Mad Madder Maddest – Go Apeshit With Lunatic Skunk Punks WOOD CHICKENS…

Sonic havoc hat thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

25 January 2018

Base: Madison, Wisconsin
Who: A caffeine fueled cowpunk outfit burning down barns across the U.S. of A.
Track: SKUNK APE – brand new 3-track single…
Score: If Irish/English folk punks The Pogues would have been from Madison, Wisconsin and lived on tons of speed instead of barrels of Guinness beer they would have exactly sound like this. Crazed, rapid-fire, out of their heads and completely gaga. I dare you to dance to ‘Skunk Ape’ without falling over your own feet within 30 seconds. This lunatic firecracker is made to start and end all psychiatric parties. The badass Godfather of illegal cowpunk Lee Marvin would have been very proud. Now get out of your straitjacket and go apeshit…

I know you would come back and beg for more after this short adrenalin shot. No worries. The single has two extra dynamite tracks (Rollin’ and Third Eye Blues) to keep your limbs going bananas. Here we go, motherrockers…

WOOD CHICKENS: Facebook / Label: MUZAI Records

SKUNK APE also on their COUNTRYCIDE album – enjoy the chaotic bedlam here.

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