Shooting At The Stars – Melting Pot Longplayer ‘ROOM OF CLONS’ By THE COWBOYS

8 July 2020

Band: The Cowboys
Base: Bloomington, Indiana, US
Who: Five multi-faceted and productive
gunslingers with five LP’s in eight years
AlbumRoom Of Clons
Info: “Their fifth album, is possibly the group’s most ambitious and diverse body of
work to date. Contemporary garage, punk, & powerpop. The Cowboys delve into new,
exciting, and largely uncharted territory – perhaps their most abstract work, but just as
worthy as their now towering discography that never ceases to impress.’Room of Clons’
asserts itself as a varied hallmark of stylistic prowess, ranging from The Cowboys’
trademarked Midwestern punk odes of previous work, “

Released: 4 April 2020

Key references: Violent Femmes, 16 Horsepower, Grant Lee Buffalo,
Guided By Voices, Built To Spilt, The Pogues, Mekons

Keywords: From punchy pop to glowing garage, from fervent folk to peppery
punk, from daydreams to shooting at the stars,  from Lily The Pink to Blister In
The Sun
, from here to anywhere and back

Key tracks: Wise Guy Algorithm / The Beige Collectin / Days /
A Killing / Queen Bee Real Estate / Susie Susie

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(photo by Caroline Marchildon)

I’m A Soul Man – PAUL WELLER Released His 15th Solo Album ‘ON SUNSET’

7 July 2020

Artist: Paul Weller
Album: On Sunset – his 15th solo LP
Released: 3 July 2020

The Line Of Best Fit wrote: “Faced with soul-infused rock and cascades of electronic
and orchestral facets, Paul Weller’s latest creation is a shimmering sign of the times…
Compared to previous albums A Kind Revolution and True Meanings, On Sunset provides a more experimental feel, sitting at the intersection between various genres and pervading the depths of different ideas and moods, though never really committing to one or the other… On Sunset could be viewed as an album reinstating Weller as the keeper of mod musical tradition, but it’s also an album that sees him taking a rare glance into the rear-view mirror as he speeds into the ’20s.”
Score: 8/10.

Keyphrase:  “The Modfather is a soul man at heart.”

Keywords: A 21st Century Marvin Gaye,  Motown echoes, Cafe Bleu revisited,
angry adult man, stylish council jams, Beat surrender tunes, In the city blues

Singles: Earth Beat / Village / More



– MORE –

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3 July 2020

Band: Chemtrails (Manchester, UK)
Who: Garage-punk and acid-corroded new-wave outfit from
Manchester formed by Mia Lust and Laura Orlova in 2016
Album: The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable – the band’s second LP
Released: 15 May 2020

AllMusic said: “The refreshed lineup continues to funnel the group’s boisterous blend of vintage surf, garage rock, and proto-punk influences into compellingly glittery noise pop…
Lust’s snarling mix of complaints and shrug-emoji endurance of subjects both personal and societal bring just the right amount (a lot) of outsider attitude to their poppy tunes… there are no serious underperformers on The Peculiar Smell of the Inevitable, and the uninitiated would do well to start here for the band’s strongest set of songs to date.”

Full review here – Score: 4/5

Key phrase: “The Ronettes fronted by Poison Ivy bringing us the songs the Lord taught us”
Keywords: garage pop ecstasy, buzzing paranoiacs, head-spinning electricity, blitzkrieg guitar extravaganza, sultry organs, charisma is the middle name of Mia Lust, 21st Century’s sixties, sucking minds, Dusty Springfield going punk
Key tracks: Blurred Visions / Paranoiacs / Rats / Suck My Mind / Brother Connor

Message: It’s another big Bandcamp Friday to support artists impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. “It may sound simple, but the best way to help artists is with your direct financial support, and we hope you’ll join us as we work to support artists in this challenging time.”

Do not hesitate and buy
‘The Peculiar Smell Of The Inevitable’ here…



Imperishable Masters Of Post Punk Pop – WIRE Dive Into Their Archives With ’10:20′

2 July 2020

Band: Wire
Album: 10:20 
Released: 19 June 2020

Info: Originally scheduled for RSD 2020 Pink Flag have decided to make 10:20 a regular LP/CD release. A glimpse into Wire’s working practices, when Wire play live there are different 3 classes of pieces that are performed, new songs, old songs and “new old” songs. The latter often involves taking something that existed on a previous release and re-working it, very often evolving a stage highlight from it. There also pieces that have never seen a major release but for some reason never fitted on an album. The best of these ideas were recorded in 2 sessions – one relating to Red Barked Tree but recorded
in 2010 and another relating to Wire’s latest album Mind Hive released in 2020.

