Remarkable albums from the past

‘Red Mecca’

Released: 15 Sept 1981
Third studio album

ALL MUSIC wrote: “It isn’t without reason that Red Mecca is often referred to as one of
Cabaret Voltaire’s most cohesive and brilliant records. Taken as a whole, the record contains
all the characteristics that have made the Sheffield group such an influential entity when it comes to electronic music of the untethered, experimental variety that isn’t afraid to shake
its tail a little. Unlike a fair portion of CV’s studio output, Red Mecca features no failed experiments or anything that could be merely cast off as “interesting.” It’s a taught, dense, horrific slab lacking a lull.”
– Score: 10/10 – Full review right here

TURN UP THE VOLUME‘S favorite track: the haunting LANDSLIDE

Album in full

CABARET VOLTAIRE: Facebook – Discography

Spreading the virus

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