ROWSIE Offer Americana Fireworks The British Way With Their Debut Album ‘I’

25 November 2023

Who: Classic rock 4-piece from London.

Debut album: I

“Each song is a story encased in a startling sonic blanket; taking a swing
at love, lost childhood, salvation and never-ending ironic encounters with
their own defects of character.”

Album artwork

TUTV: Tons of roasting riffs, racy licks and sizzling hooks is what you get
here. Enough rollin’ rippers to make your ears go bonkers with excitement
for a while.

Mind you, it’s not just about turning up the amps. ‘I’ offers catching melodies
embedded in fiery Americana-rock inspired tunes (Hard To Be Me / Willingness /
), amplified country & blues moments (Billionaire Bankers / Fertile Fields / She
Shines Electric
), and a tender, gripping and melancholic ballad with closing
pearl ‘So I’m Told‘.

Instrumental to this record are not only the firework guitars, but also frontman
Richard Rothenberg‘s hearty and powerful voice. Think John Mellencamp and Nathaniel
. Americana fireworks the British. Classic old skool electricity? Sure, but
oh so timeless.

Stellar acoustic version of Fertile Fields



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LEATHERETTE – Italian Misfits Create Glorious Post-Punk Havoc On 2nd Album ‘SMALL TALK’

16 November 2023

Who: 5 noisy pop/rock indies
from Bologna, Italy.


Following their incendiary 2022 debut album Fiesta,
their sophomore longplayer, titled Small Talk is out now.

Press info: “Leatherette’s second album is clearly the work of a group ready to take flight in a new direction and it transcends all they have done before. It coins a voice uniquely their own, driven by the same furies that propelled debut album ‘Fiesta‘, but finding fresh new forms for expression. It boasts some of their most unabashed pop songs to date – albeit pop that’s deftly twisted, pointedly perverse and ready to explode when you least expect it. It also contains some of the group’s most challenging and uncompromising noise yet, the violent swinging back-and-forth between ugly din and nagging tunefulness a (molotov) cocktail that grows only more addictive with each listen. A smart, bold and focused thrill ride that sounds like nothing else out there.”

TUTV: If I didn’t know from which country Leatherette is, I would say, without hesitation, that they’re British. More specifically, part of the post-Brexshit-punk rebirth. Let’s have a look.

Echoes of the blazing bravado of Shame (Bureaucracy Apocalypse / Isolation / Ponytail / Spying On The Garden), the saxy cacophony of Black Road, New Country ( (Experimenting / Fade Away) and the impassioned ardency of The Murder Capital (they’re actually Irish) on Lips and Monday (Still Here). Pretty cool, right? You betcha. Wait, Leatherette are around as long as these bands are, maybe they influenced them.

Whatever, these Italian misfits delivered a gloriously chaotic full-length with a biting
and bone-chilling impact. Maddening music without frontiers. Molto impressionante



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SUN JUNKIES – Canadian Noiseniks Rock Faster Than A Formula 1 Race Car On New Album ‘PARACHUTING’

11 November 2023

Who: Four-piece outfit from Brantford, Ontario that formed in 2018. Cutting their teeth in the Southern Ontario indie scene, as well as touring the USA and Canada’s east coasts, the four best friends have had plenty of time to hone their songwriting abilities.

Their 3rd

“Although it’s mainly about time, Parachuting has many other recurring themes and deals with topics like the soul crushing monotony of the 40 hour work week, as well as the coping mechanisms and anxiety that come with such a mundane reality. Featuring an orchestral arrangement of pianos, violins and horns juxtaposed with growling feedback and distorted guitars, these songs will (hopefully) make you feel like you’re unreasonably sad at the most debaucherous party you’ve ever been to.

TUTV: Holy smoke! Wanna go berserk? Here’s the fuel to do it. Sun Junkies rock their tails off and bulldoze their way through 15 kick-ass punk slams. No brakes, no breaks, no mistakes. These 4 Canadians are adrenalized noiseniks producing tons of hurly-burly hullabaloo.

They storm fast-forward with screeching guitars, boisterous drumming and clamorous chanting. Like a Formula One race car in overdrive. Fast and furious, crushing their demons along the whirlwind way. All cylinders and burners on. Think Green Day, Blink 182, and Fall Out Boy in their reckless primes. They end Parachuting out of breath. So will you. Kamikaze rock is what these junkies are about. Hail hail.

Ignore reality for 50 minutes and go nuts. .

Singles/clips: Nothing/Smile





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PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS – Australia’s Turbulent Team Have Their Tempestuous 6th Album Titled ‘FRONZOLI’ Out

10 November 2023

Hilarious album artwork

Today the psych-rock team PSYCHEDELIC PORN CRUMPETS from Perth, Australia
have their 6th album, titled FRONZOLI (title meaning, ‘something unnecessary added
as decoration’
) out today.

Order info here.

Press photo

Jack McEwan (songwriter/frontman): “This record is my favourite creation
to date. Every nuance has been discussed, slandered and carefully contorted into place,
it sporadically colours outside the lines, so you’re left with these extraverted squiggles.”