AllMusic says: “A collection of reimagined rarities and live favorites that felt just as fresh.
No matter how convoluted the histories of these songs are, they all make the most of Wire’s evergreen strengths. Hearing Wire riff on their past and present so brilliantly makes 10:20
both a dream come true for longtime fans and a surprisingly good introduction to their
music for newcomers.”
Full review here. Score: 4/5

Key phrase: “It’s Beginning To And Back Again.”
Keywords: Music for pleasure, never-changing resplendence, post punk pop, change became them, unwavering new wave wires, the art of stylish survival, timeless inspirators

Album in full…

WIRE: Facebook

(photo: website Wire)

Psychedelic Mind-Massages – New Album ‘INTERZONE’ By THE VACANT LOTS

27 June 2020

Band: The Vacant Lots
Who: “NYC duo comprised of Jared Artaud and Brian MacFadyen. The key element
of The Vacant Lots’ minimalist, primitive rock and roll songs is their boundless energy,
which tears up the psych template with a genuine punk spirit. The notion of duality is
also a recurring theme in the band’s minimal means maximum effect aesthetic,
whether in their lyrics or fiercely monochromatic artwork.”

Album: Interzone – their third LP
Released: 26 June 2020

“A perfect stun-blast soundtrack for today’s shattered society.”
Classic Rock Magazine
“NYC synth duo channel Suicide and Burroughs.”
Uncut Magazine
“Explosive psych mixed with the experimental spirit of proto-punk.
Post-Punk Magazine

“I’m bored with that line. I never use it anymore.
My new line is ‘In 15 minutes The Vacant Lots will be famous.

Andy Warhol
“The Lots master the art of psychedelic mind-massages just
like The Velvet Underground did in their heyday.”

Turn Up The Volume!

Key references: NEU!, Suicide, Kraftwerk, VU, Can, Spacemen 3
Key phrase: If you can make it in New York, you can make it everywhere

Singles: Rescue / Fracture



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INTERZONE available via Fuzz Club

(Photo: Luz Gallardo)

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – ‘A GUIDE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING’ By Electro Machine LEG PUPPY

26 June 2020

Band: Leg Puppy
Who: South London’s Leg Puppy were originally formed amongst a backdrop of bingo
callers, haunted rickety hotels, dancing goats and clown worshipers. The electro-psych/multi-media outfit, offer a satirical attack on the modern world. A complete DIY multi-media band, designing all sleeves, graphics, backdrops, videos and art installations

Base: Land of the woof
Album: A Guide To Social Distancing
Released: 12 June 2020

Key references: Aphex Twin, The Residents, Die Krupps, Tangerine Dream, Orbital
Keywords: disco Inferno, coronacaust, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, hellish
raves, anti-RoboCops, Chemical Brothers on acid, Leftfield leftism, 21st Century
Detroit techno, ecstasy-tatic, space oddities, isolation paranoia, 1999 lockdown party
Key phrase: It’s the end of the world as we know it

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LEG PUPPY: Facebook

Too Good To Forget – Here’s LP Of 2018 ‘LAURENT’ By Noise Engine IT IT ANITA

25 June 2020

Who: Belgian red-hot-blooded engine challenging
the boundaries of post-punk noise-rock
Album: LAURENT (named after their sound mixer)
The band’s second LP
Released: 24 August 2018

TUTV wrote back then: “Although, at times, more reflective than before
(Denial, the surprising, yet brilliant Tanker 2, Pt.2 and the cinematic
quiet/loud closer We Are Nothing) this 4-headed tornado keeps producing an
illegal amount of decibels. They rip your sonic heart out with primal screams,
loudmouthed extravaganza, smoking grooves, and well-oiled jams. This time
with different layers and different moods.”

Key phrase: Turn Up the Volume’s best longplayer of 2018
Key tracks: User Guide / Another Cancelled Mission / 11 / GOD / Bored





Full album…

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Sweaty thunder

Primal screams

(photos by Turn Up The Volume!)

