Manchester Glam Rockers SAYTR PLAY Strike Big Time With New Single ‘SECOND HAND EMOTION’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 September 2019

(photo by Jack Whiting)


Who: A flashy and rattling  4-piece out of Manchester

Pick: SECOND HAND EMOTION – new single
Frontman Fred Farrell reveals what the song’s about: “The image explores the vulnerability I feel in today’s society and this idea that we have a voice. In my opinion we don’t have a voice or at least a voice that will be heard. The abstract nature of the image provokes thought. What ever that may be is irrelevant because it’s your own unique thought! Your second hand emotion.”

Score: These flamboyant Manchester gunslingers combine Roxy Music like glamorousness, Stooges-esque rawness and T.Rex‘s  seductiveness in a way that any dance floor will be filled from the funky bass loaded get-go. Put some mascara on, jump in your sexiest boots, wear your coolest shirt and let your adrenalin flow. Here come powerful second hand emotions…

SAYTR PLAY: Facebook

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