Canadian Synthpop Duo CUBS REFRAIN Shines On Impassioned Debut LP ‘TELL ME YOU LOVE ME’…

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7 April 2018

Synthpop duo CUBS REFRAIN, formed in 2015 by Toronto artists Erin and Jordan,
just released their captivating debut album, titled ‘TELL ME YOU LOVE ME’.

Erin revealed in a press statement that “the album tells the story of a high-school aged
couple as they navigate the desire and despair of romantic awakening. My bandmate, Jordan, and I have spent the past year writing, recording and mixing the 14-track concept album, independently, in the home studio we constructed. Besides the prominent synths, the album features cello, drums and electric guitar, all performed acoustically. Most arresting are the sounds made when Jordan dismantled his family grand piano following the house fire referenced on the album’s artwork and on the track “Death of the Grand Piano 2017,
Scissors on Wire.”

SCORE: ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ is a gripping work of fervent passion, zealous intensity
and vital romanticism. A gratifying record that pleases your senses all the way through.
A sparkling collection of versatile, emotions loaded compositions. From vigorous electro splendour (When It Started / St. Andrews / Breathe / All New Lives and the superb ‘We Almost Failed, Brian (Epilogue II)) to soulful synth balladry intensified by Erin and Jordan‘s highly impressive voices (Collide / Underway / Where We Where). Overall this first longplayer is a stirring triumph marked by towering electronica dynamics, overwhelming duet vocals, and sky-high melodies. Imagine Editors and CHVRCHES producing some epic grandeur together. Yes, that magical! Discover the sonic brightness right here…

CUBS REFRAIN: Website – Facebook – Twitter

TELL ME YOU LOVE ME – Out now and available on iTunes

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