LAS KELLIES – Delicisio Garage Pop Grooves In Rainy Belgium…


LAS KELLIES – Kinky Star, Ghent, Belgium – 23 November 2016

LAS KELLIES was formed back in 2005 when three Argentinian girls started to play together just like that – out of the blue – with borrowed instruments, in a small venue somewhere in Buenos Aires, just for the fun of it. Yesterday and five praised albums later, the thrilling trio played my hometown Ghent (Belgium) for the second time as part of an extensive European tour to share brand new sixth longplayer FRIENDS & LOVERS. A mighty shaking collection of sunlit psych pop crackers. A record to lighten up your mood 365 days a year. Something we need in our bloody rainy Belgium! And the band was definitely aware of it too. Yesterday they just played every track of the fresh released LP! Oh, yeah, we loved it! You simply can’t resist their electrifying party mix of stirring beats, groovy bass splendor and blissful harmonies, performed with a cool and confident garage swagger. Spirited, addictive and sensual. And, yes, they look so much better than Lionel Messi! Maravilloso! Earlier released single SUMMER BREEZE will give you a perfect idea of how I felt yesterday and still feel today…

Okay, I guess we’re all ready now to party.
Here’s Friends & Lovers in full…

LAS KELLIES: Facebook – Twitter

Argentinian breeze…

Groovy bass waves…

Sunlit harmonies…

(concert pics by TurnUpTheVolume!)

One more thing. For the older music junkies among us. Las Kellies also covered that tremendous track by British post punk legends DELTA 5. Remember this one?

Gracias, Argentina…

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