WEEKEND BEAT – Here’s BUMMERVILLE With Buzzing Multi-Layered Guitar Album ‘BOTTOM FEEDER’…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


27 January 2018

Daniel Brady Lynch (synth, guitar and vocals) aka BUMMERVILLE assisted by his brother Derek Lynch on bass guitar, Joshua Sterno on rhythm guitar, and Jonathan Graham on drums is who you can call, without hesitation, a guitar junkie. Someone who puts his whole being into dazzling, buzzing and blizzardy six string slices. He’s totally hooked on razzle-dazzle riff-o-rama rock, creating a multi-layered and highly electrified turbine. Something like this…

I guess you have a loud and clear sound picture by now. The best news is that the Savannah, GA born musician, earlier involved in many other projects, just released
his flamboyant solo debut LP ‘Bottom Feeder‘. A mighty loaded work of turbulent
guitar vibrations and knockout punches. From raw power (Eyesore / Blow Money)
to jingle jangle force (Everyone’s Mutants), from catchy crackerjacks (Closing Off
The View / Time That It Takes
) to playful instrumentals (Tick Bomb / Salsa For
). Enough sweltering heat to keep you glowing all weekend long.

Here we go…

BUMMERVILLE: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram

Album BOTTOM FEEDER available now via Graveface Records

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