Thrill Addicts PETER KERNEL Hit Ghent With Lots Of Brand New Mind-Boggling Jams…


PETER KERNEL – Nest, Ghent, Belgium – 17 January 2018

PETER KERNEL is Swiss/Canadian psych-rock duo formed by musical/private partners Aris Bassetti (guitar) and Barbara Lehnhoff (bass) backed by an Italian big bang drummer. Lazy critics claim the pair sounds like that former sonic unit featuring Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. Actually I don’t give a flying fuck about those critics. They’re too busy thinking about what they want to write instead of enjoying what they hear. I guess any artist is influenced by somebody or something. Whatever, when a musician moves me, excites me and makes my hair stand up in the back of my neck I don’t wonder one bit who he/she is inspired by.
I just want my troubled mind, soul and ears to be satisfied. And PETER KERNEL did that over and over again, last night, in about 80 remarkable minutes. An ace set of, mostly, new mind-boggling trips. Like this one. Fresh single THERE’S NOTHING LIKE YOU (thank you)…

No fooling/talking around between songs like they did two years ago in Brussels (due
to the venue’s curfew and/or their focus on playing several new escapades). So what the enthusiastic fan-crowd got was one long stupendous mind-gratifying phantasy caused by amazeballs jams. Dizziness high fever from the very start to finish fueled by glimmering guitar waves, sensual bass lines and powerful drum punches, still pounding in all corners of my head while writing this. I join the many spectators who begged after the gig ‘we want the new album’. To ease the wait I’m gonna spin 2015 longplayer ‘Thrill Addict‘ once again…

PETER KERNEL links: Facebook –  Twitter – Tumblr

Some images from the trance session yesterday>…



Hit Hit Hit

Supernatural powers…

(all concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

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