To Hell With Blue Mondays – Here’s Singer/Songwriter MARTHA FFION Warming Your Heart With ‘TAKE YOUR NAME’…

Weekly havoc to kick Blue Mondays in the ass…

29 January 2018

With her new single TAKE YOUR NAME, Irish-born/Glasgow based singer-songwriter MARTHA FFION takes you back, instantly, to a cold Sunday afternoon in the winter of 1966 somewhere in a crowded ballroom where lovers whisper in each other’s ears on the dance floor. It feels like flashback romanticism, it sounds like Brenda Lee playing softly on
a vintage Wurlitzer for amorous hearts and desirous souls. Here’s the sweet, little pearl…

MARTHA FFION: Facebook –Twitter

Debut LP SUNDAY BEST – out 9 March via Turnstile Music


Sonic havoc that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

29 January 2018


Base: London, UK

Who: “A British rock band formed in 2015 in London. Composed of frontman ‘Jacky Rogue’,
lead guitarist ‘Joe Kash’, drummer ‘Greg Kats’ & bassist ‘Mitch Prax’. At times tumultuous and ferocious as a volcano eruption, yet still impassioned and tender like a cool summer breeze. Their music is a fearless projection of a group that has come together from different musical backgrounds each putting their personal stamp on the overall sound, creating the unhinged spirit that sets them apart.”

Track: NOT COMING HOME – lead track from their brand new self-titled 6-track record

Score: here are four badass motherrockers with an explosive guitar riffage loaded uppercut that will make your messed up head want to smash, uncontrollably, against
a concrete wall. This London turbo produces a heavy straight-in-your-face rumpus that balances between the excessive rock rage of Guns N’ Roses and the brawny art electricity of Jane’s Addiction. TONS OF DECIBELS! LOUD STUFF! HERE WE GO! ONE-TWO-THREE-FOUR…



BAD MOTHER EARTH: Website – Facebook – You Tube

KRISTIN HERSCH Launches Wondrous Clip For Splendid ‘WONDERLAND’ Beauty…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


27 January 2018

Wonderful singer/songwriter and Throwing Muses legend KRISTIN HERSCH will hit the
road soon for a 12-cities tour with Grant Lee Philips, but preceded by three exclusive shows with step-sister and fellow Throwing Muses starry-eyed member Tanya Donnelly.

Here are all Tour Dates

But first here’s the lady’s new video for WONDERLAND, animated by Wyatt True. A truly spellbinding and superfine stand out love song off Hersch‘s latest double album ‘WYATT
recorded over a 4-year period on the island where Kristin grew up. After a moony acoustic intro, emphasizing once again the affecting hoarse timbre of Hersch‘s enthralling voice, the song catches fire and magnetizes you instantly. Here’s
the charming and wondrous clip…

Experience the beauty of ‘WYATT

KRISTIN HERSCH: Facebook – Website – Twitter

The eyes

WEEKEND BEAT – Here’s BUMMERVILLE With Buzzing Multi-Layered Guitar Album ‘BOTTOM FEEDER’…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


27 January 2018

Daniel Brady Lynch (synth, guitar and vocals) aka BUMMERVILLE assisted by his brother Derek Lynch on bass guitar, Joshua Sterno on rhythm guitar, and Jonathan Graham on drums is who you can call, without hesitation, a guitar junkie. Someone who puts his whole being into dazzling, buzzing and blizzardy six string slices. He’s totally hooked on razzle-dazzle riff-o-rama rock, creating a multi-layered and highly electrified turbine. Something like this…

I guess you have a loud and clear sound picture by now. The best news is that the Savannah, GA born musician, earlier involved in many other projects, just released
his flamboyant solo debut LP ‘Bottom Feeder‘. A mighty loaded work of turbulent
guitar vibrations and knockout punches. From raw power (Eyesore / Blow Money)
to jingle jangle force (Everyone’s Mutants), from catchy crackerjacks (Closing Off
The View / Time That It Takes
) to playful instrumentals (Tick Bomb / Salsa For
). Enough sweltering heat to keep you glowing all weekend long.

Here we go…

BUMMERVILLE: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Album BOTTOM FEEDER available now via Graveface Records

PICK OF THE DAY – The Tantalizing QUEUE With Poetic Pop Pearl ‘AIMLESS KID’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

27 January 2018


Base: Washington D.C.

Who: Alluring and highly promising dream pop trio with Olivia Price (guitar/lead vocals), Aida Mekonnen (lead guitar/vocals) and Steve Vannelli (drums)

Pick: AIMLESS KID – new single from upcoming debut EP ‘Indie Shuffle’

Score: The first part of this magnificent, melancholic daydream transfers you immediately down memory lane. Gripping images of the past translated in tantalizing sonic poetry, but slowly this captivating pearl turns electrical. Glimmering guitar lines that make me think of Interpol‘s best moments and an angelic voice that causes a warm and romantic fire inside yourself. Here’s a gracious spark for heart and soul. Impassioned splendor to embrace and cherish. QUEUE kills you softly with this song…

I cannot make sense of her
Nevermore a reckless girl
And after all is said and done
Did I satisfy?
I miss my misspent youth a thousand times
A thousand fears of what I’d find

I was just another body
And you were an aimless kid most of the time
Slowly making sense of it
But you would never own up to what you did

I cannot make sense of how
I lost sight of what I’d learnt
And after all is said and done
Did you even try,
Or was I always just another hole to hide inside?

