MY GRITO RECORD LABEL Released A Great Summer Party Compilation For A Great Organisation

27 July 2021

Album: MAS ALTO! Charity Compilation Vol. 3
Publishers: My Grito Industries and Latin Alt Radio
Artists: Adrian Carmine, Florencia Andrada, The Paranoais, Tiarra Girls,
GUSPY, Raye Zaragoza, Profesor Galactico, Maria Sanchez, Johnny Ruiz and
The Escapers, Jackie Mendez, Carlos Canovas, The Honey Tones, Marinero,
LUCYS, The Mini Projects, The Tracks, 3LH, The Hideaway, Coyotes Del Barrio,
Buena Suerte, Rundown Kreeps, Valley Wolf, Ear Ringers, Rare Hearts, Surely
Tempo, Los Hotshots, The Intuitions Bad Hombres.

Music: Reggae, Ska, Blues, Rock, Latin exotica, Surf, Rap, soulful ballads
to take a breather… actually anything that activates your hips for the rest
of the summer. Trust me (playing for the third time right now): 28 great
, 28 new songs. I didn’t know any track, nor any artist… and now
I’m tapping my feet on repeat.

All proceeds go to East Los Angeles Women’s Center.

“A leading voice and advocate for survivors and their families affected by sexual, domestic, and intimate partner violence , HIV/AIDS and the intersection of homelessness. In 1976 a small group of dedicated Latinas in East Los Angeles established the first-in-the-nation bilingual hotline for Spanish–speaking survivors of sexual assault. Today, ELAWC delivers innovative, comprehensive, culturally-responsive services that build on a foundation of trauma-informed, evidence-based practices designed to heal, support, protect, and empower the communities we serve. Working in collaboration with our partners we also foster the implementation of policies and practices that support social justice and human rights. ELAWC has earned a reputation as a trusted and compassionate resource working to empower and transform lives – and the lives of future generations.”

I have my copy, so should you. Great charity compilation for a great, caring organization.
I purchased my copy, so should you. You can buy it (digitally) on Bandcamp, below. It’s a name your price offer.

Discover all the beauties here…




Electro Duo DARKSIDE Return After Nearly 8 Years With 2nd Album ‘SPIRAL’

24 July 2021

Who: The duo of Chilean-American electro musician Nicolas
and Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington

Second album, nearly 8
years after debut Psychic

Released: 23 July 2021 via Matador

NME says: “A gorgeous, filmic record that rewards with each spin… The majority of
Darkside’s new record ‘Spiral’ was written and recorded during 2018 after a fruitful
week collaborating in a rented New Jersey home. Jaar has described this project as
the work of a “jam band… something we did on days off”: a relaxed mission statement
that’s afforded them the freedom to make deeply textured, synthetic-organic music led
by feeling… Most importantly, Jaar’s enhanced vocal role gives a new voice to troubling
themes previously suggested in the stirring moods of Darkside’s music. Eight years was
worth the wait.
“. Full review here. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume says: Somewhere between the moody moments
of Aphex Twin and the experimental solo side of Thom Yorke.

Jaar in an interview with Stereogum: “For me, it’s very, very pleasurable to make music
with Dave because I feel like we get to play to our teenage selves together. That’s not really the place I’m in when I make my own music — it’s just not what happens when I’m by myself. But with Dave we have a very silly band name and it really brings us back to being 14-year-olds.”

Harrington:“There was no external pressure, there was no internal pressure. It was really just like, let’s show up. And let’s see if the music is there. And then if it is there, see where it takes us.”

Single: Liberty Bell…

Full album…

DARKSIDE: Facebook

(photo of duo: via Matador records)

Dancing In The Dark – BETH RETTIG And Her WHERE WE SLEEP Project Releases Her Stirring Debut Album

23 July 2021

Artist: WHERE WE SLEEP (London, UK)
Who: Alter ego of Beth Rettig, former
front-force of electro rock band Blindness

Released: 23 July 2021

Despite the very difficult pandemic times, with less or no help (wake up government,
wake up filthy rich mega-stars, wake up corporate record labels) for DIY indie artists,
Beth Rettig succeeds after last year’s mesmerizing and atmospheric debut EP, to
surprise us with her debut longplayer, one that will be on my headphones for quite
some time.

Beth Rettig: “It’s taken a while to get it finished and it’s been a learning curve. Most
of the album was written before the pandemic started (Missing Something and Everybody Leaves A Mark are the only ones written after the pandemic started) but it’s partly because
of the pandemic that I was able to get it together over the last year, a relatively insignificant silver lining of a dark time, I guess.”

You find everything your mind, heart, soul, and body needs for a 24-hour reality escape.
For dancing in the dark (not the Bruce Springsteen way) in the midnight hours to catchy guitar-crazy darkwave stompers (Drive / Ash and Bone), for twerking movements with
some slow-burning electro grooves ( Broken Things / This Way / Patience ) and for relaxing
at dawn with ruminant reveries (Morning Sun / Everybody Leaves A Mark / Lullabye).

