BEIJA FLO – Kooky Looks, Kooky Sound, Kooky Single ‘HEADS OR TAILS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

30 October 2021

Who: A versatile Liverpool-based artist involved in lots of happenings in the burgeoning arts scene. She is a regular life-model, part of the Eggy Records fold of exciting musicians, and a member of performing arts collective The Secret Circus. Spontaneous and with an undying lust for creative output, it’s impossible to say what she’ll turn her hand to next.

New single: HEADS OR TAILS
The first piece of a trio of three.

Flo: “‘Heads Or Tails’ is the rusty ferris wheel that just keeps turning, going absolutely nowhere. The loud neighbors next door with the dog constantly in the garden. Hooded boy, in and out of the front door. Endless. Horrific. Sad. Intoxicated. Hilarious. Hopeful. Hopeless. Unflattering desperation. Omnipresent insanity. You hate it. You want to hug it. You can’t describe it. You can’t taste it.”

Turn Up The Volume: If you look kooky, if you sound kooky and you release
a kooky single with kooky artwork and the length of a punk single then you are
be Beija Flo and I’m her new fan.

Press play and don’t blink your eyes…

BEIJA FLO: Website

Striking artwork – more info about it here

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