Manische Musikkapelle ELEFANT Ist Fast Fertig Für Doomsday! Until Then Let The ‘LORD SLEEP’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 April 2018

Hello world! 11 May 2018 is DOOMSDAY! That fateful day Manische Musikkapelle ELEFANT‘s debut LP KONARK UND BONARK will hit your street, your house, your car, your poodle, your goldfish, your IQ, your cheeky Elton John albums and most of all your poor ears. The world will never be the same again. From that diabolic day on all BAD
music will be banned forever and even longer than that. No more posh-pop, no more
hip-plop, no more cock-rock, no more macho-metal, no more corporate-shit whatsoever. From 11 May on only ELEFANT hymns will be tolerated, from morning ’till night, 24/7.
You better start preparing yourself for that evil day and watch/listen on repeat to one
of the longplayer’s dark twists. About dementia. Here’s LORD SLEEP. Hallelujah! Get
used to the idea, ladies and gents: ELEFANT UBER ALLES

ELEFANT: Facebook – Bandcamp

Your new favorite sonic nightmare, titled KONARK UND BONARK will be
released via 9000 Records/Consouling Sounds – all info right here.

Die Manische Musikkapelle spielt eine Release-Show am Doomsday! Tickets here.

(concert pics: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

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