10 O’ClOCK CHEMICAL – Buzzy Electro Turbo Energizes Your Senses With Booming 4-Track EP ‘FAVOURS FOR THE WICKED’…

Weekly vibrations to soundtrack your favorite 48 hours…


22 June 2018

(photo: Mark Vyse)

Open-faced and strong-willed electro 4-piece turbine 10 O’CLOCK CHEMICAL,
led by songwriter, vocalist and multi instrumentalist Rhys Oakes invaded Turn Up
The Volume’s
ears already a while ago with two blistering scores: spicy debut single
Babylon Is Fallen and follow-up killer We Are Digital. Both corkers are now part
of the band’s brand new 4-track debut EP, titled FAVOURS FOR THE WICKED.

An overall triumphant achievement with ‘It’s War’ and Dinosaur ‘(It’s Not The 80’s)  having the same exciting characteristics as the two aforementioned ones:
firmly booming , highly danceable and balls & brains lyrics.

This is what we learned from an accompanying press statement:  ‘Favours For The Wicked’ holds a mirror to the world to reveal it for the self-consuming zoo that it is. It’s a bold and bleak musical view of a planet devoured by an unforgiving consumer culture, the isolating effects of social media, aggressive surveillance, and increasing censorship. Through four fiendishly addictive songs, (an exemplary display of the irony of form echoing content), 10 O’ Clock Chemical suggest that the forces of evil are at large, and that humanity is pending a planned dehumanisation program that will inevitably lead up to the surrender of our privacy, speech and human values. One can only hope that when the beneficiaries of such a nefarious system are revealed, the social order will collapse, until then we are merely the ignorant and faceless servants of a backwards-thinking culture.”

10 O’CLOCK CHEMICAL is a band for the present and the future, for today and
tomorrow. An explosive project of an inventive and socially alert musician with
the help of an engrossing team that energizes your senses, your limbs, your heart
and soul while spitting, rightly, about important daily life issues and sneering about human injustices. A splendiferous combination. Come on, folks, get out of your lazy couch.  Time to party like it’s 1999 again…

10o’CLOCK CHEMICAL: Website – Facebook – Instagram

FAVOURS FOR THE WICKED available on iTunes

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