Funk Punk Misfits ‘!!!’ Turn TRACEY CHAPMAN And R.E.M. Into Dance Stars

11 September 2021

Band: !!! (also known as Chk Chk Chk)
Who: Veteran funk punks out of (Sacramento, California)
Active: since 1996 / 8 studio albums so far with Wallop (2019)
as the most recent.

The long time funk punk ensemble follows the by now endless
row of artists covering other artists, these past two years.

They picked two not so obvious tracks. Fast Car, the 1988 diamond
by songstress Tracey Chapman and Man On The Moon (a 1992
ode to comic Andy Kaufman) by R.E.M. Two emotive, melancholic
and heartwarming ballads.

If you know those two humdingers, but not really the lyrics, than it’s
possible you won’t recognize them when you hear how !!! turned
them upside down. Suddenly you can dance to both beauts.

!!!: R.E.M. was known as the killer house party band in Athens, years before
they became MTV darlings. We re-imagined “Man on the Moon” as something
they would play at those house parties, in the thick of the James Brown and
Ohio Players sample era. The goal was to make “Fast Car” sound even faster.
Something u would play in a FAST FUCKING CAR. The verses are the bitter
small town feel of it all and the chorus is the fast car on the open highway,
into a night of possibilities.”

It’s party time, folks!!! Get up,
get on up, stay on the scene…



And below the originals

– R.E.M. –


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R.E.M. – 25th Anniversary Edition For 10th Album ‘NEW ADVENTURES IN HI-FI’

28 August 2021

Band: R.E.M. (Athens, Georgia)
Active: 1980–2011 / 15 studio LPs

Anniversary album: NEW ADVENTURES IN HI-FI
Released: 9 September 1996 – 25 years ago

AllMusic said back then: “Recorded during and immediately following
R.E.M.’s disaster-prone Monster tour, New Adventures in Hi-Fi feels like it
was recorded on the road. Not only are all of Michael Stipe’s lyrics on the
album about moving or travel, the sound is ragged and varied, pieced
together from tapes recorded at shows, soundtracks, and studios,
giving it a loose, careening charm.”
Full review here. Score: 3.5/5.

Turn Up The Volume: Certainly not their best, but How The West Was
Won And Where It Got Us, The Wake-Up Bomb
, Be Mine, and Departure are
ace songs.

Anniversary edition: “The bonus-filled 2-CD/1-Blu-ray Deluxe Edition offers a trove of audio-visual content, including the newly remastered album, 13 B-sides and rarities, a never-before-released 64-minute outdoor projection film (shown on buildings across five cities in 1996 to promote the album’s original release), and a previously unreleased 30-minute EPK. Additionally, the Blu-ray features New Adventures in Hi-Fi in stunning Hi-Res and 5.1 Surround Sound audio, plus five HD-restored music videos including “Bittersweet Me,” “Electrolite,” and “E-Bow the Letter.” Housed in a 52-page hardcover book, the collection includes archival photographs—many of which have never been published.”

Out: 29th October – more info here.

Taster: an alternate version of Leave

Original album…

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Pearl Jam Maestro EDDIE VEDDER Covers R.E.M. Hit ‘DRIVE’ For Sean Penn Film

24 August 2021

Inflammable actor/director Sean Penn orchestrated a new movie
called Flag Day, a crime drama. The film’s soundtrack features lots
of ’90s alt-rock.

Pearl Jam‘s maestro EDDIE VEDDER is part of it with a cover of the superb
R.E.M. hit DRIVE from their outstanding 1992 LP Automatic For The People.

Vedder‘s version resonates sonically almost identical to the original,
the only difference is that he, just like ichael Stipe, has a great voice.

Press play here…

The original version…

Movie trailer…

No 1 Albums In The UK This Day In 1971 – 1981 – 1991

Classic No 1 albums in the UK this day in, respectively 1971 – 1981 – 1991

25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001
Album: ALL THINGS MUST PAST – debut (triple) LP
Score: No 1 on the UK charts on 19 March 1971 – 50 years ago today

Stream here…


Active: 1977–1982
Score: No 1 in the UK on 19 March 1981 – 40 years ago today

Stream here…

ADAM AND ANTS: Discography

Band: R.E.M.
Active: 1980–2011
Album: OUT OF TIME – 9th LP
Score: No 1 in the UK on 19 March 1991 – 30 years ago today

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R.E.M.: Discography

Turn Up The Volume’s Top 5 Of R.E.M. Albums

1. OUT OF TIME – 7th album – 1991

Pitchfork: “Along with Nevermind, released a half year later, R.E.M.’s Out of Time was the early-’90s major-label ideal: A blockbuster that multiplied the band’s following without losing existing fans.” Score: 8.5/10

Key single: Losing My Religion

Stream full LP here…


AllMusic: “Turning away from the sweet pop of Out of Time, R.E.M. created
a haunting, melancholy masterpiece with Automatic for the People.”

Score: 10/10

Key single: Drive

Stream album here..

3. GREEN – 6th longplayer – 1988

Pitchfork: “Their first major label effort, their first LP to go
double platinum, the first to achieve popularity in the UK.”

Score: 8.5/10

Key single: Stand

Stream full album..

4. MURMUR – Debut LP – 1983

Rolling Stone: “This band’s darkness is shot through with flashes of bright light. A
restless, nervous record full of false starts and images of movement, pilgrimage, transit.”

Score: 8/10

Key single: Radio Free Europe

Stream LP here…

5. MONSTER – 9th album – 1994

UNCUT: “These new songs were grounded in the stomp and crackle of ’70s glam rock, with Buck pulling out every effects pedal he owned and Stipe addressing his own celebrity and sexuality.” Score: 8/10

Key single: What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?

Full album…


Third Album REM ‘Fables Of The Reconstruction’ Came Out 35 Years Ago

10 June 2020

Band: R.E.M (Athens, Georgia)
Active: 1980-2011
Album: Fables Of The Reconstruction
The band’s third LP – A concept album with
Southern Gothic themes and characters
Released: 10 June 1985 – 35 years ago

BBC MUSIC:“This third effort marked a change in direction for the band,
who infused its 11 songs with dark, unsettling undertones… Overall, Fables
is the embodiment of confusion, of minds and worlds unsure about their
futures, a sense of foreboding intensified by Stipe’s oblique, muddied lyrics.”

Keywords: Jingle jangle grooviness that inspired thousand bands afterward
Key tracks:  Driver 8 / Can’t Get There From Here / Wendell Gee

– DRIVER 8 –



Full album…

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