CHVRCHES’ Frontwoman LAUREN MAYBERRY Covers 1983 Hit ‘LUFTBALLONS’ By German Band ‘NENA’

24 October 2023

Being on a break from her synth-pop band CHVRCHES,
Scottish frontwoman LAUREN MAYBERRY takes her first
steps as a solo artist with two songs, Are You Awake?
and Shame.

She’s playing some gigs in Europe now.

One was last week in a small club in Munich, Germany. For the occasion,
she covered international hit 99 LUFTBALLONS from 1983 by German
band NENA, fronted by Gabriele Kerner. An irresistibly catchy tune.

The song topped the charts in several European
countries and peaked at #2 in the US.

Mayberry‘s cover is funky fun and sung in… German.



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