Impassioned Blues Veteran HERMAN HITSON Lets The God Sings

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25 September 2022

Who: Veteran blues/rock musician born
79 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hitson has lived a wild life, learning the blues growing up and then starting in a doo-wop band, hitting the chitlin circuit with the likes of James Brown, Joe Tex, Bobby Womack, Wilson Pickett, Sam Cooke, Lee Moses;, collaborating with his close friend Jimi Hendrix, and then mourning his loss. Converting to the Nation of Islam and hanging with Mohammad Ali, getting clean from hard drugs; working as an actor in films. Getting wrongly accused of murder. Painting as well as performing and opening for the Allman Bros with Lee Moses.

He’s in a renaissance the last few years with the brand new album LET THE GODS SING
as the clear-cut result. The rousing 60s are all over it. Electrifying Hendrix-like wah-wah jams, sultry James Brown howls, lots of psychedelic Hammond organs and an overall
soul-and-heart spirit. There’s no expiration date whatsoever for impassioned blues
passion like this.

Video clip for the title track Let The Gods Sing

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Mixed Emotions On An Industrial Roller Coaster – New Album ‘EXISTER’ By THE SOFT MOON Out Now

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24 September 2022

Who: The moniker of Californian singer-songwriter/musician/producer Luis Vasquez
Active: Since 2009 / 5 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: EXISTER
Released: 23 September 2022 – Buy here

Luis Vasquez: “The whole point of this record was to share every emotion that I feel. No two songs are the same. It’s about existing in the world as a human being and experiencing many emotions and experiences throughout life. And so hence the title Exister, a record rooted in the ecstatic joys and crippling lows that life can throw up and how just hanging on and existing is sometimes all we have. “Exister is my way of saying ‘I’m here, deal with it.’”

Slant Magazine says: “Exister sees Vasquez throw himself even deeper into the raw emotions explored in his previous work. Like 2018’s Criminal, the album represents another step forward for the Soft Moon, as Vasquez processes his pain with a newfound level of honesty, and an uncanny ability to build on the well-established musical ideas he so enthusiastically draws from.” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: Once you get on this emotional roller coaster you’ll stay there for the whole ride, you’ll be too curious to know if it crashes. Vasquez mixes darkwave/industrial/psychedelia and all related mind-exploring noise catalysts into an inflammable cocktail serving his mood swings. He goes through a tunnel of fear and anger and nailed a fitting soundtrack to go with his befuddled state of mind. Get on board.

Singles/clips: Monster / Him / Become The Lies


– HIM –


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Mixed Emotions Rock With Eponymous Debut Album By Tight Canadian Trio ON

22 September 2022

Band: ON
Who: An punk-rock-experienced Toronto trio

FFO: Weezer, The Pixies. Bikini Kill, Queens of the Stone Age,
Veruca Salt, Deftones, L7, Royal Blood, Refused, Acid Tes

(photo by Lindi Gordon)

New album: ON
Out: 20 September 2022 via Indiestructable Records

Lucy Di Santo (frontwoman): “This record deals with where we are today and what we’ve overcome, persevering as a society and as individuals. I found myself as part of a genuinely authentic creative, human experience with Steve and Dan in various geographical locations including NYC, Florida and Toronto and felt the need to document it melodically. It’s about pain, hope, reframing and overcoming. It’s about survival. The songs are an authentic and complete collaboration of the triad and soul connection that is ON”

TUTV‘s impressions: As long as afire bands as ON keep on rockin’ in the free world
rawk ‘n’ roll will be around forever. The tight trio prove it with punchy brio, passionate panache and a varied sonic approach fitting different moods.

They turn up the heat and the decibels like Courtney Love and Hole did once upon a time (Break You / Underdog / Take A Shot / Break You / Soul Killer), they groove and move in slow-mo on Gator, Hereafter, Fla and Blackmail (at first I thought it was Garbage‘s amazing Amazon Shirley Manson), with the tender Try it’s reflection time and slow-burning torch Amends (my fav track) is a tour de force jam – with a burning Led Zep blues reverberation – that explodes when ON uses all of their cylinders. A fantastic closer of a notable debut.

Singles/clips: Underdog / Blackmail



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here via Bandcamp.

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2022: A Space Odyssey – Forget Reality With New Mind-Relaxing Electronic Album ‘THE EMPIRE OF THE FOUR MOONS’

20 September 2022

The story of The Empire of the Four Moons is a novel by German author Enko Landmann. It’s regarded as a classic of utopian literature and the struggle of the conglomerate of the 4 Moons for a future-oriented autonomy against a rundown decadence of the Reflectors of Bycicl could be regarded as common property
in the cultural memory of Europe.

