THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 43

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

 ‘The Fuzz Guitar’ by THE PINK DIAMOND REVUE (UK)

C’mon, get your lazy ass out of your lazy couch and make some
room to move like a sensual snake with your window dressing
doll while swaying your hips to the sickly sticky beat of Fuzz Guitar.

Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented to play sultry jams
like these in pubs, discos and your living room.

Now look cool and rock out folks…


‘Steam Engine’ by EELS: Facebook (Los Angeles)

Mark Oliver Everett and his combo Eels have their 14th album
called Extreme Witchcraft ready for an early 2022 release.

Everett rolls and bowls here. Rock-a-billy is the keyword.

Steam up the engine right here…


‘Rising Seas’ by MIDNIGHT OIL (Australia)

After they contributed a new song to a compilation album, the veterans
from down under are back. And, yes, the beds are still burning, they still
know how to rock and they still write songs about our fiercely threatened

“The song is meant to “add the band’s unique voice to billions of others
around the world seeking a safe, habitable, and fair future for our planet.”

Roll the tape…


‘Paper Flowers’ by PHNTMS (Philadelphia)

Sitting somewhere between arena rock and the classic sound of 1960’s soul
singers, Philadelphia-based band PHNTMS creates music bursting with vast
soundscapes and colliding instrumentation. The band has opened for Kings
of Leon, The 1975, Bastille, Fitz & The Tantrums
and Empire of the Sun among

Paper Flowers is the first single from a forthcoming EP.
A funky guitar-fueled pop earworm with charismatic frontwoman
Alyssa Gambino in the middle having a ball.

Big sound, big tune, big vox.

With Gambino identifying as queer, PHNTMS also hope to reach
out to and support the LGBTQA+ community. Damn right!

Let us all have a ball…


‘False Idiots’ by THE BARBITURATES

Who? A genre’less pack of guerrilla D.I.Y / D.I.T musicians making war on music
of mass production with our satirical not so moderate rock. I’m sure that these
Nothern Ireland rebels will dedicate their upcoming mini-album titled Super
Callous Fascist Racist Tories Are Atrocious
to Bojo and his professional idiots.

Anyway, here’s single number two. A haunting and minatory mid-tempo groove
that moves like a vicious serpent waiting to attack, but so far no Tories within sight
unless they’re the ones playing Irish folk instruments in the end. Wankers!

Albums are medals
For the medical Sheep
For the pop propaganda
For the false n the weak



Costello phoned his band The Imposters, they met in
the studio and recorded new album The Boy Named If,
out January 2022.

The lead single takes us back to his 70s sound. Crackling pop
a la Costello with that retro organ glow, vocal twists and turns,
a steady beat/chorus and muscled guitars.

Here comes the King…


‘Valley Boys’ by THE WILD YOUNG HEARTS (California)

Theis bouncy riff-addicted trio produced a couple of EPs
and 3 albums between 2013 and 2017 and then went missing.

But the sonic surfers are back in business now. A bit older but still wild at heart.
With Valley Boys they do what they do best, dropping bathing a mesmerizing melody
in an electrifying pool of burning guitars. No, they don’t like the spoiled Valley Boys
and Girls and their rich dads.

Let’s hope that music will be the peacemaker…

See/hear you next week music junkies…

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