ZZ TOP With 17-String Bass

Last year ZZ TOP‘s bass player DUSTY HILL passed away, aged 72.

Drummer Frank Beard and guitarist Billy Gibbons decided to go on with
longtime guitar tech Elwood Francis on bass. They’re on tour right now and
in Huntsville, (Alabama), Francis stole the show by playing a 17-string bass
on the concert’s opener GOT ME UNDER PRESSURE.

Francis: “I was doing night internet searching and turned up a picture of this crazy
17-string bass. I sent a picture to Billy and we laughed about it and made some jokes
about actually trying to use it. A few weeks later, after I had forgotten about it, Billy
shows up with a 17-string bass.”

Play that funky bass, white boy…

From their 1983 LP Eliminator

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22 ¨September 2022

No, STEPHEN CURRY is not a singer, not a musician,
not anything that has to do with music.

He’s one of the all-time great basketball players in the NBA ,
the greatest basket competition on the planet. Last June he won
his 4th championship in 6 years with one of the greatest basketball
teams ever. They beat the Boston Celtics in the finals.

Why is he on this music blog, I hear you ask.

I’m an NBA fanatic, a Warriors fanatic
and a Steph Curry fanatic. That’s why.

Here’s the ball wizard and 3-pont champion.

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