German record label Gruselthon, a label for exceptional music on progressive recording media invited electronic orientated musicians to translate Enko Landmann’s “Empire of the Four Moons” into music.

The label describes the CD as: “Modern electronic music created
for the modern music lovers of our nuclear age.

Expect a mind-relaxing trip into space with instrumental synth-symphonic compositions
by Boston duo Violet Nox, psych-folk-instrumental duo from Charlottesville/Columbus(US) Heron & Crane, German musician Verhülsdonk, and DJ/electro-music-maker Dispess. Maybe this 2022 c Space Odyssey will inspire Pink Floyd to reunite and make a new milestone record, named ‘The Dark Side Of The Four Moons.’

Dim the lights, sit down, relax,
and forget reality for a while.

Stream/buy here…

Their Best In Years – Glam Stars SUEDE Shine On New LP ‘AUTOFICTION’ Today

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17 September 2022

Who: Britpop glam champions from London
Active: 1989–2003, 2010–present
Albums: 9, new one included

Released: 16 September 2022 – more info here

Brett Anderson (frontman/songwriter): “Autofiction is our punk record.
No whistles and bells. Just the five of us in a room with all the glitches and
fuck-ups revealed. The band themselves exposed in all their primal mess.”

NME says: “Brett Anderson and co. feel like a new band on their anger-injected
ninth album… This is a Suede record, so there are moments of aching majesty.
Autofiction finds the indie greats getting back in the garage to make a racket.
This is a band with a lust for life.”
Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Suede were on their best when they went melodramatic,
even bombastic with massive crackers, like on their eponymous debut LP (1993)
and second one Dog Man Star (their solid gold 1994 masterpiece), with guitarist/co-songwriter Bernard Butler who left afterward. Without him they continued the way
they started with varying success. But this one is a total tour de force. Big tune after
big tune, anthem after anthem. Back to be the wild ones.

Singles: That Boy On The Stage / 15 Again / She Still Leads Me On

(awesome live version)

– 15 AGAIN –


Album in full via Spotify

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THE MARS VOLTA – Their First Album In 10 Years Is A Welcome Back Triumph

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16 September 2022

Who: Former At The Drive-In members
Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Active: 2001 present / 6 LPs so far

Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodríguez-López (Fat Bob shot with Leica M10)

Released : 16 September – order info here

NME says: “The Mars Volta’ is a record that seizes the attention instantly, peppered as it is with arresting top-lines. But it also demands – and handsomely rewards – repeated listens, by virtue of its meticulously assembled arrangements (just bathe your ears in shining third single ‘Vigil”s luxuriant mix). This isn’t just a striking return for one of the most individual bands of the last 20 years; it is, musically, an astounding masterpiece. Their finest hour? Quite possibly.”
Full review here. Score: 5/5.

Turn Up the Volume: Their prog-rock approach is still present here and there, but with fewer layers of wayward structures. I hear more echoes from their ardently beating hearts and Hispanic souls than before, also more direct, and earthy, even stripped to the bone at times. It makes this new one in 10 tears one of their most accessible.

A welcome back triumph.

Singles/clips: Graveyard Love / Blacklight Shine / Vigil




Stream the full album on Spotify.


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Danish/Turkish Collective TUHAF Take You On A Spiritual Trip With Debut Album ‘MERE GULD’

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15 September 2022

Band: TUHAF (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Who: The fusion of different types of musicians and all kinds of genres
– Anatolian folk, indie rock, free jazz, Danish traditional songs and US
roots rock – wondrously merges into the sound of TUHAF. The band is
fronted by Turkish-born singer Berrin Bas.

Debut album: MERE GULD

“The fusion of different types of musicians and all kinds of genres – Anatolian folk, indie rock, free jazz, Danish traditional songs and US roots rock – wondrously merges into the sound of TUHAF. The band released its first EP ‘Gölgeden’ in 2019 and has since then played many shows around Denmark, Scandinavia and Turkey and now, the band is ready to share its debut album ‘Mere Guld’. Even though TUHAF’s lyrics are and will remain poetry of love, it is not shiny happy songs about falling in love which the band excels in. Rather it is the breach, the sorrow, the conflict and profound longing that forms the subject matter. On ‘Mere Guld’, one hears about deceit among friends, lost love, abuse, mental distress, psychic vulnerability, abortion and even about an intern conflict in the band.”

