Bristol Punks IDLES Live From Their Hometown For Seattle’s Radio KEXP – Holy Smoke!

14 October 2020

It must be hard to be forced – due to that awful sick virus – to sit at home when you’re
an artist/band that just loves to set stages on fire. Bristol punks IDLES are one of those countless acts who are addicted to turning up the heat on a podium, as I experienced myself a couple of times. They feel paralyzed when they can’t go bonkers in front of a delirious crowd. So they look for alternative ways to unleash the beast inside them.

Early September they invaded the legendary Abbey Road studios to ventilate their lockdown energy and a couple of weeks ago they recorded a live set, performed in
their hometown, for Seattle’s famous music Radio Station KEXP. They played four jackhammers from the new album Ultra Mono with an introduction by insane
guitarist Mark Bowen. Pretty hot-sizzling moments, folks! Holy smoke!

Model Village – Mr. Motivator – War – Grounds

Clear your living room before you press play…

IDLES: Facebook

(photo by Turn Up The Volume!)

Rock Has No Boundaries – Polish Turbo IZZY AND THE BLACK TREES Prove It Loud And Clear…

23 September 2020

Five things you should know about Polish turbo IZZY AND THE BLACK TREES

1. They have a great appetite for punch rock.
2. They prove loud and clear that rawk ‘n’ roll has no boundaries.
3. They are guilty of releasing a flamboyant LP called Trust No One this year.
4. I had a cool chat with vivacious frontwoman Izabela. Read it here.
5. They just dropped a video clip playing one of the highlights of the album live.

Shake your hips to Picasso’s Octopuss


We Will Sin Together (Live Session) By JEHNNY BETH

2 September 2020

Charismatic Savages‘ frontwoman JEHNNY BETH released her notable
and critically acclaimed debut album To Love Is To Live last June.

One of the arresting tracks is WE WILL SIN TOGETHER. A hauntingly orchestrated
reverie with a subtle, magnetic piano riff. Wistful and affecting. Beth just shared a
live rendition with a melodramatic Kate Bush touch.

Listen here…

Studio version and official video…

New album in full…


Bristol Gang IDLES Live From The Legendary ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS In London

1 September 2020

When you’re a band that comes truly alive when being on stage in front of
your out-of-their-head fans it’s hard to be shut up by that evil coronavirus.

But IDLES found a way to ventilate their lockdown energy by hiring the legendary
Abbey Road Studios in London and have themselves a live session party. They
entertained each other with some covers (‘Helter Skelter’ by The Beatles, ‘Reptilia’ by
The Strokes, ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’ by Ramones) and some ripsnorters of their own.

Like these two haymakers. MERCEDES MARXIST, a stunning track destined to be
on their second, breakthrough album Joy As An Act Of Resistance, but wasn’t after
all and SAMARITANS which was one of the highlights of that sophomore LP.

So, while waiting for their third longplayer ULTRA MONO (out 25 September)
let’s join the Bristol motherrockers in London…



IDLES: Facebook

(photos top & bottom by Turn Up The Volume!)

BILLIE EILISH Stripped To The Spine-Tingling Bone – Watch Her And Her Brother With A TINY DESK Performance…

27 August 2020

Young superstar BILLIE EILISH shared a live session she did for
NPR’s famous Tiny Desk Concert Series which (due to that nasty
coronavirus) was recorded at her home.

She performed a couple of songs with Finneas, her
beloved brother and musical partner in beautiful crimes.

“Obviously we are not actually at Tiny Desk, because this is a cardboard cutout of it. But it’s still real – it’s just not in-person real.” said Billie between songs. She also said everyone should have at least one person in their lives that will make you feel you’re never alone like her brother is for her. She also talked about the pandemic crisis: “We’ll be OK one day. Maybe not right now. I think that’s what’s making me hold on.”

If you still think Eilish is just a hype, take a seat, open your mind and ears and watch this…