ADWAITH Shares Moody Sisterhood Sentiments From Wales…

Fresh from the recording studio…


Together Gwenllian Anthony (bass, mandolin), Hollie Singer (vocals, guitar), Eva Chelsea Free (vocals) & Heledd Owen (drums) are ADWAITH, an all female indie Welsh four-piece. Their record label Decidedly Records states: “ They are like the Welsh Slits playing Johnny Cash songs all set in a distinctively European post-punk urban setting. Trailblazing like pioneering Welsh artist such as Datblygu before them. This is the future of Welsh music right in front of us…
The band’s very first single PWYSAU (means ‘weight’ in English) was written by Gwenllian Anthony for her teenage sister whose young heart was broken by a boy. It sounds like a moody, kind of comforting lullaby. Gripping sisterhood sentiments. With all this info I guess you don’t really need to understand the words, but I added the lyrics for those
who want to expand their language knowledge anyway….

Ca’ dy lygaid
Breuddwydia am anfeidredd
Os oes ofn arno ti, paid oedi
jwmpa mewn i’r gwely
gyda fi, gyda fi

Os ma pobol yn galw enwau
paid meddwl bod ti ar ben dy hun
os ma’r pwysau yn gormod i ymdopi dere,
ymlacio gyda fi
gyda fi, gyda fi

tin cofio’r bachgen o ti’n arfer ffansio
aeth e bant da Beca o Ty Croes
tin cofio faint mor ddigalon o ti
ond ‘drych fel ma bywyd yn mynd ymlaen, ymlaen, ymlaen
ymlaen, ymlaen

fi ‘llu gweld y tan yn dy lygaid
ond mae rhywbeth yn ei diffodd
mae’r cyfrinachau yn pwyso’n drwm ar dy ‘sgwyddau


ADWAITH: Facebook – Twitter – Decidedly Records

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