NOW PLAYING – New Mesmeric Album By Ambient Artist PHELIAN – Here’s ‘BESIDE YOU’…

28 September 2019


Who: New Orleans based artist producing music for nearly three years now, excelling at creating ethereal landscapes as he travels the real world ones. Taking the same approach to make music as an artist would to painting, he feels that each musician should have their own approach to the metaphorical easel. “You can look at the painting and know who painted it. You can listen to a track and know who produced it.”

Album: BESIDE YOU – released 18 September 2019

Sound: If you want to escape reality for a while, if you want to relax your busy mind, if you want to give your thoughts some time off, if you want a chill-out ear-massage than enter the transcendent sonic universe of this mesmeric ambient artist. Sit down, dim the lights, let the cinematic soundscapes enter your imagination, enjoy the silence right here…

PHELIAN: Facebook – ‘Beside You’ on Spotity and iTunes

Vibe Assassins LAWMAN Will Smash Your Speakers With Ferocious Single ‘BEHAVE’…

New sonic impulses

28 September 2019


Who: “A noisy, hardcore punk band with smatterings of hip-hop here and there. Though
formed in the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield and with a conscience dedicated to their experiences in the former steel mill town, that’s where parallels with other, larger Sheffield
acts ends.”

Track: BEHAVE – brand new single

Score: One thing you need to know about this self-proclaimed trio of vibe assassins before you’re listening to their savage new blast called ‘Behave’. They’re after your speakers, they want to smash them to pieces, crush them and demolish them. Let that be a warning.

Oh, hell, no! It’s too late. They already started their vicious attack! Arrrghhhhhh…

LAWMAN: Facebook / Label: Muzai Records

CROSS WIRES Share Brand New Blazing Track From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘HOW TO DETOX SMOKERS LUNGS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

28 September 2019

Back in December 2017 British post punks CROSS WIRES released a selection of their first thrilling recordings on a mini-album, titled Living In A Radio City, but soon they’ll unleash their proper debut longplayer ‘A Life Extinct’, out this Autumn.

Early August the group launched the furious lead-single. A two-faceted killer stroke called Paradise Club 1953 and here’s new cut number two. The weirdly named ‘HOW TO DETOX SMOKERS LUNGS’ has the band’s signature tone too. That nervous, fanatical and burning dynamic that cuts like a brand new Swiss knife. Yep, here’s another cutting corker that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Here comes the biting fever…


Great artwork of new album A LIFE EXTINCT / Paradise Club 1953 also on Spotify

(ps: Turn Up The Volume gave up smoking – 2 packs a day –
5 years ago / I wonder how my lungs look like…)

OUT TODAY! Brand New Illuminating MOON DUO Album – Listen To ‘STARS ARE THE LIGHT’ Here…

Brand new longplayers

27 September 2019

Band: Moon Duo
Album: Stars Are The Light
Sound: Heavenly electronic pop from a peaceful universe.
Elevating, starry-eyed, vibey, dancey and colored with a funky
twist. A gratifying massage for your ears and your mind.
Album of the Week on Stereogum. Read why here

Play here…

MOON DUO: Facebook – ‘Stars Are The Light’ available on Bandcamp

Indie Folk Rock Trio WHIPPOORWILL Seduces With Resplendent Single ‘COLD SOUND’ From Upcoming Debut LP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 September 2019


Who: A folk rock trio out of Fort Collins, Colorado.
The band has shared the stage with Big Thief, Shovels and Rope, Mipso, Horse Feathers and Aaron Lee Tasjan. With palpable chemistry, dynamic live shows, and a long-game approach to their creative work, Whippoorwill has become one of the region’s most-hyped bands on the brink

Pick: COLD SOUND – single from their upcoming debut LP ‘The Nature of Storms‘,
out 15th November

Score: Here’s a blissful combination of ravishing vocals, crackling guitars, absorbing melodiousness and harmonious resplendence that will spoil your ears from the very
start to the sudden finish. A magnetizing humdinger that sticks directly and puts a big smile on your face. Pretty glowing for a cold sound. Enjoy the radiant vibe right here…

WHIPPOORWILL: Facebook – Website


27 September 2019

Last year charismatic 90s rocker JULIANA HATFIELD and former Blake Babies frontwoman released Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia-Newton John. Yep, a full LP
of Olivia Newton-John covers. Early this year she issued an album of new own songs,
titled Weird and now she returns with a selection of THE POLICE tracks.

Last month she shared her version of the daft, yet sickly sticky sing along
tune De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. Now here’s her take on ‘NEXT TO YOU
from The Police‘s 1978 album Outlandos D’Amour.

Here we go…


JULIANA HATFIELD SINGS THE POLICE – out 15th November – all info here 

(photo on top: FB Juliana Hatfield)

OUT TODAY! New Bone-Crushing Chainsaw Album By GIRL BAND – Here’s ‘THE TALKIES’…

Brand new longplayers

27 September 2019

Band: Girl Band (Ireland)
Album: The Talkies
Sound: Diabolical, bone-cruhsing, exorcistic, hellish,
mental and mind-smashing. Two words: HELL YEAH!
Review NME: read their 4-star verdict here

Stream full album here…

Singles/clips –




GIRL BAND: Facebook

Contender for album of the year…

R.E.M. Released 9th Album ‘MONSTER’ 25 Years Ago…

27 September 2019

25 years ago today, on 27 September 1994, Athens legends R.E.M. released their ninth album MONSTER. After their highly accessible and triumphant longplayers Out Of Time (1991) and Automatic For The People (1992) the band went back to their rougher and more distorted sound of earlier days. Also lyrically the songs were far more personal and more complex than before. An overall captivating, fervid and vehement accomplishment. One of their best achievements.

ROLLING STONE wrote: ” ‘Monster’ is one urgent-sounding album, and that’s as it should be; what the band has to say here is urgent, politesse be damned. Monster is concerned, in song after song, with problems of identity. It explores how important having a stable sense of one’s own identity can be and how up for grabs identities have become in our postmodern media hothouse, where it’s possible to slip on a new persona as easily as a new look and couture can mean anything from Paris fashions to body piercing to a sex change. The concept of reality itself is being called into question: Is this my life or an incredible virtual simulation?”. Full review: here. Score: 4.5

All 5 Singles/clips…







Album in full…

REM: Facebook