The Scars They Leave evolves in a time frame between twilight and sunset. The magnetic voice of Rettig is the guiding torch. Both sensual and shadowy, haunting and hazy at times. The music feels like a cathartic exhaust valve, the words search for peace of mind.

Overall the fascinating feverishness of Chelsea Wolfe echoes in the back. Yes, intriguing, shady, and rousing. Rettig’s alter ego Where We Sleep is a comforting companion for the confusing times we all experience for so long now. Don’t miss this stirring journey.

Single/clip: Drive…

Stream/buy full album…

Written and performed* by Where We Sleep
*Guitars on Drive and Missing Something by Debbie Smith
Mixed and mastered by John Cranmer
Cover photo by Nando Carniel Machado
Artwork by Dominic Lee


The Worst Album Of The Year (So Far) – When FOO FIGHTERS Cover Legends The BEE GEES

21 July 2021

The ridiculous name the Foos
came up with for this occasion.

New album: HAIL SATIN
What: Covers of 5 Bee Gees songs from their Saturday Night Fever era and
5 live versions of tracks from the Foos‘ newest LP Medicine At Midnight
Release: The CD version came out on Record Store Day, now you can
stream it on Spotify.

The Bee Gees hits that
the Dee Gees (stupid name)

“You Should Be Dancing”
“Night Fever”
“More Than a Woman”

plus Andy Gibb’s “Shadow Dancing”

First things first. I like the Bee Gees a lot. Between 1966-1969 they were
the champions of melancholic love ballads with timeless pearls like: I’ve Gotta
Get A Message To You / Don’t Forget To Remember Me / Massachusetts / First Of
. The moment they started to inhale tons of helium, I wasn’t interested
anymore. I understand why millions of people loved it, but not me, not my
cup of tea.

I like the Foo Fighters (and Dave Grohl, the nicest dude in rock) but I’m not
a devoted fan. I dig their hits and some great album tracks here and there.
But that’s about it.

Now that album! It’s cheap, it’s lousy and it’s lazy. Sounds exactly like if they
copied/pasted the original version of those 5 Bee Gees songs and had nothing
else to do with the project. The Foos pretend to be fans of the Gibb Brothers but
don’t honor them at all with this pathetic affair. I guess they knew they failed badly
as they only, fortunately, covered 5 tracks and added – to make it a full-length product
5 live versions of pieces from their new mediocre album, which is just FF by numbers.


Hail Satin is a big contender
for the worst album of 2021.

Here’s why…


NORPHLET Move With Their New Heart And Soul Album ‘THE GARDEN’

21 July 2021

Who: Atmospheric alt-rock duo out of TX/C

Turn Up The Volume: Sonically Norphlet balances between the Americana
romanticism of Band Of Horses, the vulnerable psyche of Sparklehorse and
the multi-layered guitar fever of shoegaze. Lyrically its about reflections on
the past, present, and future. About regret, pain, doubt, hope, love, heartache.
About life.

This record is one that grows emotionally on you with every spin. From goosebumps ballads to amplified rockers. Top songwriting, top vocals, top orchestrations. Sonic melancholia at its gripping best. Don’t miss this.

Key-tracks: The Garden Gate / Fingers Crossed / Meadow Of My Mind / Saudade

Stream/buy The Garden here…

NORPHLET: Facebook


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Freaks Club Band – MONSIEUR POMPIER Presents Debut Album ‘TEATIME TERRORS’

18 July 2021

Who: Misfits making make music about inside-out cats, weird doctors and banana boys.

Released: 16 July 2021 via Cleopatra Records

Info: Inspired equally by Stephen King, folk horror and 80s B-movie soundtracks as it was by eccentric music acts like The Residents, Sparks and Devo, Teatime Terrors falls into a strange musical crevice between bizarro pop opera, a demented audiobook, and downright bonkers synth-punk chaos.

Turn Up The Volume: Puzzling eccentricity. 2021 madness. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Freaks Club Band. Psych-o-delic entertainment. This town ain’t big enough for Sparks and Mister Pompier. Synth-asia pop extravaganza. French cancan. Kraftwerk bleeps. Outlandish Frank Zappa & the mothers of invention orchestra. Toothbrush. Ne t’inquiète pas sois cinglé. Don’t worry be a weirdo .

Single: The Ear Fairy…

Stream/buy here…


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Freaks Club Band

(photo by Stefan Evans)

Varied Electro Triumph – Producers Duo ROCKET REPORT Released Debut Album ‘OVERMORROW’

14 July 2021

Who: Two long-time producers and electronic dance experts. Jon Russell aka
(programmer/writer/producer/remixer) and Mark J Stagg, aka Staggman.


