Happy 56 to JOHNNY MARR!

31 October 2019

Singer/songwriter and one of the most inspiring and genial guitarists of his generation JOHNNY MARR was born as John Martin Maher in Manchester on 31 October 1963.

Happy 56 to Johnny, whose productivity and creativity got an enormous boost since
he decided to go solo in 2013. Yes, he was the legendary electrifying force behind 80s
indie icons The Smiths fronted by that non-stop moaning right-wing nationalistic fool Mozzer but to celebrate my own Marr‘s birthday party I prefer to pick three songs of
his solo LP’s. Here we go…

(from The Messenger album – 2013)

(from Playland album – 2014)

(from Call The Comet album – 2018)


(photos, top & below, by Turn Up The Volume!)

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