STARCRAWLER – Classic Guitar Rock Firework And Eye-Catching Madgirl In Brussels

From L.A. please welcome

STARCRAWLER – Botanique, Brussels – 26 January 2018

Already a red-hot sensation in their sunlight hometown of Los Angeles teenage brats STARCRAWLER came to Brussels yesterday to ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL and continue their insatiable thirst for world domination with their retro firework guitar hullabaloo. Gigantic riffage, pounding drum beats, bawl along choruses and an utterly cool ‘it’s only rock and roll but we fucking like it’ attitude. Imagine The Stooges with Chuck Berry on guitar and fronted by a bobby-soxer Courtney Love. Yes all eyes are, continuously, on charismatic frontgirl Arrow de Wilde, who moves and sounds like a creepy madwoman, spine skinny and tall, with a bloody appetite for straitjacket freakism. De Wilde told in an interview how it all started: “I went through a period of time where I was really angry and frustrated. I wanted to start a band so badly because the band I had with my friends – before Starcrawler – had fallen apart. So I started watching live videos of The Runaways and studying Cherie Currie’s moves as well as Iggy Pop and Kiss. I slowly started to create this character, this alter ego maniac.”

Pretty deranged indeed. Something like this….

The steamy 4-headed turbo released their Ryan Adams produced self-titled debut LP only last week. A record filled with all their 60s guitar rock crackers so far, but to my ears and eyes this band really comes alive when on a stage, when producing non-stop electricity for 40 minutes, when generating crazed hooks, smoking licks, crushing hits and vocal punches to blow the roof off the building. I don’t know where and how far they will go and I’m sure they don’t care much. It’s all about right now, right here. It’s all about having the time of their young lives and making it a once in a lifetime experience for a 12-year old kid, invited
at the very end of the set, by the group’s only 18-year old, boiling guitarist Henri Cash, to play a solo. Fantastic moment! Sensational concert! Hail hail rock and roll!!!!

Here’s their debut LP in full…

STARCRAWLER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Chuck Berry

Try this at home

Female Iggy reincarnation

Welcome to our freak-show…

A star is born

See you again in June, Belgium

We all loved L.A. yesterday

(all pics by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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