PICK OF THE DAY – Danish Art Rockers VETO Score Epic Symbols Melodrama With New Majestic Single… ‘A PIT’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

Band: VETO
Base: Aarhus/Copenhagen, Denmark
Who: Much acclaimed art rockers from Denmark, formed in 2004 and about to release their fourth album.
Members: Troels Abrahamsen – vocals, synth / David Krogh Andersen – guitar / Mark Lee – guitar, synth / Jens Skov Thomsen – bass guitar, backing vocals / Mads Hasager – drums
Track: A PIT – brand new single from upcoming album ’16 Colors’ – in a press statement the band says the song is about “that circles the psychological problem around one only having symbols available to understand, experiencing a sort of alienation against the world, as a result. There is a reality that we cannot reach which is outside of our language, our symbols. We can’t get a pure reprieve from the constant stream of news that floods us daily. Could it be that the stream alters to “fit” us? Or do we involuntarily see all impressions through a prism that transforms to our symbols, languages, and interpretations?”
Score: Here’s a dazzling symphony designed with grand arrangements, driven by melodramatic orchestrations with a truly special vox on top of it. Imagine the best enigmatic moments of Radiohead fronted by the haunting voice of otherworldly singer/songwriter Scott Walker. Yes, that good, that magnetizing. Classical splendour
and epic quality. Experience the mystic spirituality here…

VETO: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

16 COLORS, out 8 February – Info and pre-order here or on iTunes

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