Banging Electro Outfit ’10o’CLOCK CHEMICAL’ Launches New Dance Floor Killer ‘WE ARE DIGITAL’…

New sonic impulses to activate your senses…


3 May 2018

Band: 10o’CLOCK CHEMICAL (Stoke On Trent, UK)

Who: “Having met through Stoke On Trent’s local music scene, 10 O’Clock Chemical was formed in 2016 between four friends discovering a shared love for rock and electronica: songwriter, keyboardist and vocalist Rhys, drummer Danny, bassist Josh, and guitarist Jack. An enigmatic group with a penchant for sci-fi imagery and witty, observational songwriting, they were quickly voted ‘Best New Artist’ by six hundred of their peers at the Staffordshire and Cheshire Music Awards in Spring 2017.”

New Single: WE ARE DIGITAL – the band explains: “The title is self-explanatory – it’s the transition to the digital era. It’s also about alienation, confessing our drug-like addiction to social media and serving our online avatars for pseudo-approval instead of making real-life connection and conversation.”

SCORE: This is a booming electro banger to fill dance floors with all around the globe. Highly punchy and punky. Echoing beats explode on repeat turning this synths hammer into a king-sized slam dunk. Time to throw your Smartphone out of the window and move your lazy social media ass, digital junks. Right here, right now…

10o’CLOCK CHEMICAL: Website – Facebook – Instagram

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