Dance Junks FERAL FIVE Will Play Around With Your ‘EGO’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 September 2019

London‘s dance tandem FERAL FIVE has nailed it again with their new thumping banger called ‘EGO‘. A physically irresistible knockout that tackles monstrous egos, and we have seen some big political ones lately, haven’t we? ‘Ego’ is a middle finger for all ‘me, myself
and I
‘ narcissists, and a blistering blessing for all those who want to swing and shake themselves into a coma.

If your body doesn’t react in any way to this vibrating European disco cracker, spiced with some German lyrics midway, you’ll definitely need a doctor to check your blood pressure
and/or your ears’ functionality.

Press the button, turn it up and dance yourself dizzy …

FERAL FIVE: Facebook

(promo photo via Feral Five)

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