KRISTIN HERSCH Launches Wondrous Clip For Splendid ‘WONDERLAND’ Beauty…

Clips that will impress your eyes and your ears…


27 January 2018

Wonderful singer/songwriter and Throwing Muses legend KRISTIN HERSCH will hit the
road soon for a 12-cities tour with Grant Lee Philips, but preceded by three exclusive shows with step-sister and fellow Throwing Muses starry-eyed member Tanya Donnelly.

Here are all Tour Dates

But first here’s the lady’s new video for WONDERLAND, animated by Wyatt True. A truly spellbinding and superfine stand out love song off Hersch‘s latest double album ‘WYATT
recorded over a 4-year period on the island where Kristin grew up. After a moony acoustic intro, emphasizing once again the affecting hoarse timbre of Hersch‘s enthralling voice, the song catches fire and magnetizes you instantly. Here’s
the charming and wondrous clip…

Experience the beauty of ‘WYATT

KRISTIN HERSCH: Facebook – Website – Twitter

The eyes

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