YEAH YEAH YEAHS Released Raw Garage Debut Album ‘FEVER TO TELL’ 15 Years Ago

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

27 April 2018


ALBUM: FEVER TO TELL – debut longplayer

RELEASED: 29 April 2003 – 15 years ago…

ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE wrote: “Karen O is one excitable girl. She’s the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the guitar-drums-gal band whose debut full-length album, Fever to Tell, proves that the New York rock renaissance runs deeper and wilder than the Strokes. Show O a hottie, or just set her up with the tensile riffs that Nick Zinner on guitar and Brian Chase on drums sock out in unison, and she’ll whoop and shriek and wail and pant in paroxysms of true-believer rock & roll. It’s not roots rock. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are closer to Siouxsie and the Banshees (but with a grin) and Led Zeppelin (but with estrogen) than to the blues, though they won’t pass up a good lick wherever they find it. Zinner places his guitar parts like a knife thrower, hurling single notes that leave wide-open spaces. Then he plunges through the middle with power chords. All the while, O moans and struts, having a fine time with old rock poses but using them to reach for something true. – Score: 4/5 – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME says : “A raw, garage and blues rock bolide speeding and burning fiercely with Karen O’s indomitable and howling vox fueling every single eruption on this flaming debut as if this was her last performance ever. Inflammable stuff all the way. Vicious score!”

THREE TOP TRACKS: Date With The Night / Maps / Black Tongue…

* DATE WITH THE NIGHT – savage midnight paranoia…

* MAPS – amplified passion…

* BLACK TONGUEBoy you just a stupid bitch / And girl you just a no good dick

Album in full

YEAH YEAH YEAHS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

OASIS – 27 April 1996 – Manchester City’s Road Football Stadium…

OASIS – Manchester City’s Road Football Stadium – 27 April 1996

Manchester legends OASIS played the first of two sold-out shows at their beloved Manchester City’s Road Football Stadium on 27 April 1996 – 22 years ago today.
Two historical rock and roll events. Here are 3 unforgettable moments…

* SWAMP SONG – the euphoric opener…

* LIVE FOREVER – magic…

* SUPERSONIC – give me gin & tonic…

OASIS: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Trim Yourself Bananas With Electro Force RUMOURS And Their Fresh ‘PEW PEW’ Clip…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


26 April 2018

Belgian electro collective RUMOURS released one of the most fascinating albums of
the year (so far) last month with MEGAMIX. Besides touring the new record they keep
the flaming fire going with a new clip for ‘PEW PEW’, the prime party cracker on the fresh LP. If you’re planning a ‘dance-yourself-dizzy‘ trip to sunshiny Ibiza in the near future to go bananas each night in one of the fancy discos over there make sure you get in the right healthy shape. Watch the hilarious video and trim yourself as insane as the band does. Jump, sway, sweat and shake that booty, ladies and gents. Here you go…

Don’t stop sweating yet, push yourself to the limit before flying to hot Ibiza and trying to
be a hero(ine) on the dance floor. Here are some more Mega challenges for your limbs…

RUMOURS: Facebook

Available on iTunes

(pic on top by JL/Turn Up The Volume!)



Michelle Zauner from Philadelphia indie rockers Little Big League has been covering
THE CRANBERRIES‘s 1992 twinkling debut single DREAMS live with her solo project JAPANESE BREAKFAST for a couple of years. And now she recorded and released her touching interpretation of that melancholic beauty for Spotify’s singles series. Here is
the sparkling version…

‘Dreams’ was on the Irish pop rockers’ 1993 debut album 
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?

Here’s THE CRANBERRIES original version…

Rest in peace, Dolores O’Riordan

Toronto’s MUTE CHOIR Takes You On A Spectacular Electro Trip With Swirling Single ‘ELECTION SEASON’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

26 April 2018


Who: “Iran born Sam Arion escaped at the age of 18 to the city of Toronto in Canada. The music of his project Mute Choir is, above all else, about freedom. Freedom to live your life however you choose, and freedom to follow your creative vision wherever it leads. But in order to understand freedom, one must experience its opposite. He produces a distinctive blend of untamed electro-rock and introspective balladry with an eye on the ever-elusive goal of making dance music with a message.”


