Italian Trio SECRET SIGHT Produced Warm Waves On A Cold Belgian Night…

SECRET SIGHT – Kinky Star, Ghent (Belgium) – 20 January 2018

Right, let’s go straight to the heart of this band and their vibratory performance yesterday in my hometown Ghent. Italian three-piece SECRET SIGHT love the sun, but they like to be in the shade when it’s too hot. They adore life, but they’re conscious of the dark side of it. So what do you do to translate these emotions into music. You fuse the gloomy post-punk panache of early Joy Division, the dancey vibe of New Order, you add poetic Interpol guitar lines and the low vocal tone of its frontman Paul Banks. Capice? Here’s a glimmering idea of what I try to stutter here…

And the band has the matching personnel to take their twilight vibrations onto the stage with crystal clear guitar plays (Cristiano Poli), bouncing bass drones (Lucio Cristino) and hyperkinetic drum kicks (Enrico Bartolini). Together they produced woolgathering waves
to keep us al warm on a cold Belgian night. Grazia! Becoming a three-piece after their debut LP Day.NIght.Life the band regrouped, reloaded and scored excellent second album SHARED LONELINESS last September. Great title, great artwork, great escapades. Taste it here…

Images from the live experience

Poetic guitar lines

Hooky bass bounces

Hyperkinetic drum punches

(All concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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