TUTV: Uppercut after uppercut, corker after corker, jackhammer after jackhammer
(you get two breathers with amplified ballad Cpt. Gravity Mouse Welcome and the short acoustic beauty ‘Illusions of Grandeur’). Your ears need to be in great shape to absorb
this whirlwind record.

If PPC were animals they would be hungry wolves wandering in the deserts of Australia looking for prey. Their melting pot of glam metal, pithy punk, high-voltage pop and other noisy shout-outs results in an ecstatic body of infectious. Btw, am I the only one who thinks McEwan‘s voice resembles Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner one (now and then) and vice versa, of course.

Favorite tracks: (I’m a Kadaver) Alakazam / Illusions of Grandeur / All Aboard the S.S. Sinker and the mind-boggling closer Mr. & Mrs. Misanthrope.

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KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Swap Guitars For Electronica On Their 25th LP In 13 Years

28 October 2023

The Aussie psych-prog-rockers have their 25th LP
in 13 years out, titled THE SILVER CORD.

It’s their second of the year, following, take a deep breath: PetroDragonic Apocalypse Or, Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth And The Beginning Of Merciless Damnation.

UNCUT Magazine: The Aussie Maestros deliver seven concise tracks of electronica, largely indebted to Giorgio Moroder but with ventures into many of those elements Moroder inspired, from disco to techno and even jungle.

TUTV: The incredibly productive misfits step into another sonic universe – leaving
their by now familiar psych-prog rock one – this time. No guitars here, unless they
mixed them unrecognizably. It’s all about experimenting with electronica, synths
and related devices, all the way through.

Their hurried psychedelic rainbow sound is still intact, yet it resonates more like EBM
for post-punk indies. Inventive but in the end still the Aussies we know. And guess what, there are only 7 songs, and for the first time not one reaching the 5-minute mark.

But for their fanatic fans, in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms, the band remixed
all 7 songs – with each one not shorter than 10 minutes – and pressed them on an
extra vinyl edition. You can also stream the whole shebang here on Spotify.
Score: 3.5/5.

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THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – Vintage Americana Folk Rock With Their New Affecting Album ‘HISTORY BOOKS’

Standout longplayers

27 October 2023

Press photo: Kelsey Hunter Ayres

New Jersey‘s rock idols THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM
launched their 6th LP, named HISTORY BOOKS today.

Order info here.

Rough Trade: “Like so many of the most essential rock bands, The Gaslight Anthem have a rare gift for finding glory in the inescapable pain of being alive. On their new album History Books, the New Jersey-bred four-piece bring their soulful breed of punk to ten thrilling songs exploring everything from mortality to mental illness to the more precarious dimensions of human connection.”

Brian Fallon (vocalist/guitarist): “A lot of this record is questioning all the bad stuff we see in the world and the difficult things we go through in life, and asking how to deal with it. I think the answer is that we’re all in this together and that somehow makes it okay, even when it’s anything but easy. The main message of the album is empathy.”

TUTV: Vintage Americana folk-rock delivered with evocative emotions and
heart-whole ardency. Less firework than before, more reflective musings and
twilight meditations. Bruce Springsteen joined them on the anthemic title track
and left his shadow in the studio afterward, as you can hear on touching ballads
Autumn and Empires, and on aflame rocker Little Fires .

Brian Fallon‘s impassioned voice brings Bright EyesConor Oberst
one to mind. Vocally, he’s the song’s life-experienced painter.

Overall History Books is an affecting record that will grow with every listen,
it features multiple rad tunes you want to go back to more than once.

Singles/clips: Little Fires / History Books




UK/Europe Dates

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ROBBIE ROBERTSON Scored Sepia-Colored Soundtrack For New Scorsese Movie ‘KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON’ Before His Passing Last Summer

22 October 2023

KILLERS OF THE FLOWER MOON, the new movie directed by the now 80 years
old filmmaker Martin Scorsese was released in American theatres last Friday.

The movie is based on author/journalist Dave Grann‘s 2017 book of the same name.
The film’s plot tells the story of Osage Indian murders in the 1920s after oil was discovered on tribal land. Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are the main actors.

The Band‘s main singer-songwriter-guitarist Robbie Robertson who worked regularly
with Scorsese orchestrated the soundtrack. An almost full instrumental one with Robertson
on guitar, playing beauties from blues, Americana and roots.

He wrote 15 of the 21 pieces.
Unfortunately shortly after, last
August, he passed away, aged 80.

The soundtrack is a n endearing and melancholic opus with
a soothing and mind-relaxing resonance. A cinematic beauty.



(Image Robbie Robertson cover of his solo debut Lp)

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But THE ROLLING STONES Still Like It – New Album ‘HACKNEY DIAMONDS’ Out Now

20 October 2023

Today THE ROLLING STONES released their new longplayer HACKNEY DIAMONDS.

NME: Rejoice! The rock legends’ first album of original material in almost two decades is an absolute barnstormer. If ‘Hackney Diamonds’ does round off the most successful career in rock music ever, it wouldn’t be a bad place to leave it. A natural end, but definitely not a normal one.” Full review here. Score: 4/5.

