British Post Punks CROSS WIRES Amaze With New Single ‘PARADISE CLUB 1953’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

5 August 2019

Turn Up The Volume featured sturdy quartet CROSS WIRES – from Bethnal Green/Romford, UK – several times before as their razor-sharp post punk inspired outpourings hit bullseye frequently. Back in December 2017 they issued a selection of their first recordings via a mini-album called Living In A Radio City. But now the band is about to launch their first proper full length, titled ‘A Life Extinct’, out this Autumn.

Ahead of it comes amazing lead-single ‘PARADISE CLUB 1953‘. Musically definitely a
giant leap forward. The band, unmistakably, have broadened their musical boundaries. This new track is a two-faceted killer stroke, with a sort of sonic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approach. It all starts with a long slow-burning perfervid intro turning into a heated flare-up, only to restart the intensive dynamism of the irascible intro and repeat its hypnotizing impact until furiosity hits again. Top stuff! Tune in here…


Great artwork of new album A LIFE EXTINCT / Paradise Club 1953 also on Spotify

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