R.E.M. Released 9th Album ‘MONSTER’ 25 Years Ago…

27 September 2019

25 years ago today, on 27 September 1994, Athens legends R.E.M. released their ninth album MONSTER. After their highly accessible and triumphant longplayers Out Of Time (1991) and Automatic For The People (1992) the band went back to their rougher and more distorted sound of earlier days. Also lyrically the songs were far more personal and more complex than before. An overall captivating, fervid and vehement accomplishment. One of their best achievements.

ROLLING STONE wrote: ” ‘Monster’ is one urgent-sounding album, and that’s as it should be; what the band has to say here is urgent, politesse be damned. Monster is concerned, in song after song, with problems of identity. It explores how important having a stable sense of one’s own identity can be and how up for grabs identities have become in our postmodern media hothouse, where it’s possible to slip on a new persona as easily as a new look and couture can mean anything from Paris fashions to body piercing to a sex change. The concept of reality itself is being called into question: Is this my life or an incredible virtual simulation?”. Full review: here. Score: 4.5

All 5 Singles/clips…







Album in full…

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