I was just another body
And you were an aimless kid most of the time
Slowly making sense of it
But you would never own up to what you did
I was just another body
I was just another somebody
I was just another body
I was just another somebody

QUEUE: Website – Facebook – Twitter

STARCRAWLER – Classic Guitar Rock Firework And Eye-Catching Madgirl In Brussels

From L.A. please welcome

STARCRAWLER – Botanique, Brussels – 26 January 2018

Already a red-hot sensation in their sunlight hometown of Los Angeles teenage brats STARCRAWLER came to Brussels yesterday to ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL and continue their insatiable thirst for world domination with their retro firework guitar hullabaloo. Gigantic riffage, pounding drum beats, bawl along choruses and an utterly cool ‘it’s only rock and roll but we fucking like it’ attitude. Imagine The Stooges with Chuck Berry on guitar and fronted by a bobby-soxer Courtney Love. Yes all eyes are, continuously, on charismatic frontgirl Arrow de Wilde, who moves and sounds like a creepy madwoman, spine skinny and tall, with a bloody appetite for straitjacket freakism. De Wilde told in an interview how it all started: “I went through a period of time where I was really angry and frustrated. I wanted to start a band so badly because the band I had with my friends – before Starcrawler – had fallen apart. So I started watching live videos of The Runaways and studying Cherie Currie’s moves as well as Iggy Pop and Kiss. I slowly started to create this character, this alter ego maniac.”

Pretty deranged indeed. Something like this….

The steamy 4-headed turbo released their Ryan Adams produced self-titled debut LP only last week. A record filled with all their 60s guitar rock crackers so far, but to my ears and eyes this band really comes alive when on a stage, when producing non-stop electricity for 40 minutes, when generating crazed hooks, smoking licks, crushing hits and vocal punches to blow the roof off the building. I don’t know where and how far they will go and I’m sure they don’t care much. It’s all about right now, right here. It’s all about having the time of their young lives and making it a once in a lifetime experience for a 12-year old kid, invited
at the very end of the set, by the group’s only 18-year old, boiling guitarist Henri Cash, to play a solo. Fantastic moment! Sensational concert! Hail hail rock and roll!!!!

Here’s their debut LP in full…

STARCRAWLER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Chuck Berry

Try this at home

Female Iggy reincarnation

Welcome to our freak-show…

A star is born

See you again in June, Belgium

We all loved L.A. yesterday

(all pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

PICK OF THE DAY – Canadian Two-Piece MIESHA & THE SPANKS Shoot Firecracker Into The ‘ATMOSPHERE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 January 2018

Band: MIESHA & THE SPANKS (cool name)
Base: Calgary, AB, Canada
Who: Miesha Louie (vox/guitar) and Sean Hamilton (drums) are “purveyors of the most rough ‘n tumble, energy driven garage-rock possible. Sassy vocals, dirty riffs, pounding drums- this two-piece is overpowering and infectious. Charming hearts and kicking ass four years and counting.”
Score: on the first single from their upcoming debut album ‘Girls Girls Girls‘ this sizzling two-piece bolide sounds like if Courtney Love‘s hot band Hole is back with a glam grunge stomper. A cracking crasher pushed by dynamite drum hits, spiced with sultry vocals and going totally gaga on the scream-along chorus. Catching stuff to energize your adrenalin flow. You already guessed it: the only way to play this powerful hammerhead is LOUD! Here we go, 1-2-3-4…

Website – Facebook –  Twitter – Instagram

Playing fussball in the atmosphere

THE RESIDENTS Released Mind-Expanding Musical ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ 40 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

26 January 2018



RELEASED: 27 January 1978 – 40 years ago!…

ALL MUSIC wrote: “This is one of the strangest and most interesting recordings in rock history, which speaks volumes coming from one of the strangest and more interesting bands in rock history. Not Available used what was referred to as the theory of obscurity (which called for the album to not be released until its makers literally forgot about its existence). It is said to be, questionably, the Residents’ second recorded album (in 1974, only to be released in 1978 after utilizing “the theory of obscurity”). An underrated and forgotten achievement in the Residents’ body of work, Not Available is such an incredible recording to experience that it simply and truly cannot be classified as being like another. While the Residents have experimented within the confines of rock throughout their entire careers, with the exceptions of Eskimo, The Commercial Album, and God in Three Persons, this album achieves like no other. A surreal rock opera resulting in an incredibly weird circus of sound, it is one that simply must be heard to be believed.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME! says: After all these years I still have no clue about who these weird eyeballs really are and I actually don’t want to know as it would spoil the mystery. The Residents are classical avant-garde wackos, telling unearthly stories while producing soundtracks on Mars, their favorite planet. Although they’re more accessible than so-called intellectual critics want you to believe. Just try these aliens and discover their fascinating universe. Switch off the TV, turn off your smart-phone, ignore social media and open your mind for this ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ musical, right here, right now. A surreal journey sounding like Mozart on LSD, sounding like their very own Space Odyssey. Step into their eccentric galaxy…

THE RESIDENTS: Website – Facebook –  Twitter

They still have their eyeballs on you


Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


26 January 2018

NOEL GALLAGHER and his HIGH FLYING BIRDS just shared a clip for 2nd single IT’S A BEAUTIFUL WORLD off numero uno album WHO BUILT THE MOON? One of the many highlights of The Chief’s third longplayer, the one with the short French spoken sequence (not Noel). The way ex-Oasis mastermind sings this romantic beauty he makes you actually believe that this troubled world is beautiful. Attention! Attention! Roll it…

Number one album

NOEL GALLAGHER: Website – Facebook – Twitter