TOM MORELLO – Part II Of His Star-Studded ATLAS UNDERGROUND Sessions

5 December 2021

Who: Grand guitarist from furious rapping fury
Rage Against The Machine. He also played with Audioslave
and collaborated with about a million other artists.

His motto: “Feed the poor. Fight the power. Rock the fuck out.”

His 3rd solo longplayer. The sequel to The Atlas Underground Fire
that came out on 15th October.
Released: 3 December 2021

Morello: “Fire and Flood are my London Calling. Admiring The Clash at their apex
moment, I sought to make a double album where artistic intent supersedes genre.
I aimed to forge a central curated vision to tie together a sonically fearless, wild,
and wide-ranging musical ambition with a tremendous cast of collaborators.
And of course, there are many guitar solos.”

On the Flood another cast of famous names – like Idles, Nathaniel Rateliff,
Manchester Orchestra, Ben Harper
, Barns Courtney and more – lined up to
blow off the studio’s roof with the Rage Against The Machine turbine.

NME says: “More experimental than ‘Fire’, ‘Flood’ finds Tom Morello out
to prove that, just like his beloved electric guitar, he has a fascinating
future indeed.”
Score 4/5.

Stream full album here via Spotify…


TO SAMPLE & HOLD: Benefit Tribute to NEIL YOUNG For A Great Human Cause

3 December 2021

Album: TO SAMPLE & HOLD – A Benefit Tribute to the Songs of NEIL YOUNG

To Sample & Hold is raising money for FREE FOOD FRIDGE ALBANY showcasing
tunes of Neil Young reworked by artists from all over. Our goal is to raise funds to benefit
Free Food Fridge Albany
during the cold holiday season. Open your ears and heart.”

More info about the organization right HERE.

Young’s 1982 single

27 indie artists participate in this project to support
Free Food Fridge Albany in their mission to help the
hungry people in/around Albany, the capital of the
U.S. state of New York.

27 covers of compositions of living legend Neil Young, who himself lend
his name and awesome musical talent to help people in need, with Farm
as the best known (yearly) event he stood/stands by.

There are a bunch of 24 Carat performances here shining another light on
Young pearls. It’s a joy to discover 27 interpretations of songs of the Canadian
icon’s outstanding oeuvre.

Only (or more, as you wish) 8 USD / 7 Euro / 6 Pounds
for a great covers collection for a great human cause.

You can buy/stream it all here…


MANIC STREET PREACHERS Share Their Collection Of 17 DUETS For Digital Streaming

3 December 2021

Who: The Welsh punk-to-pop legends
Active: Since 1986 / 14 studio LPs so far


It’s the first in a series of very special band-curated playlists. This one collects 17 duets (including some rare ones + a re-recording of ‘Spectators Of Suicide‘ with Welsh singer Gwenno) they recorded from their 1992 debut LP Generation Terrorists right up until
this year’s 14th album The Ultra Vivid Lament.

In addition to the single and album duets, this digital compilation also features frontman James Dean Bradfield and Welsh hit machine icon Tom Jones’ cover of Elvis song ‘I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone’ as well as Sarah Cracknell‘s (Saint-Etienne) 2015 single ‘Nothing
Left To Talk About
‘ performed with Nicky Wire.

This 2014 duet gem features German actrice Nina Hoss

To me, a fan from day 1, this is as good as a ‘Best Of‘.
Thanks for the Xmas gift Santa Preachers.

My absolute favorite duet (yes, I’m also a devoted Bunnymen fan)…


1. ‘Let Robeson Sing’ (w/ Gruff Rhys) – recorded live at the O2 Arena, 17/12/11
2. ‘The Secret He Had Missed’ (w/ Julia Cumming)
3. ‘Europa Geht Durch Mich’ (w/ Nina Hoss)
4. ‘Spectators Of Suicide’ (w/ Gwenno) – 2020/’Believe In Magic’ re-recording
5. ‘Your Love Alone Is Not Enough’ (w/ Nina Persson)
6. ‘Between The Clock And The Bed’ (w/ Green Gartside)
7. ‘Rewind The Film’ (w/ Richard Hawley)
8. ‘Little Baby Nothing’ (w/ Traci Lords)
9. ‘Dylan & Caitlin’ (w/ The Anchoress)
10. ‘4 Lonely Roads’ (w/ Cate le Bon)
11. ‘Black Holes For The Young’ (w/ Sophie Ellis Bextor)
12. ‘I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone’ (Tom Jones and James Dean Bradfield)
13. ‘This Sullen Welsh Heart’ (w/ Lucy Rose)
14. ‘Nothing Left To Talk About’ (Sarah Cracknell featuring Nicky Wire)
15. ‘Some Kind Of Nothingness’ (w/ Ian McCulloch)
16. ‘Blank Diary Entry’ (w/ Mark Lanegan)
17. ‘Divine Youth’ (w/ Georgia Ruth)

