12 October 2020

British post-punk duo DEUX FURIEUSES celebrates the immortal icon
John Lennon‘s 80th birthday (born 9 October 1940) with a riveting
cover of his plain-spoken protest song Gimme Some Truth from
1971 album Imagine.

A song that fits this loud and clear duo like a glove.

“Here is our cover of ‘Gimme Some Truth’ by John Lennon who
inspired us to play music and see through the hypocrites and the
fuckers. Happy Birthday, John, you thought tricky dicky was bad.”

I’ve had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth

Right here…

The original

deux furieuses: Facebook


6 October 2020

Remember THE POLYPHONIC SPREE? That choral 20+ band out of Dallas, Texas.
They released six albums between 2002 and 2014 with Together We’re Heavy (2004)
as their best, must-hear one. And live, as I experienced myself, they were truly something-I’ve-never-seen-and-heard before. An overwhelming, spiritual gospel happening, nothing
less than awesome. An on cloud nine dance and sing celebration. Ecstasy in motion.

Early September the collective released a 6-track covers EP titled We Hope It Finds You Well with their interpretations of songs by Abba, Wings, The Association, Monkees, Rush
and rock icons The Stones.

SHE’S A RAINBOW is the one they picked from The Rolling Stones‘ gigantic catalog.
One of their best crackers to my ears with that sublime, repetitive piano melody.

It sounds as if The Spree just copied that original piano play, but they gave the
Infectious humdinger their own touch with their uplifting, soulful harmonies.

Check it out…

The Stones original…


KURT VILE Shares The JOHN PRINE Song ‘HOW LUCKY’ He Recorded Together With The Late Country Legend

28 September 2020

The legendary American country singer/songwriter JOHN PRINE passed away on
7 April due to that horrible coronavirus. He was 73. The praise from young and old musicians around the world was enormous and several covers of his songs already
came up afterward to honor Prine‘s huge talent and great career.

KURT VILE recorded two Prine songs some time ago. Speed Of Sound Of Loneliness
and How Lucky which he recorded with the man himself.

The two tracks will be on his new 5-track EP called Speed, Sound, Lonely KV together with a cover of a Jack Clement song, as well as two originals. The EP was recorded over a span of four years at The Butcher Shoppe studio in Nashville.

Vile about singing with Prine: “Probably the single most special musical moment in my life.”

The duet performance…

The original

JOHN PRINE: Biography

KATE BUSH Cover – ‘Running Up That Hill’ By AERIAL EAST

21 September 2020

New-York based singer-songwriter AERIAL EAST wants to tell stories
we don’t hear often. “I want to humanise different characters.”

She recently signed to Partisan Records. Her first track is a cover of
Kate Bush masterstroke RUNNING UP THAT HILL, which came out
35 years ago, on 5 August 2020.

Partisan Records: “With equal parts reverie and intention, her version of the classic track showcases the unvarnished intimacy East is able to create between herself and the listener.”

East: “I’ve been a huge Kate Bush fan since my late teens/early twenties when her ‘Wuthering Heights’ videos sent me down a never-ending Kate Bush rabbit hole. That song has been a karaoke go-to for me for years and ‘Hounds of Love’ is one of my favorite records ever. I put
it on when I am sad, and it does a lot of joyful heavy lifting for me.”

East‘s interpretation is a stripped to the bone one with intimate piano touches, almost unrecognizable, but gracious and soulful. Notable version, ghostly voice.

The animated video clip…

Stream/buy via Bandcamp


photo credit Brianna Capozzi

BOB MOULD Covers BUZZCOCKS – Here’s Rapid-Fire Ripper ‘I DON’T MIND’

14 September 2020

(cover Bob Mould LP)

Former Hüsker Dü mouthpiece BOB MOULD has another solo LP coming called Blue Hearts, out 25th September. In between recording he took time to cover Manchester
punk icons BUZZCOCKS.

He picked their 1978 single I DON’T MIND. A rapid-fire ripper that sounds like the late great Pete Shelley wrote it with Mould in mind. I Don’t Mind fits him like a punk glove. Galloping, propelling and inflammatory.

Listen here to the buzz and fuzz cover…

The original on Top Of The Pops

BOB MOULD: Facebook

Really Excorsistic Music For Really Excorsistic People – CHELSEA WOLFE Covers THE CRAMPS

8 September 2020

(Artwork LP Wolfe)

A couple of months ago a cracking covers compilation honoring psychobilly icons
The Cramps hit our messed-up planet. Also messed-up is the oddball title of the album: Really Bad Music For Really Bad People: The Cramps as Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G . Got it?

The line-up of the participating artists features among
others: TV Set, Metz, Qui, Zeis! feat Mike Patton, and Daugthers.

The one that did and still does my head in is the darktastic performance by doom and gloom priestess CHELSEA WOLFE turning SHEENA’S IN A GOTH GANG into a back-breaking industrial juggernaut. Really excorsistic music for really excorsistic.

Big beats from Badsville!.

Press play and release the human flies…

The original


(photo on top: FB Chelsea Wolfe)


31 August 2020

Bristol punks IDLES release their third grand slam album ULTRA MOON on 25th September. To keep us happy in the meantime they invaded the legendary Abbey Road studios in London to have some noisy fun. One of the session’s recordings is a crushing cover of The Beatles’ only punk song HELTER SKELTER (actually written and sung by pretty boy Paul McCartney).

Idles kicked the song in the ass, punched it against
the wall and trashed it the way they like it.


IDLES: Facebook


24 August 2020

Since his self-titled 2018 debut album Californian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer TY SEGALL has released, continuously, at least one album a year. The sonic junk breathes, dreams and hallucinates music. Non-stop 24/7 maniac. And the man also knows tons of pop classics from the past. Five years ago he even filled an album, called
Ty Rex
with covers of the late 60s / early 70s glam hero Marc Bolan and his band T.Rex

He also doesn’t look the other way for cheesy pop earworms like Hot Chocolate‘s 1978
hit EVERY 1’S A WINNER. He turned the disco stomper into a dashing drone on his 2018 LP Freedom’s Goblin. Check it out right here…

The original

TY SEGALL: Facebook

Hot Ty