LIVE IN BELGIUM – Here’s London’s Witch Pop Sensation PUMAROSA Dancing Straight To The Stars In The Sky…

PUMAROSA – Nest, Ghent – 16 January 2018

From London here’s pop sensation … PUMAROSA
Led by future star performer and voodoo vox Isabel
who’ moving in mysterious Kate Bush ways, who’s making
me drunk with her spellbinding pirouettes and who’s singing
with Florence ‘s passion and soulfulness while the funky high
tech band behind her grooves & jams like it’s 1999 all over again
This five-piece is on its way to the stars in the sky, to pop heaven
and will be HUGE at the end of the year, here’s one of yesterday’s
highlights to show why I’m so euphoric, here’s PRIESTESS

Picture this

Star in the making…

In a galaxy of their own

Funky dreamer…

Sensual witch in trance during the encores


Don’t stop dancing, here’s their
elevating debut album THE WITCH

PUMAROSA: Website – Facebook – Twitter

“Thank you, Ghent…”

(all concert pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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