Swedish Band MANKIND After Meeting THE VELVET UNDERGOUND’s Man…


I recently discovered this Swedish band called MANKIND. Judging by their new single ART PROSTITUTE (featured on this week’s Seven In The Mix!) this quartet moves in mysterious ways. Those dark, obscure, psychedelic ways I really like. The B-side of the aforementioned new track – a cover of The Velvet Underground ‘s I’M WAITING FOR MY MAN – will show you exactly what I mean. Their extended version is something special. I’m absolutely sure that the band recorded this jam in one take AFTER they met THE MAN! Oh yeah, the first four minutes sound sloppy and stoned. Also loud, nasty and damn cool. And then a sort of The Doors’ The End outro comes on and lasts for about six minutes as if nobody had any idea when to stop. Final result: a doped VU cover! Experience the Stockholm madness here (warning: don’t watch the clip from too close or you might get seasick or high)…

MANKIND: Facebook – Soundcloud

The Stockholm Underground…

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