TUTV: After more than 6 decades the immortal Stones still are hungry, still motivated and still confident to prove that they still can come up with aflame fireworks. Enter Hackney Diamonds. A record that mixes vintage Stones stuff. Riff-loaded rippers and blues ballads.

Nothing new, no masterpiece whatsoever, but still heated entertainment with ‘start me up’  thrills and impassioned musings. At 80 Mick Jagger’s voice is outstanding and tandem Ron Wood/Keith Richards take care, as usual, about rad riffs, hot hooks, and lively licks. It’s only rock ‘n’ roll but they still like it and still do it. Score: 3.5/5.

Singles/clips: Angry / Sweet Sounds Of Heaven

– ANGRY – 

Featuring stunning vocals by Lady Gaga


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80-Year-Old ROGER WATERS Released His Reinvented 50-Year Old PINK FLOYD Classic ‘THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON’ And It Works

13 October 2023

Album artwork

Last March THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, one of the best-sold,
most famous, and praised masterpiece albums ever, turned 50.

Bassist and musical genius ROGER WATERS co-founded PINK FLOYD back in 1967,
then led for a short period of time by the late troubled musical genius Syd Barrett (replaced by Dave Gilmour). They released 15 studio LPs.

In 1984 due to the clashing personalities, mostly Waters vs Gilmour, Waters left the band thinking that Pink Floyd was finished anyway. They never worked ever again, and saying they weren’ friends whatsoever is an understatement.

For the occasion of the 50th birthday, Waters re-imagined-worked-invented all songs
of the classic. it’s now about a letter Waters wrote to the assistant to Donald Hall when the poet was in his last days. It’s a subtle change but it’s a substantial one, turning Dark Side of the Moon into a voyage inward, not outward. And it’s out now, receiving mixed reactions from the press.

MOJO:The new focus on these songs’ lyrics proves deeply powerful, a different and profound kind of high. Consequently, The Dark Side OF The Moon Redux is wholly valid, the unnerving, stirring adjunct Waters was aiming for.” Score: 8/10.

Paste Magazine: “Fans may feel it’s more of a long slog than they remember, with the slower tempo stretching many of the songs beyond their natural length, and the spoken word passages lending a languorous quality that may induce drowsiness.” Score: 4/10.

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason about REDUX.

TUTV: I don’t really like Waters‘ pretty huge ego and his double-edged political views,
but what he did here wasn’t commercial suicide. If you listen to REDUX with open mind, you can’t but conclude that Waters comes up with a totally different angle on Pink Floyd‘s timeless masterpiece and it works, for me that is. It’s an album, with an entertaining singer-songwriter approach and a wholly different musicality. Down to earth songs instead of psychedelic symphonies in space.

Also lyrically we get a (almost totally) different story, as Waters spread his letter he wrote to the assistant to renowned American poet Donald Hall in his last days (he passed away in 2018) all over the record, in near-whispering tone. But at times the story-telling is too long and gets in the way of the music. But overall, REDUX is a bold and successful achievement.

Waters explains why he did this special project.


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XUP – Manchester Singer-Songwriter And Bassist LANE Released New Bone-Chilling Album ‘SPIT & LIPSTICK’ Today

9 October 2023

Artist: XUP
Who: XUP is the musical act of Lane. It was conceived in the sunny haze of
an All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead, UK. After playing bass for several bands in Manchester and London from 2000-2007, Lane began writing, recording and performing as XUP, stepping up to the mic for the first time, and taking on full artistic duties. In doing so, her own influences began to come through front and centre, and there are hints of Hole, Sonic Youth, Joy Division, The Bad Seeds, The Cure and Siouxsie and the Banshees in her seven-album-strong back catalogue. Check her Spotify account.

New album: SPIT & LIPSTICK

Lane: Spit & Lipstick is an album about the making of an album! My starting point was
to cover the studio in mood boards and story boards and the Spit & Lipstick album is the
colour of the sunset, seen through an old 70s TV set, spitting static!

The album is a love letter to The Peer Hat bar in Manchester, where I spent much of my downtime in between recording, propping up the bar and watching the songs come to life.
The daily anecdotes and notes about the writing process seeped into the songs. But the songs are also interwoven with a nostalgic retrospective about coming of age by the sea, with a gnarly post-punk, cherry-pop twist! And in capturing that, the album title itself is a nod to the band Hole, one of my big influences growing up.

TUTV: Let the bass roll. The 4-string guitar is the heroine throughout this 8-track record next to Lane‘s expressive voice. All pieces are sonically related, with their darksome punky funky resonance. Songs about a broken relationship, introspection, depression, loneliness, twins, hope and The Velvet Underground and Andy Warhol electrified with indie dynamics and pithy post-rock turbulence with Goth echoes here and there.

My mind and ears tell me that Spit & Lipstick could be the bone-chilling soundtrack for
a sinister film-noir with Lane as the femme fatale operating in an enigmatic world. No,
this is not an ecstatic record, rather one with sharp edges, one about the dark side of Lane‘s moon. A compelling and arresting record.

Singles/clips: Sunday Girl / Siamese




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