Chicago’s THE LOCALS Enrapture With Emotional Track From Their Brand New LP – Here’s ‘TIME BOMB SOUNDS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

30 September 2019


Who: An exciting indie trio from Chicago producing bright,
guitar-laiden, ultra catchy, alt-pop for ten years now

Track: TIME BOMB SOUNDS – top track from their brand
new album Minutes, Seconds, Degrees

Score: Despite the mixed emotions content of ‘Time Bomb Sounds‘ this emotional corker resonates gloriously rapturous and exultantly epic. It’s actually a massive sing-along anthem that will pump up your blood pressure and once you reached the big chorus
you’ll be in a state of pure delirium. Think Throwing Muses and Belly at full force. Yes,
that good, that galvanizing, that attractive.

Capture the bang-up fervor tight here…

THE LOCALS: Facebook – Website

New album MINUTES, SECONDS, DEGREES out now – stream/purchase it here 

(promo press photo on top via THE LOCALS)

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