TUTV: Tuhaf take you on a spiritual trip on their debut album with Eastern chants
and vibes creating a trance-like journey with different sonority for different moods.

Bluesy (Aman / Nattesygen / Lille Liv / Unutma ), lively (the splendid funky single Hafia)
jazzy (Jeg Ser Dig)), and groovy (the trumpets/guitars-fueled finale with (Mere Guld).

I have no idea how many instruments are involved here, but it sure feels at times
as if it’s a full orchestra at work. One of the main instruments is the multi-colored
voice of Berrin Bas, from feverish to sensual.

Don’t miss this trip, people, it’s a tantalizing one of a different kind.

Where the East meets the West.
Stream the full album via Spotify

TUHAF: Facebook – Instagram

The Pogues Jamming With DROPKICK MURPHYS In An Irish Pub – FLOGGING MOLLY Have Their New Party Album ‘ANTHEM ‘Out

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14 September 2022

Who: Irish-American seven-piece Celtic
punk team formed in Los Angeles in 1997 / 7 albums

New album: ANTHEM
Released: 9 September 2022

Dave King (the band’s singer-songwriter): “Flogging Molly are less of a band than they
are a Transatlantic, Celtic-punk institution. Over the course of 25 years and thousands of
shows around the world, Flogging Molly have transcended genres to become one of a very
few bands that can literally share the stage with The Chieftains one day and Motörhead the next (this actually happened, by the way). For this seventh full-length, we decided to get back
to our roots and record 14 songs in 14 days with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies) at Electrical
Audio Studio in Chicago. It was quite amazing because I don’t think as band we’ve ever done that before.”

(Press pic – Flooging Molly FB)

TUTV: This new Flogging Molly sounds like The Pogues and Dropkick Murphys teamed
up in an Irish pub for a (drunken) jam. Songs about real life, songs about beer (of course), sad/happy songs, songs about the past-the present-the future, and punk-folk songs.

A festive mix of sing-along chants. Boozed-up fun garantueed.

Singles/clips: A Song Of Liberty / The Croppy Boy ’98 / These Times Have Got Me Drinking-Tripping Up The Stairs




Stream the full album on Spotify.

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Psychedelic Soundtrack For Our Grim Times – Canadian Misfits PREOCCUPATIONS With ‘ARRANGEMENTS’

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11 September 2022

Who: Post-punk misfits from Calgary, Alberta, CA
Active: Since 2012 / 4 LPs (new one included).

Their 4th longplayer – order info here

DIY Magazine says: “Preoccupations have shed their claws. ‘New Material’ showed a band shifting to more melody than the aggressive bite of debut ‘Viet Cong’. And with their fourth album, ‘Arrangements’, the transformation is complete… With Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh behind the desks, it gives them the confidence to really lean in to something new. It takes a while for Preoccupations to find their new groove on ‘Arrangements’. But, when they hit that stride in the latter half, it’s a terrific one.”

TUTV: Preoccupations are in the middle of the crossroads where Interpol, Psychedelic Furs, The Dream Syndicate and Joy Division‘s bassist Peter Hook meet for a psychedelic jamboree that leads to a black and white soundtrack for these grim times. Thought-rovoking and transfixing with a disquieting aftertaste.

Singles: Slowly / Death Of Melody- / Ricochet




Stream ‘Arrangements’ here.

PREOCCUPATIONS: Facebook – Instagram

We All Know It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll But We All Like It – Here’s TEN NO. 6 With New Album ‘HOT MESS’

8 September 2022

Band: TEN NO. 6
Who: Rawk ‘n’ roll junks from England

New Album: HOT MESS

“This debut album is a comely car crash
of punk, pop, glam, and all points wherever.

Somewhat in the same caseload as Bandicoot and other acts currently pillaging
and plundering the Seventies like post-paisley Vikings on biker acid, coming across
like long-lost power-pop demos by some wannabe RAK or BOMP! signing circa 1975.”

TUTV: What’s happening here? Riffs, hooks and licks fly all over the place (Don’t Matter Anymore / Don’t Understand At All / Cassie’s Dead and more), Non-stop drum punches keep the trashy cadence going (I Know A Man / Gone So Long / Something Better and more) and frontwoman Lizzie Gormley spices it all up with her loud and clear and sexy voice (Turning Of The Page is her awesome standout performance of the record).

Dirty blues stompers, non-nonsense boogie woogie swingers, punk and roll crackers, garage rippers. It’s a hot and messy trip to the past to have a smashing time NOW and HERE. We all know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll but we all like it.

Buy/stream the whole mess here.

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