Score: This booming electro roller coaster will blow you off your socks. ‘Election Season’
is an astonishing trip that will make your adrenalin’s stream go out of control. Even when he’s fighting with self-doubt and he’s going through mixed emotions Mute Choir chooses to keep his body and soul in a state of ecstasy. And so should you and me, with the healing help of this gloriously orchestrated synths spectacle. A sonic razzle-dazzle to lose yourself completely in. Shake your booty right here…

MUTE CHOIR: Facebook – Instagram –  Twitter

ELECTION SEASON will be on debut album BEHIND BARS – out 8 June.


Remarkable albums from the past

‘Broken English’

Released: 2 Nov 1979
Seventh studio album

THE GUARDIAN says: “In theory at least, there were more opportune moments in pop history for a forgotten 60s legend to stage a comeback than the late 1970s. Admirably less tolerant than subsequent generations of the idea that the 60s were a matchless cultural high-water mark, punks made a great pantomimic show of disdaining the preceding decade. “No Elvis, Beatles or the Rolling Stones/ In 1977,” sang the Clash. And yet the punk generation seemed to make an exception for Marianne Faithfull. McLaren attempted to cast her as Sid Vicious’s junkie mother in The Great Rock’n’Roll Swindle. The songs on her 1979 comeback album, Broken English, were premiered at a gig at the Music Machine in London, the bearpit venue where Bob Geldof was punched in the face in the middle of a Boomtown Rats gig and Richard Hell received such a grim reception that Rotten, of all people, took the stage to ask for calm. “Punk,” Faithfull later recalled, “made Broken English possible. The record careers by, its 35 minutes as bracingly full of venom and spite as anything her punk admirers could muster. For Faithfull, it seemed to work as catharsis.” – Full review here.

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘S favorite track: title track BROKEN ENGLISH

Album in full

MARIANNE FAITHFULL: Facebook – Website – Discography

LAY LLAMAS – New Creepy Clip/Track ‘HOLY WORMS’ From Upcoming Album…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…


25 April 2018

LAY LLAMAS is the mind-expanding sonic project of experienced Italian sound explorer Nicola Giunta. Assisted by an extensive squad of like-minded musicians his new album, titled THUBAN will be out next June. Ahead of that release here’s new track/clip HOLY WORMS. An atmospheric and cinematic groove, obviously inspired by Eastern vibes and African beats à la 80s Talking Heads. Dancey, trippy and sunlit. Watch here how divine worms move to tropical beats…

LAY LLAMAS: Facebook –  Twitter / Label: Rocket Recordings

New album THUBAN out 15 June – All info here

Manische Musikkapelle ELEFANT Ist Fast Fertig Für Doomsday! Until Then Let The ‘LORD SLEEP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 April 2018

Hello world! 11 May 2018 is DOOMSDAY! That fateful day Manische Musikkapelle ELEFANT‘s debut LP KONARK UND BONARK will hit your street, your house, your car, your poodle, your goldfish, your IQ, your cheeky Elton John albums and most of all your poor ears. The world will never be the same again. From that diabolic day on all BAD
music will be banned forever and even longer than that. No more posh-pop, no more
hip-plop, no more cock-rock, no more macho-metal, no more corporate-shit whatsoever. From 11 May on only ELEFANT hymns will be tolerated, from morning ’till night, 24/7.
You better start preparing yourself for that evil day and watch/listen on repeat to one
of the longplayer’s dark twists. About dementia. Here’s LORD SLEEP. Hallelujah! Get
used to the idea, ladies and gents: ELEFANT UBER ALLES

ELEFANT: Facebook – Bandcamp

Your new favorite sonic nightmare, titled KONARK UND BONARK will be
released via 9000 Records/Consouling Sounds – all info right here.

Die Manische Musikkapelle spielt eine Release-Show am Doomsday! Tickets here.

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)


Remarkable albums from the past

‘Red Mecca’

Released: 15 Sept 1981
Third studio album

ALL MUSIC wrote: “It isn’t without reason that Red Mecca is often referred to as one of
Cabaret Voltaire’s most cohesive and brilliant records. Taken as a whole, the record contains
all the characteristics that have made the Sheffield group such an influential entity when it comes to electronic music of the untethered, experimental variety that isn’t afraid to shake
its tail a little. Unlike a fair portion of CV’s studio output, Red Mecca features no failed experiments or anything that could be merely cast off as “interesting.” It’s a taught, dense, horrific slab lacking a lull.”
– Score: 10/10 – Full review right here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘S favorite track: the haunting LANDSLIDE

Album in full

CABARET VOLTAIRE: Facebook – Discography

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