Growing Old In Grand Style – ‘ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS’ By BOB DYLAN

23 June 2020

Artist: Bob Dylan 
Album: Rough And Rowdy Ways 
Released: 19 June 2020 – his 39th (!) studio album

Pitchfork writes: “Six decades into his career, Bob Dylan delivers a gorgeous and meticulous record. It is the rare Dylan album that asks to be understood and comes down to meet its audience… There are no distractions; he speaks carefully, quietly, earnestly… It results in a gorgeous and meticulous record. The lyrics are striking—dense enough to inspire a curriculum, clever enough to quote like proverbs. Played by his touring band, with understated appearances from Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, the music is a ghostly presence. Its sound is threadbare and hypnotic, backed by small choirs and acoustic instruments, a sharp turn from the raucous blues reenactments of his 21st-century records.” Full review here – Score 9/10

Key phrase: Robert Zimmerman is the best singer-songwriter ever
Singles: False Prophet / Murder Most Foul (the brilliant JFK assassination saga)



Album in full…

BOB DYLAN: Facebook  



Surprise Surprise – Post Punks MEKONS Release Brand New Isolation Album ‘EXQUISITE’…

22 June 2020

Band: Mekons
Who: British/American post-punk legends formed in 1976 and still going
strong after all these years expanding their sound with different genres
Album: Exquisite – their umpteenth LP, written and recorded while being
in isolation and released out of the blue without any promo.
Available only via Bandcamp
Released: 19 June 2020

About the record’s title and recording process: In Paris, in 1925, Yves Tanguy, Jacques Prévert, André Breton and Marcel Duchamp invented a game they called ‘cadavre exquis,’ derived from a phrase that came up when they first played: ‘le cadavre exquis boira le vin nouveau’ (‘the exquisite corpse will drink the new wine’). Basically each collaborator adds
to a composition in sequence, either by following a rule or by being allowed to see only
the end of what the previous person contributed. In the current plague year 2020, after a planned rendezvous in Valencia was necessarily cancelled, mekons adopted this method
as a means of collectively assembling lyrics and tunes and recording their new album.

The band said: “While we look toward a worse economic depression than the Thirties,
scanning our eyes toward the horizon of annihilation, take joy while you can from falling statues and well, you just might be tired from having to take to the streets: What better
time to settle down with a fancy hydroxychloroquine cocktail, mainline some bleach
and dig the Mekons’ new surrealist sounds?”

Keywords: multifaceted sonic work, dub reggae, gripping lullabies,
folk jingles, country echoes, The Pogues, overall exquisite record!
Key tracks: Escalera /West Yorks Ballad / The Inhuman / Buried Treasure /
What I Believe At Night

Stream/buy EXQUISITE here…

MEKONS: Facebook  


(photo: FB Mekons)


THE WHITE STRIPES – Second Album ‘DE STIJL’ Released 20 Years Ago

Old and new albums to make your day…

21 June 2020

Band: The White Stripes (Detroit, US)
Active: 1997–2011
Album: De Stijl – their second LP
Released: 20 June 2000 – 20 years ago

Stereogum writes: “An upstart two-piece garage-blues band from Detroit, one that has a couple of records out on a subgenre-specific indie label, probably will not get the chance to change the world, to capture the hearts of millions… Everyone who encountered the White Stripes in the ‘De Stijl’ era has a “holy shit” story about it. Me, when my roommate Janet brought home a copy of De Stijl and played “You’re Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)” on the CD boombox in the living room of an art-student flophouse: “Holy shit.” My wife, when she saw the White Stripes open for Sleater-Kinney at the 9:30 Club: “Holy shit.” The White Stripes were bright and bold and haughty and theatrical. They had riffs and hooks and swagger. They stood out. If you heard them once, you wanted to hear more. And if you looked into what they were doing, there was plenty beyond the riffs and hooks and swagger.”

Keywords: Holy shit, one of their best ‘raw and rough’ performances, Jack White shows
how he would turn the blues into a massive 21st Century success, I love Meg, holy shit
Key tracks: You’re Pretty Good Looking ‘For A Girl) / Apple Blossom / Death Letter / Sister, Do You Know My Name / Let’s Build A Home

Full album…


2001, Brussels, in a 150 cap club, talking with Jack White before the gig. Fantastic memory!