Mind-Cracking And Spooky – Here’s ERRORR With Debut Single ‘SMASH HIT’

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30 June 2020

ERRORR is the solo project of the Swedish Berlin-based musician Leonard Kaage.
He is the guitarist of awesome post-punk band The Underground Youth and
also played with Anton Newcombe‘s psych gang The Brian Jonestown Massacre
and Canadian femme fatale Tess Parks.

Error‘s first single, entitled SMASH HIT is an electrically guitar powered chainsaw-like stunner. Both mind-cracking and spooky with Leonard Kaage ‘s reverberating voice
wailing like a troubled soul wandering lonely in the dark. Think Thurston Moore on
one of his hellish crusades. Pretty psychedelic, pretty haunting, pretty infectious.
I am already waiting for some more of this brain-breaking stuff.

Tune in here…

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(Photo: Olga Kratzioti B.)

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