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JASON PIERCE was co-founder of British psychedelic cult band Spacemen 3 (1982-1991).
A highly talented collective of drugs influenced egos who shaped their own world of mind-twisting, far-out sonic jams. “They were one of the great rock experiences producing a full array of throbbings, pulsings, yowlings, reverbs, triple echoes and sheer whiplash volume” wrote NME contributor Danny Kelly once after one of their spectacular, yet chaotic shows. After Spacemen 3 exploded Pierce formed SPIRITUALIZED to continue his own search and exploration of lazer guided melodies with 1997 album Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space as one of his most succesful achievements. He played this masterpiece in full just a few weeks ago in London – review of The Telegraph here. Last year, in Amsterdam, I saw the transcendent musician and his orchestra live (again) for a one-off performance. And, yes, he still conducts astonishing, spiritual symphonies that mess up your mind in a most pleasing way from his traditional right spot on the stage. Hopefully the rumours of a new 2017 album are true. Anyway today is his 51st birthday (born 19 November 1965). Let’s come together and celebrate…

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Paradiso, Amsterdam, 30 October 2015… (photos by TurnUpTheVolume!)


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