Stream them all here…


A Match Made In Heaven – 13-Year Old Singer NELL SMITH And THE FLAMING LIPS Cover NICK CAVE

2 December 2021


Nell is a 13-year old fan of Oklahoma’s eccentric Lips.
Frontman Wayne Coyne spotted her at one point as she
attended several gigs with her father. They got in touch
and after Coyne found out that she’s a singer he proposed
her to work with the band on a Nick Cave tribute album he
already had in mind for some time.

They got all in the studio and the result is a 9-song Nick Cave
covers album baptized WHERE THE VIADUCT LOOMS with
Nell Smith on vocals.

Released: 26 November 2021
Order info (MP3 and cassette): here

Coyne: “It is always great to meet excited, young creative people.
With Nell we could see she is on a journey and thought it would be
fun to join her for a while and see if we could get things going. It was
a great way to connect with her and help harness her cool attitude
to making music.”

(The Flaming Lips – Amsterdam 2018 – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Smith: “I still can’t really believe it. It was a really steep learning curve
but Wayne was so encouraging when I was struggling with a few of the
songs that I kept going. I hadn’t heard of Nick Cave but Wayne suggested
that we should start with an album of his cover versions, and then look at
recording some of my own songs later. It was cool to listen and learn about
Nick Cave and pick the songs we wanted to record.”

Nick Cave: “I’m a fan.”

Turn Up The Volume: Covers/tribute albums are a tricky thing, certainly
when it’s about songs of a famous artist. In that case, millions know the tunes
grooved in their memory by heart and stick with the original version, like me.
Therefore the majority of covers LPs vanish very quickly into oblivion. But not
this one.


One: Nell Smith has an entrancing
and starry-eyed vox.

Two: Her near-whispering timbre, her spot-on
phrasing, her overall approach to the chosen
tracks resonates like an experienced pro at work.

Three: The musical framework is vintage Flaming Lips,
fairytale-like and crystal-clear, and never gets in the way
of Nell‘s voice. It’s a match made in heaven.

Four: I’m a devoted Nick and Lips fan.

Five: Kudos to Nell. A teenager taking on Cave songs is simply
sensational as such, and doing it this way – with the majestic
orchestral help of Flaming Lips – is nothing less than maestoso,
also knowing that she never heard of the Australian star crooner
before (or maybe that actually helped?).

One of the highlights…

Full album stream via Spotify…

NELL SMITH: Facebook

Sisters In Rock Arms DEAP VALLY Shoot Sharp On New Album ‘MARRIAGE’

Must-hear longplayers

29 November 2021

Who: Utterly cool female rock duo out of Los Angeles
Active: Since 2011 / 4 studio albums (the ace collaborative
one with The Flaming Lips last year, and the upcoming new
one included).

Recent work: Two EPs Digital Dream and American Cockroach,
featuring several guests, released this year. Put together it’s an
extra Deap Vally album to my ears.

New album: MARRIAGE
Released: 12th November 2021 – order info here

Deap Vally: “Being in a band is like being in a marriage: sometimes it’s magical,
sometimes it’s unbearably challenging. To reinvigorate that marriage we’ve made
album three a genre-bending experiment with new collaborators and instrumentation
that push the limits of what has previously defined us. Marriage’ is our musical Rumspringa,
if you will. We’re breaking free of the rigid creative constraints within which we previously existed (two members, two instruments, two voices). Writing with the calibre of musicians
that we did on this record was an unforgettable experience, and we’re so happy to have
the result of our creative rebirth eternalised in ‘Marriage’.”

The new LP also features a number of collaborations from the aforementioned
EPs, including songs with Peaches, KT Tunstall, and Warpaint‘s Jenny Lee.

