10 Molotov Cocktails – COLD MEAT With Furious Debut LP ‘HOT AND FLUSTERED’

30 May 2020

Who: Four furious punks from Perth, Australia led
by stormy spit and sneer frontwoman Ashley Ramsey
Smashing debut LP via Helta Sketla Records
Released: 20 March 2020
Pitchfork says: “The Perth punks are more interested in recording immediate, energetic punk rock than becoming experimentalists, and they’ve certainly nailed the former. Cold Meat have much more than shock value on their mind. Cold Meat’s sense of humor is what saves them from the trappings of self-serious street punk, but it’s Ramsey’s outrage that keeps their blood pumping.”

Keywords: trash and slash punk, red-hot-blooded knockouts, Ashley scream Ramsey, razor-sharp uppercuts, kamikaze pace, razor blade racket, Bikini Kill on speed, stunners,
abso-bloody-lutely garage dynamite,  bang-on bangers, ace jackhammers. mental heat!

Key tracks: all 10 Molotov cocktails

Stream/buy here…


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