KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD Swap Guitars For Electronica On Their 25th LP In 13 Years

28 October 2023

The Aussie psych-prog-rockers have their 25th LP
in 13 years out, titled THE SILVER CORD.

It’s their second of the year, following, take a deep breath: PetroDragonic Apocalypse Or, Dawn Of Eternal Night: An Annihilation Of Planet Earth And The Beginning Of Merciless Damnation.

UNCUT Magazine: The Aussie Maestros deliver seven concise tracks of electronica, largely indebted to Giorgio Moroder but with ventures into many of those elements Moroder inspired, from disco to techno and even jungle.

TUTV: The incredibly productive misfits step into another sonic universe – leaving
their by now familiar psych-prog rock one – this time. No guitars here, unless they
mixed them unrecognizably. It’s all about experimenting with electronica, synths
and related devices, all the way through.

Their hurried psychedelic rainbow sound is still intact, yet it resonates more like EBM
for post-punk indies. Inventive but in the end still the Aussies we know. And guess what, there are only 7 songs, and for the first time not one reaching the 5-minute mark.

But for their fanatic fans, in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms, the band remixed
all 7 songs – with each one not shorter than 10 minutes – and pressed them on an
extra vinyl edition. You can also stream the whole shebang here on Spotify.
Score: 3.5/5.

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