(Halfway their marriage, 5 years ago in Amsterdam – photo by Turn Up The Volume)

DIY magazine/website says: “Deap Vally have never lacked swagger. Their riff-heavy combo has always seen them packing unending amounts of attitude, but on ‘Marriage’, it’s immediately evident that they’re striking out to a magnitude unreached so far… ‘Marriage’ is the sound of Deap Vally tapping back into what makes them tick, and lays the groundwork for their most exciting era yet. Score: 4/5.

Turn Up The Volume: The message of Marriage is loud and clear: Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards are here to stay. Their musical bond is tighter than ever. Looking to the future they broadened their musical horizons impressively. Mind you, don’t expect a free jazz record. Deap Vally are still about rocking and rolling while tackling their demons with an intimidating vocal bravado, but in a far more varied way than before.

I hear eruptive echoes of Death From Above (Perfuction / Billions / I’m The Master), The Black Keys (Where Do We Go / Better Run), and early Deap Vally with a full-sound injection (Tsunami / Magic Medicine). And with Give Me A Sign (bringing Sparklehorse to mind) and the soul-stirring beauty of Look Away the couple shows their softer sonic side.

Trust me, after 10 years their matrimony is alive and kicking.

Singles/clips: Tsunami / Magic Medicine / Perfuction




Full album. on Spotify

DEAP VALLY: Facebook

TWIN RAINS – Fantasizing Dream Pop Duo Wanders Around In An ‘UNREAL CITY’

28 November 2021

Who: Dream pop duo – Jay Merrow and Mary Christine Stoesser – from Toronto,
Canada. The pair met as roommates in 2009 and within weeks were making music together, forming/breaking up an inde band and relesaing their duo debut album
Automatic Hand in 2016.

New album: UNREAL CITY

“The Unreal City. Its infrastructure is built on the backs of malnourished synapses, unable to make the distinction between impulse and conditioned response. Its streets are paved with all that glitters so that walking them hypnotizes and distracts. Its buildings are doomed, eternally reaching out of insecure origins raised up from shaky foundations and briefly held aloft by high ideals before succumbing to the pressures from the weather.

Turn Up The Volume: This Canadian pop duo invites you into their wondrous world.
A kind of Shangri-la place where glistering synths, sugary pop melodies, and Stoesser‘s wistful near-whispering voice create a hazy soundtrack for romantics, stargazers, wishful thinkers, and fantasizers with meditative moments (The Garden / Believe It All / Strawberry Moon), ambient and amplified compositions (Body Of Water / Unreal City / Nothing In My Purse) and trippy thrills (Anymore / All That You Know).

As we all know reality turned into surreality these past two pandemic years, so I’m sure
it’s pretty safe to join Twin Rains and explore the heart and soul of their unreal city.

Single/clip: All Of The Saints

Stream/buy UNREAL CITY here…

TWIN RAINS: Facebook

It’s Never Too Late To Discover New York’s Party Funk Punks BUSH TETRAS

Must hear longplayers

26 November 2021

Who: Post-punk-funk misfits from New York

Active: 1979–1983, 1995–1998, 2005–present
Work: They released a couple of EPs and singles between 79-83
and then went AWOL until the early 90s. After they return they
released a couple of full albums and compilations.

Info: “Flashes of light rarely burn for long. Bush Tetras exploded into New York in 1979 and flamed out just a few years later. Yet somehow this lightning-quick band have risen from their own ashes again and again for four decades. The spark that ignited Bush Tetras tapped into a deep grid of power, fueled by guitarist Pat Place, singer Cynthia Sley, and drummer Dee Pop.

That chemistry is palpable on ‘Rhythm and Paranoia: The Best of Bush Tetras,’ which features 29 songs across 3 LPs pressed onto 180-gram vinyl and remastered by Carl Saff, plus a 46-page book with never-before-seen photos, an original essay on the band by Marc Masters, and micro-essays by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, R&B legend Nona Hendryx, The Clash’s Topper Headon, & more.

From the band’s earliest recordings to their current, vital-as-ever incarnation, Rhythm and Paranoia – for the first time ever – showcases their unique, influential, and body-shaking meld of rock, punk, funk, reggae, and more in one cohesive, immersive, and meticulously constructed box set.”

