PICK OF THE DAY – Darksome Duo JELLYSKIN Shares New Shadowy Track ‘JUDDER’…

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6 April 2018


Home: Leeds, UK

Who: Darksome duo formed in late 2016 and made up of Zia (singing/synth)
and Will (guitar/drum machine)…

Pick: JUDDER – brand new track

Score: this shady Leeds duo says that this new one marks a bit of a change in their direction, moving away from dreamier stuff to a more abrasive, industrial-tinged
sound. ‘Judder’ sounds like a hush-hush stroll in the dark, progressing mysteriously
and enigmatically. A slo-mo vibe infiltrating your unsuspecting mind slowly but surely.
A soft, magnetic drone for tenebrous moments. Feel the obscure mood right here…

JELLYSKIN: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

JUDDER also on Spotify

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