn Up The Volume: The glow of Bruce Springsteen, the Americana vitality
of Band Of Horses, and the electricalness of Eagle Joe Walsh. Eleven, beautifully,
crafted top singer-songwriter quality compositions. Heart-and-soul stirring
sentiments, heartwarming melancholia, and Showalter’s heavenly voice as
the perfect companion for the winter days to come.

In Heaven does what it was made for. To make people feel alive again after
the isolating lockdown times, optimistic and yes, comforted. A sepia-colored
diamond of a record.

Singles: Galacticana / Jimi & Stan / Somewhere In Chicago

(Gripping live version)



Stream buy ‘In Heaven’ here…

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Power To All Riot Punk And Hardcore Grrls – GIRLZ DISORDER VOL. 2 Is An International Blitzkrieg

5 October 2021

Released: 7 September 2021

Label: Mass Productions
A punk-rock association created in 1996 in Rennes in France.
Label for vinyl and CD productions. Organization of concerts
and tours.

Turn Up The Volume: Oh my, oh my. This crashing compilation
is the mad mother of all punk compilations. What you get is an
international blitzkrieg led by a clamorous cast of Riot Punk and
Hardcore Grrrls
. Screaming sturdiness from Chile, USA, UK, Poland,
Spain, Norway, Italy
and from several other smelly basements
around the world.

26 uppercuts by 26 don’t mess with us engines. Let your doctor check
your physical condition before you let this Sturm und Drang rampancy
test your speakers’ flexibility, or you’ll be out of breath halfway.

Stream/buy the whole shebang
right here, right now…

MASS PRODUCTIONS: Website – Facebook

JONAS AND I – Melancholic Pop Sparks Of Hope On New Album WHERE FROM HERE

4 October 2021

Band: Pop duo – Jonas Ursin and Roope Hakkarainen – playing
pop music with its heart in folk. They gained a lot of praises
with their 2016 debut LP These Days.

Released: 24 September 2021

“Musically and story-wise, the theme of the new album is change.
The album goes through awkward but joyfully liberating stages in
front of a new beginning. Stylistically, it still relies on familiar pop
folk, but influences are heard from country and more beating indie
and rock music.”

Turn Up The Volume: As our wounded world breathes a sigh of relief
now that the Covid-19 crisis seems to be under control, twinkling and
sparkling pop records of change and hope and restarting again ring like
bells announcing a new beginning. Which happens right here. Although
the songs have a melancholic and reflective touch – are we there yet? –
better times are ahead of us.

Rich orchestrations, tingling melodiousness, feel-good arrangements,
and wistful vocality, it’s all there to please your ears.

Here we go…

JONAS AND I: Facebook

Produced by Roope Hakkarainen and Jonas Ursin
Recorded by Roohe Hakkarainen and Jonas Ursin
Mixed by Roope Hakkarainen
Mastered by Oskari Olkkonen (soundear)
Cover art by c.Kritzelt
Cover Desing by Lasse Hartikainen and Jonas and I