Today’s Yesterday Album – DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS With ‘Don’t Stand Me Down’…

Great longplayers from the past…

‘Don’t Stand Me Down’

Third album
15 September 1985

ALL MUSIC wrote:  “Utterly overlooked upon release, condemned and chastised by every reviewer who came within 50 yards of it, Dexys Midnight Runners third album arrived in
1985 with the band’s once-illuminated fame looking seriously battered. Track by track,
Don’t Stand Me Down unfolds to become not the ugly duckling of Dexys Midnight Runners’
hit-packed catalog, but the new dawn that could – should – have finally exorcised ‘Eileen’
and her buddies. And when it didn’t, the band broke up.”

Score: 4/5 – Full review here  

TURN UP THE VOLUME says:  Kevin Rowland was/is
one of the best white soul voices in modern music history…

TOP TRACKThis Is What She’s Like

Album in full…

DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS: : Facebook – All Albums

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