Order info: here

Turn Up The Volume: I have no clue why major labels signed David Byrne‘s early hyperkinetic Talking Heads (Sire) and the late great Andy Gill‘s Gang Of Four (Warner Records) and financed their debut LPs and not Bush Tetras. They were as innovative,
brisk, and exciting as their similar-sounding post-punk-funk contemporaries. I know, majors are money-greedy sharks, but you – unfortunately – need them to get your music heard around the world. Anyway it’s pretty awesome to have – after more than 40 years – this new ‘best of‘ compilation. Do you like young wolves Bodega, Gustaf and the debut LP by Parquet Courts? Listen to Bush Tetras and you will find out that those bands are big Tetras fans .

R.I.P. Dee Pop. The band’s drummer died recently in his sleep, only 65.

Bandmates Cynthia Sley and Pat Place: “Dee Pop was a quintessential New Yorker, growing up in Forest Hills Queens and living in New York ever since. He was not only Bush Tetras drummer, but also our archivist, owning an original copy of every Bush Tetras release and t-shirt and also maintaining the band’s masters. In addition to Bush Tetras, Dee Pop played with Richard Lloyd, Michael Karoli (Can), The Gun Club, Jayne County, and The Shams, William Parker, Eddie Gale, Roy Campbell, Freedomland, Hanuman Sextet, Radio I-Ching and 1000 Yard Stare. Dee Pop is survived by his son Charlie and daughter Nicole. He will be sorely missed by his bandmates and the many people he touched throughout his life. Rest in peace, Dee.”


23 November 2021

Who: Psych pop rock outfit from Lincoln, UK

Released: 5th November 2021

Turn Up The Volume: After their 2020 debut album Woke Up In Hollywood
– a brisk cocktail of jingle-jangle tunes, sticky sing-alongs, and harmonious
melodies – this affecting quartet already return with their equally sparkling
sophomore longplayer. Again they prove they master the songwriting skills
to create twinkling earworms with a pithy feel-good timbre.

Inspired by vocal and harmony psychedelia of the past (The Byrds, Crosby Stills
and Nash
, Eagles) and present (Band Of Horses, Teenage Fanclub, and Dinosour Jr‘s melancholic resonance) they spoil your ears from start to finish. They rock with
electric panache (All Branches Break In Time) Absent Transient (my favorite) / Dream
Big, Little Giant / Coffee Cup Circles
), they pop with finesse (Wild Fire Flames / Playing
Brave / Guest On A TV
) and they slow down for some candle light moments (intro instrumental Homesick / Future Destinations with a flaming finale).

Meditations about the future, sonic echoes from yesterday and today. Holy Toledo!

Singles/clips: Coffe Cup Circles / She Slept With The Radio On



Stream/buy your future
destination here on Bandcamp…


OASIS Released Historic KNEBWORTH 1996 Concerts On 2CDs And Triple Vinyl

22 November 2021

One: I’m a big Oasis fan from day one

Two: I don’t like live albums, as most
of them are of poor quality and add
nothing to the studio versions of every
song on the tracklist

Three: This time I make an exception

Four: Because the quality here is top
and reflects the supersonic live buzz
and fuzz of the Manchester legends
perfectly well, as I witnessed myself
for 27 times.

Let’s live forever…

Full album…

Order info here

ELBOW – Melancholic Crooners Released 9th Album ‘FLYING DREAM 1’ Today

19 November 2021

Who: Melancholic corners from Manchester
Active: Since 1997 / 9 studio albums (including the new one)

New album: FLYING DREAM 1
Released: 19 November 2021

Guy Garvey (frontman): “We realised we were making a record free of
the usual creative guidelines. We love patient, quiet, whole albums like the
last Talk Talk records, John Martyn’s ‘Sold Air’ and PJ Harvey‘s ‘Is This Desire’.”

NME says: “Bury’s finest return with a record that reflects on times and friends
gone by… The record’s unhurried approach and unassuming manner will still
bring comfort to those who seek solace in Garvey’s lyrics and Elbow’s
adept consistency.”
Full review here. Score: 3/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Nothing really new with the new Elbow one.
Yet, always gripping, soulful, tender and for heart and soul music lovers.

Singles: Flying Dream 1 / Six Words / The Seldom Seen Kid




Full album on Spotify…

ELBOW: Facebook