Join London’s Psych-O-Delic Squad FRANKIE TEARDROP DEAD For Their Ghostly ‘JOY IN DIVISION’ Jam…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

24 April 2018

FRANKIE TEARDROP DEAD dress and sound like an LSD bunch of ‘flowers in your hair’ misfits who were catapulted from the year 1966 straight into the ugly present to have
Joy In Division’. A sort of psychedelic pop jam going on like forever. I like their ghostly vibe, their mind-pleasing flow, their retro 60s look, their Suicide inspired band name and their obscure mojo. Deadly funny or deadly serious? Only they know what they are up to. Anyway this fascinating collective is on its way to something New In Order. Absolutely, this summer they will launch their fresh album “All You Need Is Love and Fucking Peace”. Count me in, outlaws. But first, some divided joy…

FTD: Facebook

JOY IN DIVISION available here on Bandcamp

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