Turn Up The Volume: Expect a varied and multi-layered mixture of synths-motorized vibrations. From solid rock-injected energy (Selected / High Days Like This) to Gary Numan drones (She Said / Every Storm Runs Dry Of Rain / Black Days), from glam electro (Like A Fool) to gloomy darkwave (Broken Soul / Symptoms Of Collapse) and inspired covers (Depeche Mode / Joy Division). Fitting, featherlight vocals, and flawless production and orchestration. All you need for a lights-out experience on your headphones.

Enter the shadowy world of Rocket Report


Order info here

Real Rock Is For Rockers – REAL SICKIES Turn Heat Up On ‘LOVE IS FOR LOVERS’

10 July 2021

Who: Explosive rock gang from Edmonton, Canada

Released: 9th July through Stomp Records
Order info: here

Info: A platter full of tasty hooks and punk rock melodies, but this time around with
a dash of pop that shows a leap in songwriting craft. Lyrically the album is a collection of stories about life on tour, wins and falls between friendships and relationships, growth, steps backward, addictions, and moments of sobriety. Singer Ben Disaster describes the theme of the album as “working through the ups and downs with those you love with the overall view that love is for everyone, not just what is stated by outdated laws and beliefs.”

Turn Up The Volume: No brakes. No special effects. No arty farty production. Only
full steam ahead riff-rolling rippers. Only red-hot-blooded hullabaloo. Louder than the Ramones. Hotter than T. Rex. Sickies don’t talk, they roar. Sickies don’t pretend, they are
4 real. Sickies are sickly sticky. Rock is for rockers. Noise is for noisemakers. Punk is for punks. Real Sickies are for rockers, for punks, and for noisemakers. Hallelujah!



full album here…


These sickies are 4 real…

Is Indie Music Dead? SUNDAY RECORDS Gives You The Loud And Dream Pop Clear Answer

A 10 tracks compilation with 8 of the finest artists of Sunday Records
Sunday Records: An Indie Pop Label – with great ears, great taste and
a great vision – founded in 1990, Chicago, IL

To Turn Up The Volume‘s greedy ears, Indie will never disappear as long as
non-mainstream orientated artists put their heart and soul into whatever they
want to do musically, and as long as independent labels put their heart and
soul into giving the much-needed support to those adventurers.

This compilation shows loud and clear why alternative music is, overall, purer
and more genuine than what money-greedy big labels mostly sell. Of course, not
all indie stuff is good, and not all mainstream output is bad. In the end, it is the
music itself – whatever genre – that conquers – or not – the heart and soul of
the listener. But me/we need(s) indie for its adventurous spirit, its creative open-mindedness and we’ll see what happens approach.

Now back to the record. The featured artists are:

Strawberry Generation – affecting dream pop from Providence, Rhode Island, US
Letting Up Despite Great Faults (what a name) – shoegazy/dreamy jingle jangle electricity from Austin, Texas
Mariana In Our Heads – synth-driven daydream pop from Japan
Alpaca Sports – romantic Vampire Weekend-like pop from Sweden, Europe
The Arctic Flow – reveries about love, loss, joy and sadness from
a one-man-band based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
The Suncharms – slow/fast melancholia pop from Sheffield, UK
Starry Eyed Cadet – dream pop with The Sundays echoes, San Francisco, CA
Sugar World – frisky dream guitar musings from San Diego, California

Enough said, stream/buy
all these beauties…


Relaxing Lullabies And Amplified Pop Dreams – GOOD MORNING TV Loves ‘SMALL TALK’

6 July 2021

Who: French dream-pop quartet that started as the solo
project of vocalist/guitarist Bérénice Deloire back in 2016

Album: SMALL TALK – debut LP
Released: 18 June 2021 via Géographie Records

Turn Up The Volume: So many moments to play this record. In the morning
when getting out of bed. At noon when taking a break from whatever you’re
doing. In the evening while relaxing on your lazy couch after a tiresome day.
During a candlelight dinner with your beloved one(s).

The overall feel is smooth, dreamy, jazzy, shoegaz-y (Insomniac / Human Comedy
/ Moving Image / Make Me Feel
), although atmospherics catch fire when guitars take
over (Tourism Business Pt.2), or get trippy (Emptiness Overload). The near-whispering, sensual voice of Bérénice Deloire has a calming effect, but frequently she gives room
for guitar-driven electricity that takes certain songs to a more amplified level.
Different soundscapes for different moods.

Want some references: Mazzy Starr, Françoise Hardy, The Sundays, Portishead, Cocteau
. Enough reasons not to watch TV but to start up your stereo for some small talk.

Singles: Insomniac / Entertainment



Buy/stream full album here..


(photo: Antoine Magnien)

Bérénice Deloire (vocals / guitars)
Thibault Picot (guitars / keyboards)
Barth Bouveret (bass guitar / keyboards)
Hugo Dupuis (drums / keyboards)

Photo: Antoine Magnien